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"Get out, you damn brat! And this time, damn it, stay the fuck out!" Yuki shouted at Shuichi, cold golden eyes flashing in anger. "Stop bothering me! I don't care how your day went. I'm trying to get my work done. I have a deadline to meet this Thursday! Why would I want to waste my time listening to you?" Yuki's eyes then gained a malicious gleam. "Do you really think that all that shit matters to me? I just keep you around so that I can have a fuck whenever I want to. Why else do you think I keep you around?"

Shuichi stared at Yuki, oddly at a loss for words. He couldn't figure out what he had done for Yuki to become that angry with him.

Shuichi reached towards Yuki, for once, silent. Yuki glanced down his nose at Shuichi's hand and snorted. He turned away from Shuichi and stalked off to their, no, his bedroom. Shuichi remained where he was standing, frozen.

After a few minutes, Yuki returned from the bedroom with a duffel bag that was already half full with Shuichi's things that were in the bedroom. He walked throughout the apartment, dumping everything that he could find of Shuichi's into the bag.

Finally, he threw what he believed was the last thing in and turned to face Shuichi, ignoring the broken look that he could clearly see in Shuichi's eyes. Yuki stalked over to Shuichi, grabbed his arm roughly, and yanked him to the door. He vaguely noticed that it was storming outside, but ignored it.

"Now get out," Yuki hissed, "and don't come back this time. I don't ever want to see your face again! Got it?" And without waiting for a reply, Yuki yanked the door open and forcibly threw both Shuichi and his bag out the door and slammed it shut behind him.

Shuichi stared blankly at the door, half-expecting Yuki to open it again, tell his that it was all a joke, help him up, and lead him back into the warm apartment. However, after 10 minutes of waiting, Shuichi realized that Yuki meant it this time. He really didn't want Shuichi to be with him anymore. He wanted Shuichi to be gone, instead.

Shuichi felt grief rising up from his core, but realized that he had no tears left to shed. Instead, he was oddly numb.

Shuichi forced himself to get up and walked away, the rain instantly soaking him thoroughly and chilling him to the bone. He never noticed Yuki watching him from the window with cold eyes.

--Broken heart one more time.

Pick yourself up. Why even cry?--

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