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Bad Dreams and... Anime?

Inuyasha awakes with a start upon hearing Kagome crying. He immediately turns around to see what's wrong, and comes face to face with a sleeping Kagome, tears spilling down her cheeks.

"No… please… INUYASHA!" Kagome sits up in bed, screaming, and crying harder than before. She looks at Inuyasha fearfully.

"What's wrong? What did you dream?" Inuyasha sits next to her on the bed, hands on her shoulders.

Kagome throws herself into his chest. "Oh, it was awful! Naraku showed up here and you were human, and I couldn't find the jewel shards, and I didn't have my bow. You didn't have the Tessaiga and I couldn't move. I tried to give it to you, but I couldn't move!" She sobs even louder, clutching Inuyasha's haori.

Inuyasha awkwardly puts his arms around her. "It's okay. Naraku isn't here, he can't hurt you. Don't cry, Kagome." He rubs her back, remembering how his mother used to comfort him when he was a child. After a few minutes, Kagome's sobs quiet down and her grip on Inuyasha's haori loosens. When she falls asleep, Inuyasha leans over to lay her back on the bed, but she is still clutching the haori. Not wanting to disturb her, he slips out of the red fire rat cloak and watches her pull it to her and bury her face in it. He smiles slightly. He leans in to listen to her breathing, to make sure she's asleep, and then kisses her cheek.

He can feel the change in temperature of the room and goes to shut the window so Kagome won't get cold. Inuyasha sits at the foot of her bed, back against the wall so he can keep an eye on her. He hears her sigh, and watches her shift slightly in her sleep. He watches the sun peak in through the window and fall just so on her hair and the red haori. He leans his head back on the wall and closes his eyes. I wonder if she has these dreams often. I feel so bad for dragging her into this…

Kagome stretches out her arms and legs, covering her head with the haori and feeling her feet touch something. She opens her eyes and pulls the robe off her head to see Inuyasha sitting at the foot of her bed with his head against the wall. He turns his head towards her and she pulls her feet back.

"So you're awake. Did you sleep better?"

"Hm? What are you talking about?" She sits up and rubs her eyes sleepily.

"You had a bad dream, it woke you and you were crying. Then you went back to sleep after a few minutes. You were still holding onto my haori, so I just let you have it because I didn't want to risk waking you."

Kagome blushes. "Oh… Sorry." She pushes the haori towards Inuyasha, embarrassed.

"It's alright, I don't mind." Inuyasha yawns and rubs his eyes.

"Are you tired?" asks Kagome as she gets out of bed and walks to her dresser. She watches in her mirror as Inuyasha leans his head against her wall and closes his eyes. She waits a minute for him to answer, and when he doesn't, she asks again, "Inuyasha? Are you tired?"


"He must have stayed up all night or something. Was it to watch over me?" She thinks as she brushes her hair. She realizes how uncomfortable it must be for Inuyasha to be leaning against the wall, so she walks over to him and taps his shoulder. When she gets no response, she pulls the covers out of the way, and takes hold of his shoulders. She turns him as best as she can and lays him down onto her bed, and reaches to pull the covers over him. She tucks the sheet loosely around him, leaving off the comforter like the night before, as it would be too hot. Just as she starts to turn around to leave, she feels him grab her hand gently. She turns her head back to look at him, and sees his eyes are still shut, and he is still, indeed, asleep. She smiles slightly and leans down to give Inuyasha a kiss on his cheek. "As long as he's out cold, he won't even know." She smiles as he sighs gently, and when she looks at his face, she notices he is smiling. She pulls her hand out of his, and quietly leaves the room to cook breakfast.

Kagome leans her head on Inuyasha's shoulder and places her hand in his. He squeezes her hand gently and turns to kiss the top of her head, then looks back forward at the setting sun. He blushes as he feels Kagome's soft lips touch his cheek and thinks, "I wish this moment would last forever." They both sigh contently.

Inuyasha wakes to the smell of rice and what Kagome calls 'tamagoyaki' [1]. He slowly opens his eyes and notices that Kagome is not in the room. He also notices that he is lying down and Kagome's sheet is over him. He sits up and pulls the sheet off himself and gets out of her bed. "Did I do that? Last I remember I was sitting against her wall." The only answer he gets is a stomach growl, so he decides to go downstairs to see what Kagome is cooking.

Kagome rolls the tamagoyaki in the pan, the pours in more egg mixture. After a minute or so, she rolls it again. She scoops rice into two bowls and pours miso soup into two others. "That should be enough for breakfast. It'll be lunch soon anyway." She takes the tamagoyaki out of the pan, puts it on a plate, and begins to slice it into 6 pieces. She turns to set the table and sees Inuyasha standing in the doorway. "Oh," she says surprised, "you're up already. Breakfast is ready now, if you're hungry." She sets the bowls on the table, then the dishes with the tamagoyaki. Inuyasha takes a seat at the table, picks up the chop sticks Kagome had set on the table, and sniffs at the tamagoyaki.

"It's perfectly fine to eat, Inuyasha. I can cook more than instant noodles, you know." She sits down across from him and begins eating. She smiles inwardly when Inuyasha begins to eat as well. She chews her food slowly, thinking about her nightmare. She absently swats Inuyasha's hand when he reaches for her plate with his chopsticks. She snaps back to attention and looks at him.

"Are you gonna eat that?" he looks at her hopefully.

"You can have my rice." She rolls her eyes as he snatches her bowl away and inhales her rice. Finishing her tamagoyaki, Kagome gets up to stack her dishes and take them to the sink. Inuyasha follows suit. "So what do you wanna do today?"

"What is there to do?"

"That all depends on what you want to do. We could go somewhere, but that runs the risk of us seeing my friends, and they're being kind of nosy right now."

"Well, we don't have to go anywhere. There's probably plenty of things to do here at the shrine."

"We could watch a movie, I suppose."

"What's a movie?"

Kagome smiles as Inuyasha stumbles over the word. "It's a moving picture. I think you would like Mononoke-hime."

"Well, if you think I'd like it, let's try it."

After watching it twice (Inuyasha said he really liked it) Kagome went into the kitchen to make some popcorn for the next anime.

"Hey, Kagome?" he yells into the kitchen while playing with what Kagome called a tape, "What's this 'Dragon Ball' thing about again?" No response. "Kagome?" He walks into the kitchen and over to where she's standing, staring at a book on the wall. "What's that?"

"A calendar. Inuyasha, do you turn human because there's no moon, or every 28 days?"

"I don't know. Why?"

"Because tonight is the new moon."

"It was the new moon 6 nights ago!"

"In the feudal era, yes, but 500 years into the future the moon will be on a different cycle. The new moon could be up to even 20 days off from the year before." She turns to Inuyasha, "Maybe you won't turn human. I'm sure it's only after a certain amount of days."


"Oh, come on, Inuyasha! It's not that bad! At least there's no danger here," Kagome says through her door encouragingly.

"And I suppose fighting that Noh mask was like taking a walk in the park?"

"And what are the odds of that happening twice? Besides, this way you can't smell as strongly and the scent of the city won't bother you!"

"Why do you always have to try to make bad things sound better than they are?"

"I don't know. Why do you have to hide in my room when I've already seen you human before?" She rolls her eyes at the huffing sound coming from behind the door. "Let me in my room!"

"I'm not stopping you!"

"You're sitting against the door, stupid!" Kagome takes a deep breath and leans her back against the door, sliding down into a sitting position. "We could go back through the well. Since it's because there's no moon you'd change back."

"And risk running into that wimpy wolf? Not a chance!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about Koga... Let me back in my room!"

"Fine!" Inuyasha gets up off the floor and turns the doorknob, swinging the door open before Kagome has the chance to stand up fully. He watches as she falls to her butt and flattens to her back.

"Owww," she half whines, half laughs. "You jerk."

He walks around her to stand in the hall. "You're in your room aren't you?" He extends a hand to pull her up. "It's not my fault you're clumsy."

Kagome decides to take this opportunity to get back at her hanyou-turned-human friend. She grips his hand tightly and pulls him down with all her might. She just barely rolls out of the way before he can land on her. She giggles at his form, face down on the floor, arms out to his side from flailing, hair splayed everywhere. Her giggles advance to full on laughter, and she has to hold her sides to keep them from bursting.

"Stupid wench," Inuyasha mumbles into the floor. He picks himself up off the floor and attempts to get his hair in order, all the while glaring at Kagome as she laughs. "You look crazed right now."

Her laughter dies away, resurfacing as a giggle every now and then. "Shall we go downstairs to finish the episode?"

"I thought you wanted to be in your room," he retorts snarkily.

"No, I wanted you to not lock yourself in. Let's just finish the tape and I'll make dinner."


[1] Tamagoyaki is a rolled omelet. There are many types of it, some are sweet and some are salty. It is traditionally eaten at breakfast

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