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Chapter One

"You are so stupid Swan! Why did you follow me?" said Edward.

" I don't know!" I said desperately.

We were in the forest outside school. Edward was staring at my neck.

The thought made me uncomfortable.

As I watched as Edwards godly perfect face twisted until it was looking starved.

He murmured something under his breath then said, "I'm sorry Isabella."

Then, he attacked.

His gleaming teeth ripped my flesh, and I screamed out in pain.

I screamed and I shrieked over and over again, but I couldn't pull away.

Edward's grip was like iron.

I heard some shouting and the Edward was gone.

My body felt like it was burning from the inside. My neck was on fire!!

I struggled and thrashed.

I could hear frantic voices and then someone saying gravely, "It's too late."

Then, I was lost to the world.