I stumbled home as tired as a vampire can be.

It was so exhausting to try on one thing after another, after another!

I think that if she had made me try on anything more, I would have MADE her hate shopping forever.

The only problem was, I had no way to picture Alice with a shopping bag or makeup in the vicinity.

"Hello Bella," said Edward when I met him just inside the house.

"Um…hello," I said suspiciously.

He dragged me by the hand upstairs.

I was still confused but didn't think much of it when I stopped at this new double-doored room that seemed to come out of no-where.

Curiosity over took me and I put out my hand to open the doorknob.

He stopped me and glanced at him but then looked behind him and saw everyone else smiling at me.

Carlisle nodded at me encouragingly and I turned back to the door.

I noticed that it was heavy wood and painted navy.

This was my room…I just knew it.

I really hope that it wasn't too extravagant because then I would feel guilty.

Slowly, I opened the beautiful but plain door and gasped at what I saw.

It was a huge, huge bed that was on a raised part of the room. Both the bed and the raised floor it was on were circular.

The bed had a navy and very soft looking comforter on it.

On either side of the bed on the wall was a window. Covering them was off white and navy curtains.

Above my head was a plasma television. In the corner I saw a door and next to it was a stereo, an extremely complicated looking stereo.

Next to my bed was a small pull out nightstand that I hadn't noticed before that held a remote, which controlled everything in my bedroom?

Yes, it did, it controlled everything in my room.

I almost died of happiness when I entered the bathroom.

It had a hot tub and a shower along with a toilet.

Another entrance at the back led to my closet.

You could close it so that the steam wouldn't ruin my clothes, which were ready to be put away. (The shopping bags were on the floor neatly arranged by size.)

When I reappeared in the doorway of the bathroom, I saw everyone watching me nervously.

"Why did you do this…what did I do to deserve this?" I whispered.

Everyone laughed lightly and Esme replied easily, "Well Bella, this is your welcome to the family present. I mean we had to give you something!"

I smiled and felt as if I was about to cry.

Instead though, I tilted my head towards my high ceiling and let out a happy shriek.

Emmet thought this was hilarious and collapsed with laughter.

I hugged everyone in turn and said thank you enough times for a human to loose his or her voice.

At last, I turned to Edward and a second later our family was gone.

"Will you be my girlfriend and more?" said Edward without looking at me.

I leaped at him and kissed him sweetly.

"Yes," I whispered.