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My Life Savings!

Blurb …

Various students suffer when they lose a bet on Hogwarts' famous couple. RonHermione.

"Is that-?"

"Nah, can't be … is it?"

"As far as I can tell, it's them all right."

"But it can't! I had my money on February!"

"What?! Oh my god, I had December!"

"They can't be together! That's all my life savings!"

"Hey guys! You'll never guess what Bradley did in potions today-oh my god, is that-oh my god. I don't believe it."

"Believe what? Wait a moment-is that Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger?"


"My life savings!"

"But they're holding hands! Is that in the criteria? I had 10 galleons on April."

"Yeah, Toby had 40 on September. Boy he's gonna be so mad!"

"Anna had February, right?"

"My life savings!"

"Yeah, she did."

"But I had May! That's 20 galleons down the drain!"

"So … who had November?"

"I don't know …"

"Wasn't it Draco Malfoy? That Slytherin who hates them?"

"No! He can't have won! That's like a hundred galleons! And he's already rich anyway …"

"Is that mudblood holding hands with Weasel?"

"Ok, I'm guessing he didn't have this month."

"Well then … who did?"

"Oh hello! Nice about Ronald and Hermione isn't it? This means I get One hundred and forty three galleons, sixty two sickles and four knuts! Isn't that lovely?"

"No …"

"I refuse to believe it."

"Loony Lovegood had November?"

"Guess so …"




"But that was all my life savings!"

A/N: Ok, i was bored and wanted to write a R/Hr fluff. So it didn't turn out so fluffy, but this was going to be the start and it sort of carried on into this completely ridiculous, random and pointless oneshot. Oh well, reviews are appriciated anyway. Lol.

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