Super Long Author's Philosophy to explain my weirdness

Some of you may have thought it was too one sided with Bones' thoughts dominating, especially in later chapters. Let me 'splain. I think we all know how Booth feels about Bones: completely in love and devoted to protecting her. It's much harder to see, in the show, how Bones feels about him. She doesn't talk about her feelings much and she often acts ambivilent. So, I decided to explore Booth's feelings about Bones and Parker just enough so we could better understand Bones' reactions.

Here's my justification to Bones making many of the moves she did. Again, we all know Booth loves her but is too afraid of scaring her away to really make a move, example: he'll tell her to leave with Sully when he can't stand the thought. Booth will wait until she gives something of herself, something big, to make his move. I could see Bones doing what she did for Parker and Booth under the guise of friendship. But I can wish and hope that things go beyond friendship. And since it's my story, it did.

My thoughts on language. Yes, if I were Bones in radiology I would threaten them with a lot more than the FBI. I've been in those situations where your sick and the experts are screwing up. I've threaten my foot up the arce if they didn't give me the pain meds, find my doctor and heal me now! But. The writers of the show are intelligent people. They write intelligent characters. One of the foremost marks of intelligence is the ability to solve problems and communicate effectively without resorting to a string of curse words. I'm not against them personally, I just don't think Bones would realistically use them. Other than that, some of the 'soft' curse words you'll read here are things I've heard Booth say on the show.

I know this story did not involve a traditional Booth-Bones case. There's a good reason for that. Bones tends to disengage herself when a case is presented to the Jeffersonian, I didn't want to fight that here. Yep, I'm a wimp. Also, I wanted to jump into this story, write it all, and post it in quick succession. Think I accomplished that. If I'd inserted a mystery mid-plot it would have meant a lot of research and delays for you guys. I don't do half-ass work. No matter how much this story may have sucked, it was hard work that made it that way. And it did seem like Booth and Bones were on a case, to find out who was hurting Parker and how to protect him. I decided to keep focused on that story line so things wouldn't get too convuluted.

I am very fortunate to have lived in Virginia for a few years recently and can draw on my experience concerning the pace of D.C. and the beauty of the sprawling suburban area.This will come into play more in the sequel which is set in the DC metro area. Any errors in the story or implausibilities are my own dumb fault.

So, I found FanFiction through a Gilmore Girls chat room. You can thank them for my new obsession. But I don't think I'll be writing much for GG since the last few seasons have sucked. What used to be smart, sexy and sassy has turned to staid, slutty and smarmy. I love alliteration, just thought I'd throw that in there. I don't enjoy trying to rewrite a show's missteps over a two year time period. Nope, not gonna do it. Just wish they would get whipped into shape by someone. Oy, with the poodles already.

While most of my story is told by the third person with lots of mind-reading ability, I am most comfortable writing in the first person. i.e. this long A/N. Probably because I keep an internal running monologue of my thoughts during the day. Like I'm my own personal narrator. In fact, most of this story was written and rewritten in my head while I drove or was out running with my puppy. But I don't like how the first person plays out to the reader. So most of my stories will be third person.

The next story will be a Bones-Booth mystery complete with Hodgins (TJ is the cutest!), Angela and Zack. A little Cam and Cullem, but none too angsty. I'd like Goodman to come back but no promises. And I recently spent an annoying day in a long training session, providing me many ideas on murder. More to come. That's all for now. Sorry for rambling so much. Hope it helps you understand me better and get ya ready for the sequel.

A/N: here's the preview to the sequel to 'Breaking Down' entitled 'Coming Home' Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, but I'm working on it.

Two years later….

"Daddy? Can I blow out your candles yet?" Booth smiled down at Parker who was practically sitting in Brennan's lap, his eyes fixed on the large decorated cake, candle flames dancing along with the animated conversation.

"In a minute, bub, remember they're Bones' candles too." He glanced over at his partner who was in the middle of an animated coversation with Zack.

"People! Focus!" Sid's booming voice caught everyone's attention.

"Good, thank you," the restauranteer continued, "now on three. Ready? One…Two…Three."

Sid's camera flashed, capturing the family, as he had come to know them, in their oft used booth. Cam and Angela watched the scene with smiles, Zack looked mildly confused while Hodgins cheered as they watched Temperance, Booth, Parker and Sam blow out the candles. Wild applause followed.

"Congrats you two!" shouted Cam above the din.

Booth grinned and learned in, as the smoke cleared, to capture the lips of his favorite anthropologist, his partner, his Bones.

A/N: So, hope you're interested by this sneak peak at my new story. Questions I hope you're asking: who is Sam? What are they celebrating? Why is Zack always confused? Answers to come….