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Jude thought about what Tommy had said last night, and looked him in the eye as he got over her not letting him kiss her.

"I cant believe you'd have the nerve to try that even though you know I wont let you." I looked at him and saw how much he'd changed. How evil he'd become. But why: I couldn't help but wonder how Tommy Quincy had become so… horrible.

"I cant believe you'd be so cold to me. Looks like we all do surprising things now don't we?" He smirked.

"Tom, I trusted you. I thought you were a good person. What's your problem?"

"MY PROBLEM, you sleep with my best friend on my wedding night and you ask me what my problem is?" He glared at me.

"I'm sorry Tommy, I'm sorry you broke my heart when you said I do. I'm sorry Sadie broke Quest's heart when she said I do. I'm sorry Quest and I found love in each other when nobody else cared. I'm sorry I fell in love with an asshole who doesn't care about anyone as long as he's happy." I walked out of G-Major and out of his life. I just walked. Until I reached the plane station, where I got on a plane to New York; I called Quest and told him where I'd gone and not to follow me.

"Quest, I'm sorry. I honestly do care about you, I just cant do this anymore. I'm going to stay in New York for a while. I'll call you when I'm settled in. Just promise me you'll stay happy." I hung up with his voicemail and relaxed for another hour on the plane. Sure, it was a drastic measure, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't stand seeing Quincy another minute without throwing myself at him. New him or old, the man had my heart. Always would.

An hour later in New York a walked off the plane and out of the airport; so, I was in a big city, with nothing but the clothes on my back. Oh and a few million dollars from my last album. (a.n. I had to make her rich, wouldn't be my story if the main character wasn't rich)

As I walked down the street where the taxi had dropped me off, I looked at everything. I loved the smell of it here. It was a huge place, sure, but it was amazing. I saw a little café and walked in. I bumped into somebody I recognized. It was my friend Caleb from high school when Kat and I met, I stopped talking to him.

"Caleb," I smiled and hugged him as he recognized me.

"Jude. How are you? I haven't seen you in, what, three years?" He laughed and walked with me to a table in the small café.

"I'm… ok. How are you?"

"Good. I just came in to grab some coffee. I'm out looking for a roommate. I just got a new house. I want someone to share expenses with." I laughed. "What's so funny?" He asked seriously.

"It's just so weird, I just flew in. Like I just got here and hour ago, and I just so happen to need a place to stay." I smiled as I saw it register with him.

"Oh, move in with me then." He smiled back.

"Ok." I laughed and we ordered coffee and caught up as he showed me around.

"So, why'd you leave Canada?" Obviously he'd ask. I just hadn't thought he'd ask so soon.

"I, um, well, my producer and I got in a fight. I got angry and made the decision to move here in fury. I really love it here. I've been here a few times on tour." He nodded.

"I love it here too. After we stopped talking my dad won a trip here. My dad liked it here so much we just never left. I never really regretted it. Nobody at school liked me." I looked at my feet as we walked. I never realized he had left; that made me feel bad.

"It's gonna be fun living together. I promise." I smiled at him as we walked up to a small house.

"This is it." He waved his hand towards it showing me this is his house. We walked up to the door which he unlocked and we both walked in. "It's pretty simple. Three bedrooms two bath, a kitchen, living room, and a dining room; outback we've got a pool equip with pool house." He showed me around, which took about thirty minutes. When we finally sat down it was 6:30. I figured I should call Sadie. I took out my phone, which showed I had twenty missed calls and fifteen new messages; all Tommy. I listened to the messages.

1: "Jude, it's me, call me back."

2: "Jude, girl, where are you?"

3: "Call me back please Jude."

4: "Jude, its me, I really want to talk to you. I'm sorry about earlier. Please, call me back."

5: "I love you. I honestly do. –muffled sobs- Please Jude, call me. I need to hear from you."

6: -Tommy was crying- "Jude I love you please, call me. Please I need to hear your voice, I need to know you're safe."

7: "Call me."

8: "Jude, call me please."

9: "Come on Jude, please call me."


11: "Jude, I'm sorry I yelled, please, call me back."

12: -Tommy was a little drunk- "Jude, baby, I need to talk toooo ya. –hicup- call me babay"

13: -maybe more then a little?- "Heeeey baby, itttts Tttttommy, How ya dooooin girl? Call me."

14: -crying- "Juuuude I made a mmmistake in maaarying yer sissster. I llloooove yooou. Pleasssse callll meeee I neeed you. I waaant you wiiiith me. I oooowee you sooo much. Yyoooo've made meee a maaannn annnd I waaannnt to show you how mannnly I can be."

15: -a little sober- "Jude I don't know what I said last time I called but I know I meant it. I love you so much, please call me back, im divorcing Sadie."

She thought hard about the last one. Just as she hung up she received a text from Tommy.


Call me please. I need to talk to you. I want to tell you something. It's important. It involves Sadie and the baby.



She looked at Caleb and he smiled.

"Want me to order some pizza?" He asked.

"Sure. I just have to make a quick phone call ok. Excuse me for a minute." I walked outside and called Tommy.

"Jude. Finally. Where are you?"

"That doesn't matter, what about Sadie and the baby?"

"She just took a paternity test."

"And," I secretly hoped it wasn't Tommy's.

"It's not mine. She said she's sorry but she doesn't want to be married to me if the kid isn't mine and we're getting a divorce." He was talking quickly but I could tell he was smiling by his voice.

"Wow, um, I guess congratulations?"

"Why aren't you happy?"

"Because it has nothing to do with me; why would I be happy my sister doesn't know who the father of her child is?"

"Because we can finally be together," He practically yelled in my ear.

"Who said I wanted to be with you Tom? Are you forgetting why I left? Because I want nothing to do with you, at all, period."

"But Jude," His happy voice faded.

"Don't but Jude me. I'm done with you Tommy Quincy. Sorry, but bye." I hung up and walked in the house.


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