Disclaimer: Shouri is mine, as is this little plotline. That's all though. I do not own Yakitate!! Japan. If I did, the following statement would not be necessary. I apologize for any misspellings of Character and/or Place names.

"Kuroyanagi-sama, do you need a tissue? You're bleeding…" asked a young blonde, holding out a tissue to the man in front of her.

Kuroyanagi blinked, but made no other motion. A slight crumb of drool had begun to form at the corner of his mouth. What was most striking about the dark haired man standing in the middle of the Pantasia Main Branch lobby, however, was the slight trail of blood falling from his nose. It was the type of nosebleed one got when staring at a rather pretty person…

The blonde's eyebrow twitched lightly as she retracted her offering. Ever since she had gotten that job at Pantasia three days ago, many of the male employees had been giving her stares similar to Kuroyanagi's. Kuro-yan's stares just happened to be the most common.

"Kuroyanagi-sama, it could never work out… I went to Yale. Why don't you try asking Kanmuri-san out instead? You two would make a cute couple."

A soft smile graced the blonde's already pretty features as Kuroyanagi's face paled. The Harvard graduate twitched slightly before completely passing out.

"Sempai! Are you alright?" Kanmuri's concerned voice floated into the room as the bubblegum-haired boy walked over to the fallen older man. After checking to make sure Kuroyanagi's vitals were fine, Kanmuri looked over at the blonde.

"What happened, Shouri-chan?" he asked.

"I told him I graduated from Yale," was the blonde's giggled response.

This is for all you Yakitate!! Japan fans! It's too short to be a one-shot but to long to be a drabble, if you ask me. I think it's cute though. There's a bit of implied Kuromuri in it. Yes, Kuromuri, as is I'm too lazy to fully type out both of their names. And for those of you who do not understand the significance of Yale… Both Kanmuri and Kuroyanagi went to Harvard University, which has a long lasting friendly rivalry with Yale University. That rivalry tends to transcend the school campuses, and in this case it reaches as far as the other side of the world.