'Cause Ursa needs more loving, and I'm excited to hear more about her in season 3.

A soft whisper in the night announces her arrival. The bells ring slowly and softly, unheard by human ears alone. She touches the tapestry and remarks on how beautiful the color red looks; she still has time to adjust to the rich and royal colors of red and gold. He takes her hand, and speaks the word she dreads to hear, "Come"

She beckons to the call of the fire prince, and wonders what it's like to be in his chambers during the day. The night basks too much mystery, something Ursa does not like. She'd rather have everything laid out in front of her, than imagine what she has to see. "Come" and she hears the impatience in his voice. It isn't hoarse, but his words can cut the air in two.

The tension is what drives her; she extends her hand, and feels how rough his hands are. He, in turn, is surprised to feel how rough her hands are.

"I'm curious..." he demands of her in an inquiring manner.

"It's nothing" she lies to him. She does what she knows what to do best when a woman tells a lie, she holds his hand tightly (assuring, and a bit loving) moving closer to her husband to be. Leaning in, she presses firm lips against his own and he, in return, devours her.

The mere moments before her departure, he walks to her and bids her like he used to. "Come", he calls to her with his hand extended. She smiles, and takes his hand with hers. Wrapping her fingers around his, she walks closer to her husband and father of her two children, before pressing her lips firmly against his. "My love..." she lies to him, "I must attend to something very important."

"Must it be now?" he asks of her in a hoarse tone. She could smell the desire and having been with Prince Ozai for years now, she knows exactly how to dismiss him without hurting his pride.

"Do not worry" and she leaves him a ginger kiss on the cheek. He shivers, and closes his eyes (she felt him turn, and wonders the degree of his love for her). She smiles, and then wraps her arms around him in an embrace. "I will return before the night is over."

She leaves him, and he watches her go.

She cloaks herself in the darkness, and takes the twin bladed swords that was given to her as a gift from her father-in-law. It is with these, that she takes his life and then leaves in the night. The only thing she carried with her of her past life, were the memories of her son.

The only man she ever loved.