7 year old Alexandra Kelly sat in the backseat of her parents car as they drove up to their cottage on Bellwood Lake like they did every summer for two months. However this summer little Alex wasn't to happy about her two months away from the bustling city streets of L.A. She knew that her best friend Jodie wasn't going to be there, when she did and she didn't care that her parents had told her that the family that bought the other cottage had a little girl her age, she wanted her best friend back.

"Alex sweetie, cheer up you love spending summer's at the lake, it won't be that bad I promise. We'll have our camp fires and make smores, you can go fishing with dad and grandpa, take the boat out on the lake." Her mother knew her daughter was having a rough time but she knew her young daughter was also resilient.

For her part, Alex continued to stare out the window as she watched other cars and trees pass by. All the while thinking about how much she was not looking forward to this summer because it wasn't going to be the same. Little did she know just how right she was when she thought that, her life after this summer really never would be the same.

Meanwhile, hours away another little girl wasn't pleased about spending her entire summer away from her best friend. Who oddly enough, happened to be named Summer. Up until this summer she had always spent the summer with Summer laying around the pool, going to the mall with her mom, playing tennis and going to the beach, but that was all about to change.

"Marissa it's not going to be that bad, you'll see Summer soon enough and she can come up and visit whenever she wants okay. Just think about all the fun we'll have up at the lake, we can take the new boat your father bought out and sip on Sherly Temples all day, virgin for of course. You love the boat and you'll love campfire stories and…"

"I lof Summer more." The little girl pouted.

Her mother sighed and picked her up. "How about we go shopping for some new outfits before we leave? You can even pick out one all on your own, how does that sound?"

"Really?" Her mother nodded. "Charge it."

Her mother laughed. "Aww I'm proud, I taught you so well." Julie Cooper gave her daughter a hug and then put her back down as they walked out towards the car.

An hour later the Coopers were on the road, headed for their new cottage. "Riss, I almost forgot to tell you, I heard there is another girl up at the cottage around your age, so you can make some new friends."

Marissa stared out the window just wanting to be back in Newport with her best friend. She really wasn't paying much attention to her mother, instead she was thinking about the last talk she had with her best friend.

I "I'm going away for the Summer?"

"You're leaving me, here, with the step monster, like all summer?"

"Yeah, I don't want to go their making me, I want to stay here with you." Both girls thought for a minute.

"Why don't I come with you? If you can't stay then I'll just go with you."

"How are we gonna pull that off?"

Summer shook her little head and rolled her eyes. "They say you're gonna be the smart one, I dun think so Coop. I'll just sneak in your suitcase, shoes if I can fit, I lovee shoes."

"Good idea Sums." The girls high-fived each other just before Jimmy Cooper entered his daughters room.

"What are you two up to."

The girls put on angelic faces. "Us, nothing." They said in unison.

Jimmy looked at the girls and then around the room. "I'm sorry but Summer can't come with us, so no trying to sneak her in suit cases." The two girls huffed and through their arms in the air, causing Jimmy to laugh. "It's almost time to go Ris." He walked out of the room leaving the two girls to finish up.

"I guess this means goodbye."

Marissa nodded. "I'm going to miss you."

"I'm gonna miss you too."

"We're still going to be best friends right?"

Summer smiled and nodded. "Duh silly, of course. I luf you too much and you have really hot shoes." The girls giggled.

"Remember what mom taught us, when all else fails…"

"Charge it." Summer finished. /I

"Marissa did you hear me, please stop ignoring me, I promise you'll have fun." Julie said.

"I don't want new friends I already gave friends." Marissa pouted and went back to staring out the window.