Ok, this is just me playing with Frosty the Snowman, using it to show my kinda opinion/what I see/feel about the books.

I don't own any of it, not the characters, or the original song. I'm just borrowing from the wonderful JE, and whoever wrote Frosty.

Ranger Manoso
Is a dark and lethal soul
With a Porsche Turbo
Two guns and a knife
And a heart for Stephanie

He's always watching
To save her from her skips
Because she just seems
To have rotten luck
And her cars meet early deaths

There must have been some chemistry
Between them for him to
Offer her car after car when
They inevitably go BOOM!

Steph's with Morelli
A stupid choice for sure
But one day she'l come to realize
He is not the one for her

Instead it's batman
Who supports her to the end
And he'll love her dear
Throughout all their years
As he ruins her for all men.