Six Titans vie for two of the most coveted tickets in town. What game and team shall reign supreme? Cast: Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Robin, Starfire and Terra. Finally finished 11/4/07.

Chapter I: Mail Call

"Mail Call!" Cyborg announced as he entered the main room. He smiled to himself as he looked up. Mail time was his most favorite time of the day, after breakfast, lunch and dinner of course. The Tower couples were engaged in a four-way game of smash brothers. Raven was curled up on the other end of the sectional with a book.

"What did we get today?" Robin asked as he quickly hit the pause button. The other players rubbed their eyes and blinked as they tried to get their eyes focused.

"Let's see," Cyborg said as he looked down at the stack of letters, envelopes and small packages. "Heaviest things first; Raven, your book order came." Cyborg struggled to separate the box from the other mail. He fumbled with it until it slipped out of his hands along with a large envelop.

"Here, let me help," Raven replied. She grasped the box with her powers and levitated to herself. She quickly ripped it open and extracted her book.

"Thanks Raven," Cyborg said as he began sorting through the remaining mail.

"What did you get Raven?" Terra asked.

"One of the Anne Rice books I haven't read yet."

"Dibs when you're done?" Terra inquired.

"Sure," Raven replied with a smile as she broke open the book and began reading the sleeve jacket.

"That stuff is just freaky," Beast Boy commented as he shook his head.

"You want it after me?" Terra replied as she lightly punched him on the shoulder.

"No way," Beast Boy responded.

"I'll tie you up and read it to you the next time the lights go out," Terra prodded him.

"All right you two, pipe down," Cyborg interrupted. "Ok, this stack's for Starfire," he walked over and handed her a large stack of letters. "Looks like you win today's fan mail contest."

"What do all those people send you anyway?" Robin asked curiously.

"Mostly requests for my picture, a phone call or a date," Starfire answered with a sly smile.

"DATE?!" Robin cried in exasperation. "Gimmi that!" He quickly leaned over and tried to grab the stack of letters from her.

"It is impolite to read other's mail," Starfire replied as she leaned away and shielded her letters from him.

"Robin," Cyborg spoke up putting a halt to Robin and Starfire's mock wrestling match, "here's your mail."

Robin looked up, took his stack and glanced over to Starfire with a smile. "…dates," he said under his breath as he began sorting through his mail.

Cyborg looked through the remaining letters and claimed his.

"Anything for me?" Beast Boy inquired.

"Let's see," Cyborg looked through what was left. "Oh, here's one." He pulled out an envelope and handed it to Beast Boy.

"Cool, finally some fan mail!" Beast Boy reached out and took the letter. He turned it over and examined the front. His face quickly curled up in a scowl. "Hey wait a minute, this says resident!"

"Yup, it's the coupon clipper," Cyborg said with a slight laugh. "Open it up, there might be a good deal on maid service to clean up your room."

"Ha, ha, very funny, NOT!" Beast Boy said in disgust. He leaned over and flung the letter towards the nearest trash can. It spun out of control and hit the wall then fluttered to the floor.

"Hey I didn't get anything either," Terra tried to reconcile him.

Beast Boy sighed and slouched back in the couch as he watched the others sort through their mail. "Yea, but you haven't been here as long as me. I never get anything interesting."

"You can have the electric bill if you want," Cyborg replied. He let out a small laugh as he saw Beast Boy fold his arms across his chest and glare.

"I'll write you a letter if that will make you feel better," Terra offered. She threw her arms around his neck and gave him a conciliatory hug.

"What's in the envelope?" Raven asked. She noticed it had fallen from Cyborg's hand earlier and had thus far escaped his attention.

"Let's find out," Cyborg leaned over and picked it up off the floor. "It's addressed to all of us."

"Well, open it up," Beast Boy said.

"Ok, keep your shirt on," Cyborg replied. He turned the envelope on its side and tore the flap open. A letter and two tickets slid out when he turned it over. Cyborg pulled out the letter and read it to the others.

"Congratulations you are cordially invited to attend the premier of the Traveling Thespian's production of Phantom of the Opera. Enclosed are two tickets to attend the premier as our special guests. Limo ride to and from the event provided by Happy Time Limo Services."

"THPFFTT," Beast Boy replied as he pinched his nose to leave no doubt what his opinion was.

"Well, sounds like someone doesn't appreciate fine art," Terra replied as she lightly shoved him in disgust.

"I'll pass on that one too," Robin commented as he went back to his mail. "You girls can fight over that dog."

"All right who wants to go," Terra looked over to Starfire.

"A premier and limo ride sound most wonderful," Starfire replied.

"Looks like it's a date," Terra replied

"I wouldn't mind going," Raven unexpectedly chimed in.

The others' eyes suddenly focused on Raven making her squirm from the unwanted attention. "What? I just said I was interested, that's all."

"You can go Raven," Terra interrupted the others' stares. "You've been here longer than me anyway."

"I will let you go if you really desire to," Starfire added not wanting to seem too greedy.

"Girls," Beast Boy blurted out in disgust.

"Shut up," Terra scolded him. "Just because we don't fight over every little thing around here like you barbarians!"

"Yup," Beast Boy said proudly. "Real men fight over everything!"

"OOO, I'M IN, I'M IN!" Cyborg suddenly shouted. He had been quietly studying the letter while the others were talking.

The remaining Titans looked curiously at their suddenly animated friend. "Mind explaining the sudden change of heart," Robin asked.

"Listen," Cyborg pointed to a spot on the letter and began reading aloud once more. "As part of this offer we invite you to Chef Challenge prior to the show. Guests will choose the ingredients and participate in the final judging. Champion chef Suki Hakara will face off against the city's finest chef in an all out cook off," Cyborg halted briefly to take a breath. "Man there's no way I'm missing this even if I have to sit through six hours of lousy Broadway tunes."

"If there's food involved count me in too," Beast Boy added.

"Great, now we've got five people vying for two seats," Terra interjected.

"Make that six," Robin spoke up.

"What?" Beast Boy said in exasperation. "I thought you weren't interested!"

"I'm really not," Robin said with a smirk.

"Then why are you in?" Terra asked.

"The competition mainly," Robin explained. "I just can't pass up an opportunity to kick all your butts."