Chapter XIII: Aftermath

Cyborg slowly walked into the Tower's main room as he adjusted his bow tie and studied a sheet of paper he held in his hands. Starfire and he would have to leave shortly to catch the limo to the studio. It had taken him days to find a place that had a tux big enough for him. He still hadn't figured out which ingredient to choose for the cooking competition. That would have to wait for the car trip into the city he guessed.

In the main room the remaining Titans were strewn across the main sectional eyes glued to the big-screen TV as sounds of combat filled the space. Cyborg's eyebrow rose in surprise. Was that Raven practically perched in Beast Boy's lap playing ultimate warrior against Robin? Her dark eyes didn't seem entirely focused on the TV but seemed to be creeping back to look at Beast Boy before returning to the main screen in front of them. Beast Boy seemed oblivious to his partner's focus on him. His arms gently wrapped around her as he tried to show Raven how to work the controls.

Robin was entirely focused on the game while Terra sat behind him watching the screen oblivious to the strange going ons between her boyfriend and Raven. Cyborg was about to say something when he noticed Robin swivel his head to look at something that had suddenly caught his attention.

"Now Raven," Beast Boy called out in encouragement. There was a cry from the TV as Raven's character finished off Robin's. Strangely Robin did not seem fazed by the loss.

"HA," Beast Boy taunted Robin. "You lost to Raven the first time she ever played this game."

Robin turned to Beast Boy and smiled. "That's right," he said with a smirk. "I lost to Raven, but I'm still undefeated against you." He continued to smile as Beast Boy sighed in disgust.

"You're not going dressed like that are you?" Robin said as he swiveled his head and turned his attention back to Starfire who had entered the room before his exchange with Beast Boy.

The others turned to see what had solicited Robin's reaction. Cyborg laughed to himself. Robin was right, he definitely would have felt uncomfortable seeing his girlfriend looking like that and going out with another man.

Starfire smiled slyly after extracting the appropriate response from Robin. Her dress was revealing to say the least but she was going to be on TV and she wanted to make a good first impression. Raven and Terra had helped her pick out the dress and she watched as both girls smiled back at her after seeing Robin's prickly reaction. At least she could still solicit a jealous response from him so he must at some level still care for her.

"Don't wait up for us," Cyborg said as he sauntered over and gently offered his elbow to his stunning partner. Starfire giggled lightly then gently clasped his elbow.

"Oh I'll definitely be waiting up for the both of you," Robin replied as he leaned back and folded his arms across his chest.

"That is fine," Starfire said with a smile. "But there should be no checking up on us."

"Don't worry," Terra interrupted. "Raven and I will make sure Robin doesn't do any unwanted reconnaissance." Terra quickly threw her arms around Robin and hugged him as he grunted in disapproval.

"Nice to know I mean so much to you," Beast Boy called out in disgust as he saw Terra plant a playful kiss on Robin's cheek.

"Keep your shirt on," Raven said in a deadpan voice. She unexpectedly placed her hand on Beast Boy's and squeezed it in reassurance as she looked back into his eyes. Beast Boy's eyes flickered open surprised by Raven's unexpected show of affection.

"Alright everyone," Cyborg interrupted. "We've got to get out of here. You guys hold down the fort and don't do anything I wouldn't do." He gave the others a smirk as he and Starfire headed out for the night.