Title: The real reasons

Summary: Draco Malfoy: Veela. Harry Potter: Mate of said Veela. Oh this is going to be fun!

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A/N: Harry/Draco Veelaness! Oh yeah baby!

Draco Malfoy had never been so disgusted with himself in his entire life.

The worst thing about this feeling of disgust, however was it was all his fathers fault.

He loved his father, oh yes, but he never thought him capable of embarrassing his only son.

His father had never done anything like this, he had never gotten drunk and spurted family secrets like his mother had at dinner parties, and he had definitely not had any affairs like Narcissa.

So exactly what had Lucius Malfoy done that was so bad to render his heir so embarrassed and disgusted?

He was the mate of a part-veela, and he being the submissive had given birth to Draco.

Anti-climactic, I know. But Draco is a drama queen and he found his fathers love for magical creatures disgusting. All this mating with his vela soulmate was done before his marriage, obviously. Lucius wasn't a cheater and he certainly wasn't like Narcissa. So there it is.

Draco, obviously, was part-veela as well. There wouldn't be any story if he wasn't, so it's really a necessity.

There was only problem with Draco's veelaness. His mate was Harry Potter.

Oh. Boy.

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