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The Seduction of Edward

Chapter 1

Watching Bella sleep was always the highlight of my day. It may seem a little weird but it was the times that she wasn't conscious that I learned the most about her. She had no chance to guard her thoughts from me; I heard what she was thinking, even in for only eight hours. That's where I was, watching Bella dream, when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I hated cell phones, they seemed pointless to me, and they always went off at the most inopportune times. .

The name on the small lcd screen told me it was Alice. I grew worried then, not because Alice was calling me but because she knew not to call me when I was at Bella's unless it was an emergency.

I answered it.

"Edward?" she asked despite the obvious.

"Yes, Alice, It's me."

"Edward you need to come home now."

"Alice, I'm with Bella, can't this wait till the morning?"

"Edward I had a vision... about Bella. You need to 'see' this"

"Fine." I said grudgingly, snapping the phone shut. I hated to leave Bella unprotected, hopefully this would not take long I hoped, knowing that it would. I kissed Bella on the cheek before leaving. The run home barely took three minutes, so before I knew it I was walking through my front door.

What I saw made me nervous. All six members of my family were looking at me they're bronze eyes gleaming with wonder and Joy?

"This had better be good." I said putting on my mask of indifference.

"Oh it is" said Emmett from the love seat. Still, the room was filled with silence.

"Well what is it?" I asked growing impatient.

They looked to one another, nervous looks passing from one person to the other. This was enough. "Just tell me what's going to happen already. Stop being so cryptic."

"You have to see it for yourself, Edward." Alice said, her musical voice resounding through out the room. She stood up from her position in Jasper's alp and took a step in my direction. She too, like the others, looked nervous.

"Fine then, let's 'see' it."

A bright yellow nursery, sunlight filtering through the crack the wind had made in the draperies. The room held a mothers touch. It seemed as if every space in the room was filled with the love and happiness that baby's were known to spread to its parents. The whole room was serine; a round wooden crib was the focal point in the room. For as beautiful as the crib was, however, the Baby that it contained was exponentially more beautiful. A baby slept soundly, until as if the breeze had ruffled him he began to stir in his sleep. Within a few moments he was screaming. The shrill sound piercing the calm stillness of the room. Then, the door crept open, only to reveal Bella, in her night cloths. She walked hastily to the side of the crib before lifting that baby to her arms. She rocked him gently, humming her melody. A pair of arms snaked around her waist. "I think he was just scared" she whispered, leaning her head back against his chest. After a few moments the baby seemed to have forgotten what all the fuss was about and fell back into the peaceful serenity of sleep. Bella set him back into the crib gently. Then stepped back to admire him. Again she leaned her head back onto his chest. "He's beautiful. A miracle." Bella whispered, seemingly completely content. "Our miracle" Edward said resting his chin on Bella's head.

The vision ended as quickly as it began. The nursery fading, replaced by eh living room. To the present. Where six pairs of eyes were on me. Undoubtedly waiting for my reaction to what I had just witnessed. After that, when they realized that I was not going to say anything, Carlisle broke the silence that had engulfed the room.

"Edward, can we talk in my office?"

I nodded, still too numb to speak. We walked to his office in silence. The only sound was the door closing harshly against the wooden frame supporting it.

He opened his mouth to speak, but I beat him to it.

"How?" was all I could say, my mind still reeling. That question, ever-present in my mind.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. When Alice first came to me with her vision, I was... hesitant to believe the accuracy of it. Alice, however, seemed absolutely positive that it would happen. She had said that it was the clearest vision that she has had, like nothing could sway fate from its course. So I began thinking. Vampires aren't supposed to have children. It isn't logical. But then it hit me. I had never felt so stupid in all of my life. No one had ever tried.

Vampires never have sex with mortals, male of female. I've been a doctor, Edward, a man of science, for hundreds of years, yet I never questioned weather it was possible. I guess that it is. Now that we know it can be done, what do you plan to do about it?" he asked waiting for a response.

My mind had been working out that very question since he began explaining. Then, it clicked; I would do what seemed best.

"Nothing" I said turning o n my heel and heading out the door. Letting it slam loudly against the frame again, Leaving a stunned Carlisle behind As I reached the landing, I noticed that my family, for what seemed like the hundredth time this night, staring at me intently, Shock etched across their faces. Alice, however, seemed to be the most stunned. "Why" her musical voice barley audible even to my ears. I paused at the door, my hand resting lightly on the knob as if to open it.

That was one of the questions that I heard that night that I actually knew the answer to.

"She deserves as much of a normal life that I can give her. She only has ten more months until the time I agreed to change her. She deserves to have them as normal as possible. She needs to be unhindered. She needs to have fun while she can. Who am I to take those last few months away from her?" I whispered, unmoving. Then I walked out the door and headed back to Bella's house. While I ran I closed off all of the hopefulness that had filled me when I realized that I was the father of Bella's baby in the vision.

A baby.

My baby.

Then one thing that I was forced to accept when I learned what I had become. I had always wanted one day to have a child of my own. Alice's vision rekindled the yearning that still remained. As I settled myself back into the rocking chair by the window, I watched her.


My Bella.

I was determined that no matter how much I wanted to, I would not mention what Alice had seen to Bella. She truly did deserve as much normalcy she could get with me as her boyfriend.

I just wish Alice saw it my way and kept her mouth shut. I hung my head when I realized that I knew her to well. She would tell Bella what she had seen, and there wasn't anything I could do to prevent it.