Title: Ghost

Rating: Romance

Pairing / Characters: Kuchiki Byakuya / Kuchiki Hisana

Word Count: 144 words

Warnings: Nothing, I think we all know about Hisana by now

Summary: Byakuya waits for Hisana's ghost

A/N: I was in a poetry mood this time around. Can you tell? So I don't want to hear about how I should be writing more stories, I think this is BEAUTIFUL. ("Ghost" © of Laura Sloane)

The moon comes up and bathes the street

In a place where forgotten paths meet

It is here that a young man stands

A single pink daisy lies in his hands.

He waits for his love all alone

A ghost, coming to take him home

As the clouds scud over the sky

She does not come and the night passes by.

He drops his flower on the cold ground,

Bows his head in defeat and turns around

To walk towards the rising sun

In the world of souls another day has begun

That night, he stands once again

Waiting, waiting for his woman

And this time, she floats down the street

He reaches for her, their hands meet

They walk away into the night

Two souls as one, two hearts in flight

They are each other's destiny

To love, and be loved, for eternity…