The Valkier

(A beauty and the beast story)

This story was written by me but contains premises(plotlines) from another authors work, if you recognise elements of this story tell me the who wrote a similar story then I can mention them, but as it is a complete re-write do not be cruel and report it as plagarism coz its legally not as it only contains 30 percent of the original storyline!

The day was ideal. The weather was pleasurable; the sun was blazing, but not too intense. The sky was not gloomy, but there were enough clouds to provide a generous amount of shadow. The air was breezy and balmy, but not sweltering just suitable. It was, overall, a nice, sun-drenched day. And viewing this nice, day, was a stone fortress on a hill, deep within a large wood.

Although the day itself was light, the fortress and the wood it resided in, was swathed in gloom. A horrifying dimness that never seemed to diminish.

Many of the trees surrounding the fortress were lifeless, and those that weren't still did not look in any way appealing. Anyone who dared to walk the wood's dirt trails would most likely find themselves lost in a short time. Lost until the beasts that occupied the trees made their move. Only those who already knew the trails could travel along them safely. Only those who inhabited the fortress.

There were many people who lived inside of the fortress, most of whom were servants to the fortress's master. The only residents who were not servants were the animals, four stallions, innumerable chickens and boars and the master himself. The animals lived mostly untroubled lives, other than the times when a boar or a chicken would be taken for fodder. The servants worked happily and without protest though wholly out of affection for their master's family.

The master was a natural Valkier a being much like a Vampyre that could walk in the daylight and was far from dead, they were a living breathing species. This particular Valkier was wealthy but though he owned such a sizeable fortress and had limitless servants attending to his every want and a parish of citizens in his dominion just at the edge of the wood, he was a long way from satisfied. His time with his parents had been very brief; by the time he reached the age of seven they met with a catastrophic end, the sun destroyed them, burning them to ash and leaving him abandoned to be reared by his servants. He had become resentful throughout the decades; on no account showing any worry or sympathy for the humanity around him. Though he actually did feel affection for and value each of his servants, he was swift to lose his tempter and spit out at them, always seeming to be irate with them all.

On the edge of the wood, the small parish dwelled in trepidation of the fortress and it's master. They never saw him, only a small band of his servants when they came to gather a sacrifice when he desired to feed. Though he never disturbed them other than for his feedings, they where always concerned that he would soon arrive and obliterate their community. Due to there dread, they always gave up one of their own to the fortress every time the Valkier wished to feed.

"Harry! Come back here!" Ron shouted. Ron was a strapping, robust lad of eighteen. He was Tall and strong, with bronzed skin, ruby red curls and striking sapphire eyes.

"You'll have to catch me!" Harry yelled back, running down the grassy knoll. Harry was also eighteen, but looked the utter reverse of Ron, slender with womanly curves. He was very small. With ashen skin, jet black hair and breath-taking bright sea green eyes. Harry was also a bearer.

A bearer was any male born with the capability of carrying offspring. Bearers were uncommon and seen more as female than truly male.

They were frequently required to take on the role of the female, becoming wives, cooking, wearing more feminine garments and of course bearing the offspring of their husbands.
Ron hurried forward, finally managing to grasp his lover. They fell, rolling down the knoll into the spongy lawn at the bottom.

Harry tried to wriggle out of Ron's grasp, but was completely ensnared under the other bigger boy's weight.

"Caught you! " Ron said with a smirk, kissing Harry delicately.

"Yes you have indeed." Harry replied.

"Why did you run off in the first place?" Ron asked.

"I don't know . . .I guess it was just lots of fun." Harry sniggered.

Ron rolled over so that Harry was lying on his chest and held him closely, "You are as mad as a March hare."

Harry rested his head on Ron's shoulder, "But you still love me even as mad as I am?"

"That I do, sweetheart, that I do."

"And I am so going to marry you." Harry stated.

" And we're going to be the happiest couple in the world." Ron replied.

"And one of these days, I'm going to give birth to your babies." Harry said.

"No, our babies." Ron corrected. " It does tend to take two."

Harry smiled, "Right. Our big pink beautiful babies!"

They relaxed together quietly, bathing in the welcoming sunbeams, chilled by the gentle wind.

The Hamlet they had settled in was unlike nearly any other place they knew about.

There were far more men than women yet the population was never in danger.

The Hamlet was a protected refuge for bearers, those who would be spurned or even executed in the outside world.

Although they feared the creature in the fortress above them, his presence sheltered them from those who would hurt them. Harry was pleased to know that he himself would be able to give birth to his own brood one day.

He had originally escaped from his father's hatred of him years ago.

Just a year after Harry moved into the Hamlet, Ron came there, searching for the tolerance that he knew only this Hamlet could give him. They had been in each other's pocket ever since they met.

"I love you more than anything in this world." Harry whispered.

"I love you more than that, Harry." Ron replied, kissing his lips softly.

"In less than three weeks, I'm going to be your wife." Harry laughed.

"And I'm going to be your husband, God! That sounds so strange doesn't it." Ron said.

Harry nodded, "Yes and we'll have kids."

"That's right . . .we'll have a fine-looking family. Every few days I'm going to go out and go hunting, then come home to you and our brood." Ron said.

"And we're going to have a feast together everyday."

We'll raise them to be lovely, affectionate people." Harry added.

Ron nodded, "We'll be the finest parents ever."

"Will we make love on our wedding night, Ron?" Harry asked innocently.

Ron smiled, "Yes, Harry, we will make love on our wedding night."

There was a lengthy stillness before Harry spoke again. "I'm frightened." He whispered.

Ron held him tighter, "Of what, beloved?"

"I . . .some of the others said that . . .it hurts the first time." Harry said.

"I will never injure you, Harry. Not now, not ever." Ron replied truthfully.

"But. . my father said that, he was just cruel okay" Harry trailed off.

"I know what that evil man said, Harry. And . . .I know it might be a little bit painful, Everything's going to be just fine. Complete." Ron said, kissing Harry tenderly.

"I love you." Harry said.

"I love you too….again." Ron replied with a smile.

They rested there for what felt like an age, before Ron stood, keeping Harry in his arms.

"We should go before you get your lovely flowered shirt covered in grass stains."

Harry laughed, brushing some earth from his shirt,

"Right. I'm ready to go home."

Ron wrapped his arm around Harry and the petit boy rested his head on Ron's shoulder. They strolled joyfully back up the knoll and a tiny distance to their Hamlet.

"I'm famished." Ron said as they came nearer to their cottage.

"I'm a quite ravenous myself . . .I'll make dinner as soon as we get inside." Harry replied.

Ron kissed him on the nose; "No one can cook meat broth better than you, dearest. I could eat your delicious food forevermore."

"If you did that, then you'd get really really chubby." Harry commented.

"It's worth it for your cooking." Ron said.

Harry laughed as they walked through the Hamlet to their cottage. They both froze, staring in fear and alarm as they saw their cottage.

Most of the parishioners were congregated around the cottage, and in front of it was a large obsidian carriage, pulled by two enormous black stallions. There were two women and a man all dressed in black standing alongside the carriage. Filled with dread, Harry and Ron slowly made their way to their cottage.

"There they are! See, we told you they would be back soon!" Blaize, a tall muscular man with Black hair and brown eyes shouted.

"Yes, we see." One of the men said. He had deeply tanned skin and dark red hair with light brown eyes.

"What is happening?" Ron asked, though he had a suspicion he already knew.

The second man in black, looked at Harry, ignoring Ron.

"The time has come for the master's monthly feeding. Harry, you shall be escorted to the fortress so that he may have an sufficient quantity of nourishing blood."

"No!" Ron shouted. "No way, absolutely fucking never!"

"It's not a request, sir! Don't bother to try resisting, we'd like this to go as easily as possible." The woman said. She was pale with blonde hair and brown eyes.

"I don't give a fuck what you're trying to do! That fiend in the fortress isn't coming anywhere close to Harry!" Ron yelled.

"P-please . . .there must be s-someone else . . ." Harry whimpered, clinging to Ron frantically.

"I'm sorry, but there is naught that can be done. You have been selected, and that's all there is to it." The woman said kindly.

"He's not fucking going anywhere!" Ron stated angrily.

The brown haired man heaved a sigh, " The master needs to be fed."

"I don't fucking care!" Ron yelled. "I'll go up there and fucking kill him if he thinks he's going to hurt on my fiancée! Harry is not a meal! Leave us be! "

"If you decline to collaborate, the master will merely come here and take Harry with force." The blonde man said.

"Ron please, be rational!" Blaize shouted desperately. "We'll all be bloody killed!"

"No! I won't let you take Harry!" Ron yelled holding Harry tight to him.

All of the parishioners began to bellow at him, imploring him to give up Harry. Ron refused to give in, and began to back away with Harry in tow.

Harry lowered his head, "I'll have to go Ron, I don't want the people to suffer the wrath of the fortresses creature." Everyone stopped and looked at him.

"WHAT!" Ron asked.

"I'll have to go." Harry repeated.

"No!" Ron stared at him, wide eyed.

"Yes, Ron, I have to. I have to pay my dues I won't allow this Hamlet to be destroyed." Harry said.

"Harry! I love you don't I can't live without you" Ron had to hold back his tears.

Harry gazed up at him, his eyes blazing with his own tears.

"I love you too, Ron. You're my world . . .and I couldn't bare it if you got hurt. This . . .this is what I have to do. For you."

Ron pulled him into a firm embrace. "I love you, Harry. I can't lose you."

"I love you too, Ron. It's my turn to keep you safe. And this is the only way." Harry whispered.

Ron knew there was naught he could say to alter Harry's point of view. He kissed him, trying to express all of the devotion and love he experienced for Harry in what he knew would likely be their finishing kiss.

"I love you so much more than I could ever say. I'll never love anyone else."

" I love you too." Harry was then unwillingly pulled out of Ron's embrace, by fortress's servants.

"Come then." The woman said, dragging Harry into the carriage.

The man got in without a sound and before Ron knew what to do, the carriage vanished. He fell to his knees, crying. His love, his Harry was gone.

Harry bawled loudly as he waited for his destiny.

When he had arrived at the fortress, his wrists had been bound forcefully together and he had been blindfolded. They took him to the utmost room of a fortress tower, and made him wait on a cold stone floor. He had no way of perception how long he'd been there, but he believed it must have been an eternity.

He stiffened, his heart hammering as he heard the creaking door unlock.

He felt icy hands trace over his shoulders, a pair of frozen lips at his neck. " Just how old are you bearer?"

Harry trembled as the wintry breath hit his skin.


"Mmm . . .so young," Draco said, licking his neck, "and childlike."

"Just hurry up and do it." Harry whimpered, his body quivering.

The other laughed, "You're in such a rush bearer, yet you're inconsolable?"

"I'd rather be dead than be in this hellhole." Harry whispered daringly.

"Oh really? And why is that? What do you have to live for down in that pathetic Hamlet?"

"Ron." Harry whispered.

He flinched at the spiteful laugh that echoed through the room, "So predictable. You humans are all the same. Germs of the earth . . .you try to justify your futile little lives with tales of love. You are naught but sustenance for superior beings."

"That's an absolute lie!" Harry cried.

"Oh but its isn't. Do you really believe that Ron could ever love you?"

"He does! He loves me and I love him and nobody will ever change that!"

"Love isn't real."

"Shut up! When the hell have you ever been in love? You could never comprehend love!" Harry shouted, crying harshly.

Another dark cackle permeated through the room, "Wretched little human."

Harry sobbed as the blindfold was taken off. He found himself staring into a large pair of arctic silver eyes. The man had pallid almost chalky flesh and white blonde hair, if it weren't for his eyes you would insist that he was an albino.

The cold eyes widened and melted to warmth for a brief moment and he gasped inaudibly.

"Such fathomless beauty." He whispered too low for Harry to hear.

He didn't say another word as he leaned in, pressing a long slow kiss to Harry's neck. Harry let out a soft breath.

He whimpered as he felt Draco's smooth, snow-white fangs penetrate his soft skin. It felt strange, having his blood drained from him. He rapidly felt faint and lightheaded, and the room began to spin. His vision became misty and dark, and he would have fallen if Draco hadn't been grasping him tightly.

Draco tenderly extracted his fangs from Harry's neck and cautiously laid him down. He lapped his tongue over the puncture wounds, healing them entirely.

He didn't understand why he wasn't simply allowing Harry to bleed to death like all the others. He just didn't know why he refused let Harry die, but he felt a curious compulsion to let him live. He wanted to shelter him.

Draco stood and looked over him. He was still crying faintly, shifting in and out of consciousness. Without a word he left, walking down the stairs.
"Is he dead now master shall we bury him?
"No Hermione There . . .there is no corpse to dispose of. He still lives." Draco said.

"Oh? Going to finish up later then?" Hermione asked.

Draco shook his head, "I want him alive."

."I see . . .for how long?" A young man with dark blonde hair and brown eyes questioned.

"I cannot tell you." Draco replied.

"The boy Harry is a bearer, he is able to conceive. Have you considered that maybe you could bestow upon him your children?" The man asked.

"Of course I have! I do require an heir." Draco snapped.

Old Pansy rolled her eyes, "Oh shut it!. You may be my master, but I broughtyou up. And you're going to have to work damn hard to get that boy to trust you enough to make love to him"

"How am I supposed to love or make love to a . . .a HIM? I mean, he is the most stunning person I've ever laid eyes on, I can impregnate him but I can't fall in love with him!" Draco said.

"Not with your 'personal skills' you wont!" Hermione replied.

"Well he's going to be with us for a time, you should offer him a more cozy room. Let him know he's not just here to be a snack." Neville said.

"Ok that makes sense." Draco said. "But there's no way I can fall in love with a human! What could we ever, ever have in common?"

Old Pansy put her hands on her hips, looking at him sternly, "You both need Love."

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