"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Neville shouted in a mixture of irritation and confusion as someone pounded on the main door of the fortress. He didn't know who could possibly be at the door, but the sun had set and dinner was ready, and he all he wanted was to eat. He pulled the door open, and gasped as Ron fell against him, bloody and barely awake. "W-what in the world?"

"Harry. . .danger . . .h-help." He stuttered, trying to stay conscious.

"What? What's happened to the mistress?" Neville asked, holding the bloody man steady.

"Neville, what's happening?" Old Pansy asked, entering the room with several other servants behind her.

"I . . .I don't know . . .he just . . .I have no idea . . ." Neville began.

"What's going on here?" Draco demanded, standing at the bottom of the stairs. "Why is my fortress filled with the smell of human blood?"
"Master . . .I . . .well, he just came out of nowhere and . . ." Neville didn't know what to say.

Ron pulled away from him, regaining his balance, "You . . .you're Draco . . .please, help. Harry. . ."

Draco was at his side in an instant, "What about Harry? What's happened?"
Ron took in deep breaths as he forced out his story, "He . . .th-the v-Ham. . .Hamleters . . .they t-trying to kill the b-baby . . .I c-couldn't stop them. Harry. . .he . he. .needs you . . ."

Draco pushed Ron back into Neville' arms, "Take care of him. I'm going to get Harry."

"No!" Ron cried, stopping Draco before he could get out the door. "I'm going with you."

"You'll die without care." Draco stated.

"I don't care!" Ron exclaimed. "I won't leave Harry."
"Suit yourself." Draco said, walking out the door to where Maia was waiting impatiently.
He mounted Maia quickly, helping Ron onto her back behind him before taking off towards the Hamlet. They were able to hear barking behind them, and Draco realized that Padfoot was following. He could feel Ron's blood seeping through both of their shirts as the other man held onto him tightly.

"Th-that cottage . . .towards the end . . ." Ron whispered as they reached the Hamlet.

"I know. I can smell Harry's blood from here. He's alive." Draco replied.

As soon as they reached the cottage they heard Harry cry out in agony, Draco smashed the door down, crushing someone beneath it.

Harry finally felt his child slip free from his body. He sobbed, overwhelmed by the feeling of pure joy rushing through him, despite his fear of the fate of his offspring.

They ran into the bedroom, where an infant's cries could be heard. Blaize was holding the crying baby, and Dolores was kneeling between Harry's legs.

Harry was given a moment of respite before another really strong contraction made him gasp in shock.

" Christ! There's another one!" Dolores exclaimed.

After several more pushes Harry screamed one last time as Dolores pulled the second baby out of him. She grabbed her knife and cut the baby's umbilical cord. She stood up off the bed and held the baby in her arms, taking no care to be gentle.
"Kill it! Kill it!" Blaize shouted.
"Get away from him!" Draco yelled, alerting them all to his and Ron' s arrival.

Everyone froze, the only sounds coming from the crying newborns in Dolores' arms, and Harry sobbing helplessly on the bed.

Blaize was the first to speak, "Y-you . . .it's the Valkier!"

The men panicked, drawing back in fear. Draco was trembling with rage, even as he helped Ron over to Harry. They untied him and his arms fell limply onto the bed. Harry let out choked sobs as they pulled the cloth from around his mouth.

"The . . .the babies . . ." He whimpered. "Where are my babies?"
"Shh . . .just relax, Harry, it's going to be OK." Ron whispered, holding him tightly.

"Ron. . ." Harry sobbed, clinging to Ron 's arm. "P-please . . .pleases d-don't let them hurt our ch-chil . . . child-dren."
Draco stepped over to Dolores, who was still clutching the crying babies. "Give me my children." He ordered firmly.

Terrified, they handed the babies over to Draco without the slightest hesitation. He handed them gently back over to Harry, who took them carefully into his arms. They stopped crying almost immediately, somehow understanding that they were right where they needed to be, and both began suckling Harry's nipples on instinct.

"Draco . . .you're h-here . . .you're r-really here . . ." He sighed as he held their children tighter against him.

Twins; a boy and a girl, both smaller than they should have been, though the boy was considerably bigger than the girl. He was much stronger and had a mop of black hair with blue eyes, while the girl had a thin line of brown hair and green eyes.

They continued suckling hard on Harry's nipples, desperately wanting the milk from their mother's breasts.

"Your daughter looks like you." Draco whispered to Ron as he kneeled down beside them.

"Your son has your eyes." Ron replied quietly.

"They're perfect." Harry said, smiling for the first time since Ron left to go hunting.
Draco ran his hand smoothly through Harry's hair, "Just like their mother."
Harry sniffled, "Like their fathers."
At this, the Hamleters scrambled to get out of the cottage, finally getting over their terror-induced paralysis.

They didn't reach the door; however, as it seemed Padfoot had finally reached the Hamlet. He stood in the doorway, teeth bared and fur puffed threateningly; he clearly wasn't letting anyone leave.

"W-what are their n-names, Harry?" Ron asked, knowing that now the one's responsible for their situation were trapped.

"Oryan . . ." Harry panted, he was beginning to grow weary. "And. . Estella."
"Those are beautiful names, Harry." Ron whispered. He kissed the side of his face lovingly, "I love you, so much."
He slid himself down against the side of the bed, panting heavily and clutching his open wound. He closed his eyes and let out a soft breath, his life was slowly leaving him with each exhalation.

"P- Ron?" Harry whimpered, not seeing him by his side any longer.

"Shh, it's alright. He's just resting for a moment." Draco smiled.

"I'm going to die, Draco, aren't I?" Harry asked tiredly.
"No, of course not. You'll be just fine." Draco lied.

He considered turning him; then they could be together forever it was the only way.

Draco quickly bit into his wrist and let the blood flow free, pouring it into the mouths of Ron and Harry, he knew they would both die soon if he didn't turn them and he knew that Harry couldn't last an eternity without Ron.
"Draco . . .y-you should have just f-finished me off." Harry's voice was soft and broken as he too accepted the truth, he felt the Valkier's blood spread through his body and he smiled as he slowly regained strength and awareness.

"I love you too much." He said. "And I always will, for all of eternity." smiled Draco as he watched the two people on the bed transform before his eyes.

"Eternity is a very long time," said Harry, sitting up and picking his children up gently,

"I will look after you, Ron and our children forever, we will always be together now, and no one shall ever hurt us again
"I'll take forever." Harry said, pulling Draco into his arms.

"I love you." Draco whispered., his warm tears dripping onto his face.
He looked down at the children, both now silent and sleeping peacefully. He kissed Harry's lips and stood up, his back facing the Hamleters.
"Every human in this room is going to die tonight." He said, his voice dark, calm, but clearly infuriated.

All of the men cried out in terror, trying to run out of the room. They were all completely trapped, however, by that time Anthony, Neville, Old Pansy, Hermione, and several other of Draco's servants had arrived in the carriage, and blocked all exits. Draco turned suddenly and grabbed the closest person-Blaize-and yanked his throat out. There were screams of terror as his dead body hit the floor. The next morning the rest of the Hamleters would search the cottage for the source of the screams, too frightened to come earlier. All they would ever find were the mangled bodies of those who had dared to harm Draco's angel.

When the slaughter was over, Draco kneeled down in front of Ron. "You truly love him, don't you? Enough to accept him for marrying me, for carrying my child, even when the others didn't. Enough to plant the seed for your own child within him. Enough to give your life in the hopes that he could be saved.

"I did it because I love him and can never lose him again" Smiled Ron.

"And you never ever will, neither of us will" Draco smiled back

"Treat this man as though he were one of our own." Draco told his servants.

Neville and Anthony walked over to Ron and walked him to the carriage waiting outside.

"Oh goodness . . .the poor dears." Old Pansy whispered as she finally got a good look at Harry and the infants.
Draco lifted the babies' and gave them to Old Pansy to wrap in blankets, "Have their nursery constructed in the guest rooms, beside Harry's, Ron's and mine.

Their names are Estella and Oryan."

"Aren't you coming, master?" Hermione asked.

"I'll be along soon. Go ahead of me and take Harry with you, he and Ron are still undergoing the transformation. Just leave Maia." Draco replied.

They nodded and followed the others into the carriage. He listened to them leaving and waited until he was alone.

Draco climbed over the corpses of the dead Hamleters, smirking at his own vengeance. The ride back up the fortress was silent, and when they arrived Maia walked happily back to the stable.

He walked slowly back to his bedroom, where Harry was sleeping soundly on the expensive linen.

Draco ran his hand through the soft hair and kissed Harry's forehead, before undressing and laying next to Harry, pulling the brand new Valkier against his chest.
"I'll love you for eternity." He whispered.
Draco blinked, tears of happiness streaming down his face, and he waited for his lover to wake.

The End

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