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Abby looked through the one sided glass at the man in Interrogation Room One. He was bored, obviously not liking being cooped up in a room with little space and no sunlight. He seemed like a man who needed something to occupy his time and expend his energy on.

Gibbs would have to conduct interviews with prospective agents in the interrogation room. For a man who thought of himself as serious, his mocking of probies, potential or not, was rather childlike.

The door to the viewing room swung open and the subject of her thoughts breezed in, carrying two cups of coffee. One was larger than the other and she swiped at it, but he held it out of her reach before handing her the smaller cup.

"S'pose I should be grateful."

He nodded in agreement. "I don't bring just anybody coffee."

Abby smirked into her cup, smaller though it may be. "You won't be bringing him any, I can tell."

"Is that because I'm not going to hire him? Or because I'm going to hire him but he's going to be so annoying that I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than provide him with caffeine?"

"I annoy you, and you give me caffeine."

"Yeah, but if I don't keep you happy you won't do your job, which means I can't do mine. He can't do anything that I couldn't."

"That's probably not true."

He looked at her and mock scowled. She moved her coffee to her other hand, away from him, and tightened her grip on it. He could be fast when he wanted to be.

"All I meant was that you probably couldn't apply gel to your hair quite as effectively as he can. If you disagree however…"

"Abby…" he growled, but there was affection in his voice.

He looked down at his cup and realized that he'd downed more of his drink than she'd had to begin with, so he snatched hers out of her hands and gave her his original one, the tall cup hiding the less than full contents.

"Gibbs! That's so not fair!"

"Buyer's rights."

'You never let me buy though! Every time we go anywhere with coffee you always push me in a chair and order me not to leave it. Last time you told me you'd expose the Caf-Pow! production factories as fronts for Al-Qaeda and have them closed down if I went anywhere near the counter."

Gibbs coughed, and hoping to redirect the conversation, nodded questioningly at the prospective employee who was now standing near the door, tapping the wooden frame with interest and hope.

Abby scowled amusedly at him before following his gaze to the man she'd only recently been informed was Anthony DiNozzo. "What the hell is he doing? Testing out his carpentry skills? Why doesn't he just leave?"

Gibbs coughed again. "Well, he might find it a bit hard to."

Realization dawned. "Gibbs! You locked him in! That's…kinky. Handsome man, locked in the NCIS Interrogation Room. Could be fun."

"Not for you."

"Hands off, got it. You're terribly possessive."

He ignored her comment and again nodded at the man now pacing in front of them. "So, what do you think?"

"You're asking me? What's your gut telling you?"

"It's telling me this guy's going to make me want to climb walls, but that he's good and he's got potential. I want to know what you think though."

She shrugged. "He complimented Bert's dog collar. Which makes me like him, but somehow I don't think that's the sort of background you're after. I like him. Don't know why. I think there might be something to him, even with the aforementioned wall climbing and shoot-footing. No, wait, sorry, foot-shooting. I love lansposing tretters. Like spoonerisms."

He seemed to be listening to her intently until he felt an impending detailed explanation, complete with examples, of 'spoonerisms' and quickly pushed her cup to her mouth to silence her. She gurgled with surprise.

"Reckon he's a keeper?" Gibbs questioned.

They studied the man intently, sizing him up. All of a sudden, he pulled something small and shiny out of his pocket and bent low over the lock, inserting the silver object into it experimentally.

"He's trying to pick the lock!" Abby laughed.

"Good boy. I'll have to yell at him about it though."

"Of course. Then you'll teach him how to pick a lock properly. Keeper?"

Gibbs nodded. "Keeper."

"Not like me though, right?" She looked at him over her…his cup.

"Nobody's quite like you, Abs."

"That's the way it should be."

He ran his hand along her back as he walked past her. "That's the way it'll always be." Opening the door he went to yell at DiNozzo for what felt like the first of many times.