The lab is a very busy place. People are always coming to see me to say hello or get answers to seemingly impossible questions, and quickly at that. I guess you could say I'm well-liked. I suppose when you have Gibbs as a measure of comparison, that's not really saying much. I love him though, grumpy or not. He takes care of me. He's actually the one who brought me to NCIS. I suppose I'm somewhat eccentric and definitely energetic, but he doesn't seem to mind. I guess the guys here seem to have taken to me, in their own individual ways.

Tony liked me, and I liked him, from the minute he stepped into my lab. I was just sitting there, looking at one of my many computers with a lovely new dog collar on when he walked in and complimented me on it. Anybody who praises my accessories is already hauling in brownie points by the truckload. Doesn't mean I didn't play hard to get, mind you.

Kateā€¦Kate didn't know what to make of me when she first met me. She would stare at me when she thought I wasn't looking, but there was only curiosity in her eyes, so I let her stare and pretended not to notice. In time we grew close. Sometimes, when things would get tough and we couldn't get the answers at all, let alone quick enough for Gibbs' impossible time demands, she'd give me a quick hug and a squeeze. I miss Kate so much sometimes. I'll never forget her, or Ari. When that bullet flew through my window and glass shattered over my head, I was so certain that there was nowhere I could escape to, nowhere I would be safe. Still, I knew Gibbs would be there, working furiously to fix everything. He's good at protecting people.

With Ari came Ziva, who was in no way welcome when I first met her. I didn't like her, and she didn't like me, which worked out fine. She kept looking at me as if I was in the wrong place; as if I belonged somewhere else and not a federal office. As if I was too comical to be involved in such serious work. Which was ok, because I just thought she was a bitch. After a while we worked things out though. She was tough, and I couldn't help but admire that. She has the tiniest hint of goofiness in her, so I've sort of latched onto that. I'll bring it out in time.

McGee. Ah yes, McGee. Now McGee and I have an interesting relationship. Sometimes we get along brilliantly and other times he annoys me. He thinks he knows more than I do, which is so not true. Sometimes he's loyal, sometimes he has a bit of a wandering eye. There is a lot of competition in this lab, like the brown haired doll who I sometimes find at my desk or my favourite computer. Still, I did encourage him to look around. I'm not one to make commitments to anybody but myself. He's sweet though.

Ducky! Oh, I love Ducky! Ducky never gets impatient with me, even when I'm in the way or sitting in the wrong seat. Sometimes I pop up out of nowhere and accidentally scare him. He appreciates what I can do. He's always willing to give me a hug too. He bought me a black teddy bear for my birthday which I love to death. It's always great to have more friends in the lab.

Yup. All in all I think I'm a well cared for hippopotamus.

- - - - -

So, what do you think? Was the point of view a surprise? I had to make it seem like it was Abby, but only use descriptions and details that could ultimately still apply to Bert.

Hope you enjoyed it!