Kooky Crush

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Ratting: Teen

Summery: Xander attracts freaks, and not all of them are demonic.

AN: Should have posted this during Valentines Day, but oh well.

Willow trudged into her room, exhausted from her long trip back home. All she wanted at the moment was to flop down on her bed and sleep.

Imagine her surprise when as she flopped down on her bed she noticed a man like lump. A man like lump with man like parts that were way too close to her woman like parts.

Fully awake now Willow jumped back, pulling the blanket that had been hiding the man with her, only to discover that it was her best friend Xander in her bed.

Now Willow had no qualms about Xander being in her bed, but he had too many clothes on to be in her bed for what she wanted him to be in her bed for. His parents were probably yelling again, and he just wanted to sleep here until they calmed down.

"Parents again?" asked Willow as Xander got out of her bed and onto the floor.

"Uh no," said Xander in an embarrassed voice. "While you were gone this new family moved in, and their daughter kind of developed a crush on me."

"Doesn't explain why you're in my room," said Willow, her weariness returning.

"Trust me you'll know as soon as you meet her, she isn't exactly normal."

"This is just too much!" shouted a distinguished looking man.

"Now Gomez, what's wrong?" asked the mans wife.

"Look at our daughter Tish, look at what the boy has done to her!" shouted Gomez Addams.

Morticia turned her attention to her only daughter Wednesday. The girl had become a remarkably attractive teen, her long black hair braided into a pony tail, her pale hands stained red from the large heart she held.

"I'm sorry Gomez, I don't see anything wrong with her," said the woman with a complexion many vampires would try to get after centuries of being denied the sun.

"He should be doing this for her!" shouted Gomez. "It just isn't right for her to nail a fresh heart on his door. Honestly what kind of boy is it that doesn't even do a simple act of kindness for a girl?"

"Gomez, the new century is almost here, it's time to accept that some roles are reversing," said Morticia in a slightly chiding voice.

"I suppose you're right," said Gomez as he pulled a large butchers knife down from where it was dangling over a nearby table. "Here Wednesday use this, it will make a better impression."

The teenage girl allowed a slight smirk to erupt on her usually passive face as she left to the house of one Xander Harris.

"Ah Tish, remember the first time I nailed a heart on your door?" asked Gomez as he sat down next to his wife.

"Le sang n'a pas lavé au loin pendant des semaines," replied Morticia with a fond grin.

"Tish, that's French," said Gomez right before he started to passionately kiss up his wife's arm.

And what happened after he finished with her arm was nobodies business but their own.