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Series: The Companion Series

Title: Overstepping the Boundaries

Author: Leila-Rose-Bell

Rating: T

Summary: The Doctor has finally admitted his feelings to Rose, but how will Jackie react when she discovers the nature of their relationship? And will the Doctor ever be able to take that last step with Rose? 10/Rose fluff

Setting: Post Doomsday.

Pairing: Ten/Rose

Main Characters: Tenth Doctor; Rose Tyler; Martha Jones and Mickey Smith

Notes: This story is a continuation of Red Dragon. If you have not read that story or its predecessor, The Ties That Bind, you will not understand this story. However if you are reading this for some good old Ten/Rose fluff then you are welcome to do so, however there will be references to past events in the other two stories. If you are reading this for some good old Ten/Rose fluff, then you will not understand why Martha Jones and Mickey Smith are apart of the TARDIS crew.

Spoilers: All of the New Series 1 and 2, as well as the previous stories in this series: The Ties That Bind and Red Dragon.

Disclaimer: I do not have the luxury of owning Doctor Who; the BBC does. If I did own it, then David Tennant would never have the option to leave.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to more-than-words, who, without her wonderful help and constructive criticism this story would never have begun to exist!

The Companion Series consists so far with the stories:

The Ties That Bind


Red Dragon


Overstepping the Boundaries

Chapter One: The First Step of Recovery

She was laughing manically; her fingers stretched out in front of her, a red dragon hovering above the cringing figure on the floor. Her once brown eyes were shadowed red and a sneer decorated her once beautiful face. To those around her, Rose Tyler was no more.

"You will die," she hissed at Derol Flynn, the man who had kidnapped the Doctor and had sentenced him to a future of imprisonment, but now that she had found him again, Rose Tyler could have her revenge. The revenge she had planned for so long was fast becoming a reality.

The humanoid on the floor shuddered as the red dragon drifted closer. "Please…" he whispered, "Please…I didn't mean to harm him…it was an accident! I'm sorry for any pain I've caused you…please! I'm too young to die!"

"Too late." Rose replied.

She flexed her fingers into a ball and watched with sick satisfaction as the red dragon attacked Derol viciously, tearing at his skin, everywhere it could reach. Blood stained the floor. Screams bounced on the walls, echoing around the lab and then he faded, death claiming him at last.

And all she did was laugh.

Rose woke, gasping, sweat mingling down her forehead as her mind replayed images of the nightmare. The nightmare that had almost become reality. She closed her eyes, tears falling down her cheeks. Ever since she had beaten the Red Dragon she had been consumed by guilt. She'd only stopped her rampage because if she had continued then the Doctor would've died. It had been his words that had helped her in the end. He had told her he loved her, but she knew she didn't deserve it. After what she had done to him.

The Bad Wolf had begun to manipulate her shortly after her and the Doctor's reunion. That reunion had only happened by chance. A shadow creature of some description had been hunting the Doctor, but it needed Rose to lure him to it. Since she had been sealed inside a different universe it seemed improbable that the creature would have got hold of her. But it had. The creature had somehow got its hands on a device that had been used by the Time Lords to travel to different universes. Through that device Rose had been easily accessible. The creature had had her kidnapped and brought to its grounded ship on the planet Delia V. There the Doctor had found her and they had been reunited, though both of them had to fight for their lives. It had been her and the Doctor's mind link that had brought the Bad Wolf to the fore.

Despite the warnings the Doctor had given her, Rose had fallen under the influence of the wolf. With the Doctor having been kidnapped, Rose had, had no one to fall back on. Mickey and Martha had been helpful, understanding what she was going through, but still the Bad Wolf had nearly taken her - nearly made her kill Mickey, Martha, the Doctor and Derol Flynn. Despite the pain he had put the Doctor through during his three month captivity, Flynn hadn't deserved to die and thankfully she hadn't carried out the act. The Doctor had been weak but his words had brought her back from the darkness of her soul, preventing the Bad Wolf from completely owning her.

It had only been two weeks since that day. Three days had passed since the Doctor had told her he loved her but even she could not see the logic of why he still could. Especially after what her actions had caused him to feel.

How can he love me when I've done so much wrong?

"How's Rose coping?" Martha asked as she and Mickey walked into the console room where the Doctor was fiddling with the TARDIS.

The Doctor sighed. "She's finding it hard to forgive herself. I don't think she believe me."

"Believes what?"

"That I love her."

"You told her then?" Mickey responded.

"I just said that Mickey." The Doctor smiled lightly. "Rose doesn't understand how I could after what she's done. Technically Rose did betray what I was to Derol Flynn but that was due to the Bad Wolf. The Bad Wolf used her body to send that message which then resulted in my capture and subsequent imprisonment. Rose blames herself since she feels she didn't fight hard enough to prevent that. I don't know how to convince her for real that I mean what I say.

"It's going to take a long time for her to heal herself." He concluded.

"Rose, are you coming?" Martha asked, poking her head through the doorway to the other girl's room.

"No." She did not even look up instead she remained lying on her side on her bed facing the wall.

"Are you sure?" Martha had to try again.

"I said no." Rose replied a little more fiercely. "I'll just end up hurting someone else."

"Okay then." Martha moved away from the door allowing it to slide shut. She sighed and then turned back down the corridor towards the console room.

The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS, glancing at the house that stood in front of him. The Tyler estate. Rose didn't even believe that she had any right to speak to him and kept herself locked away in her room. When he had tried talking to her Rose had barely said anything, only responded with the minimalist words. So he had to resort to other measures.

Jackie Tyler would be able to help her daughter.

So, he had sent the TARDIS to parallel Earth to invite Jackie onboard, if only for a while. He had spent nearly two hours explaining what Rose had done with the Time Vortex; how he had taken it from her and died for her; how a link had been formed and how she had nearly been destroyed when it had sought to take her mind. Jackie had been horrified by what he had explained to her, but she had understood that it hadn't been The Doctor's fault for Rose taking the Time Vortex in the first place. It had been Rose's decision in the first place.

And that had been the beginning. If only she had not tried to save him in the first place then perhaps none of this would've happened.

Leaving the Doctor, Mickey and Martha in the console room Jackie made her way to Rose' room. There she knocked on the door.

"Go away." Her daughter's voice was barely audible through the steel door.

She sighed and pressed the button that would allow her entrance into her daughters room. As she stepped through Rose turned to face her. The words that had formed in her mouth were gone and Jackie could only watch as her daughter asked the question: "What are you doing here?"

Rose had been packing her bags, determined to leave the TARDIS for good. She didn't want to be around the Doctor anymore.

Well, that was not true.

She did want to be around him because she loved him. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. But how could she after everything that had happened? What she had done…

She didn't deserve his love, she was sure of that.

She couldn't risk hurting him again with the power within her. She could control it now, but what if she couldn't? And lost it again? What would stop her the next time she was consumed? She had to get away from the people she loved. She would ask to return home, to her mother.

And then she would leave. Lose herself somewhere on parrallel earth so that she couldn't hurt those she loved.

There was a knock on her door. She did not look up as she continued to pack all of her belongings. Instead she spoke aloud, "Go away."

Those words were usually enough to deterr anyone from entering her room, so she was surprised that the door swished open and someone stepped through. Words formed on her mouth and as she swivelled round she was surprised to see her mother standing there.

The last person she had expected to see.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, stunned.

"I'm here to help." Her mother replied, sitting herself down on Rose's bed.

"How are you here?" Rose demanded. It seemed impossible that she was. Could she be hallucinating?

"The Doctor came and asked me to come and talk to you." Jackie replied. "He's worried about you."

"No he's not." Rose tried to ensure that her voice was not wavering but it was.

"Rose," Jackie grabbed her daughter by the arms and made sure she was looking at her before speaking again, "I know what happened to you. The Doctor told me everything. He told me he loves you, but you won't let him speak to you."

"Because I know that he can't love me after what I did!" Rose said stubbornly.

"If he didn't love you Rose he would've told you to leave straight away," Jackie said softly, "but he didn't. He wants to be with you, but you're shutting him out because you're refusing to believe the simple truth."

"The simple truth, mum, is that he can't love me, not after what I've done. No man or alien could." She stood up abruptly. "And that's why I'm leaving. I'm leaving the TARDIS, and coming home. And nothing is going to change that."

"Oh, Rose…" Jackie trailed off whistfully. "Give him a chance to prove to you that he means it." It was one last plea that she could offer. There was no point in arguing with her daughter; Rose was too stubborn.

"Mum…" Rose looked lost, "I can't. As much as I want to, I can't risk hurting him again."

"But you will be if you leave." The Doctor was standing in the doorway. He had been listening to every word.

To Be Continued….

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