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To put it simply, COOLEST Organization member EVER. Or at least the one with the most potential, in my mind. And now he can unleash his Zexy-ness in his own fic.

Bringing Zexy Back

The whole process was, by all means, an initiation.

Like the Heartless, there were just as many Nobodies in circulation, considering that the worlds are full of such noble, strong hearts. All of these 'leftovers' craves the hearts that were stolen from them, just as the Organization does. However, most of them are not powerful or intelligent enough to stand up to the task, where as the Organization is. Yet there was the question of number, which was what the Organization lacks, thus making either side of the Nobodies category stand at stalemate in their ultimate goal.

In their attempt to recruit as many of their kind as possible, the Organization settles on allowing only the strongest of the Nobodies to be welcomed into the ranks of the first six 'forefathers'. Like all initiations, in order to qualify the Nobody would have to retain their human form and pass a simple test. A test of strength.

It wasn't as if he detested violence, but he doesn't particularly enjoy immersing himself in its glory either. Unlike his other five comrades, Number VI was the youngest and the least battle-driven of them all. When the others gleefully attempt to best one another in their contest, he would retire himself to the research library in the Castle That Never Was. His strength didn't come in battle, but outside of it, and he detested having to dirty his own hands, as the Superior had noticed. However, not even that stopped him from deciding to choose the younger member to carry out the initiation for the next potential recruit.

Number VI sighed. He took one last look at the memo in his hand, reading it with increasing morose. The memo went like this:


As you may have heard, II had succeeded in bringing in our newest recruit thus increasing our ranks by one. The newest member, ranked Number VII and renamed Saïx, proves to be a worthy addition to our cause. However, even with seven our situation remains grim. If we plan to conquer Kingdom Hearts, we will need more than a mere seven to carry out our ultimate plan.

Mission: Acquire Number VIII.

Status: In-Progress.

Extra Notes: Other members have been forbidden to assist you.


Upon reaching the end, Number VI promptly crumbled the note and stuffed it into the crevice of his uniform black coat. He then sighed again, deep and heavy, and began rubbing his temples in an attempt to gather his thoughts. There were already two things he despised about the memo; one being the natural fact that he would actually have to carry out the mission by himself (had it not been for that factor, he would have asked either IV or V to accompany him or do it for him). The other was the complete vagueness of the note itself. It was in the Superior's style to remain as enigmatic as possible among others-he was the same even before he had lost his heart-but being so means that VI would have to research and track the 'potential recruit', a.k.a. even more work to do.

"You're just lazy," Number IV commented in his apathetic tone. Number VI scowled at him with his one misty blue eye, as the other was shielded by a particular grouping of long silvery-grey bangs. The two were currently occupied in their routine game of chess, when the younger member brought up the subject of his mission. As he had suspected, the blond scientist immediately shut him off on the topic, just as the note had described. "Besides, I don't really see why you would make such a big deal about this. It's merely a mission of finding a powerful Nobody. That can't be too hard."

"Perhaps you've been locked up in your laboratory for much too long, Vexen," said Number VI, moving his own black knight piece and knocking the white pawn from its square. "There are many worlds out there other than Radiant Garden and our own non-existent world, just as there are many Nobodies. You only assume that it would be 'easy' due to the fact that Xigbar came back so quickly. But remember-the man he found was a previous acquaintance of his back at Radiant Garden. Check."

The other man scoffed. "Well, there you go. Why not start with Radiant Garden? It was our home world, which should make it much easier, don't you think?" He studied the black and white checkered board, before substituting his king's and rook's positions. "There were a few folks who showed signs of having a strong heart back there-don't you remember, Zexion?"

The younger man shook his head. "They were much too young back then-they must have either been turned into Heartless, or perhaps escaped unscathed. Either way, it's highly likely the place is more of a Heartless domain by now." The black rook was moved four squares to the right, eliminating the white pawn, and is now completely face to face with an opened white king. "Check again."

"Curses...Then I suppose you're on your own," muttered Vexen. His olive green eyes widen in a sudden panic, a mild break from his stoicism, when he realized there were no possible moves to protect his king, until he realize that one of his bishops could be moved to the square directly in front of the king. He did so, and then smirked, "Or I could 'accidentally' leak out some possible information..."

Zexion raised his one visible eyebrow in interest. "Hmm...Sounds tempting enough. Continue."

A high-pitched chuckle reverberated from the back of Vexen's throat. "Of course, it won't be so easily obtained-unless you're willing to do bit of 'extra work', Number VI."

"I thought as much. What is it? Is it new test subjects? Some kind of secret ingredients needed in your latest handiwork?"

Vexen smiled darkly. "Xenohart's memories," he whispered, eyes shining with unusual brightness.

Zexion blinked and slowly smirked. "I thought we agreed to let the past hinder us no more."

"Oh, naturally. But it's more for-how shall I say-a 'pet project'. Just something to pass the time."

"If he catches us, it could mean the end of our existent-for good."

"If he catches us, 'if' being the key word." Vexen sighed and leaned forward, so that he would have to only whisper. "I don't see the point on why he should be the leader, do you? We were all there on that day. We all lost our hearts at the same time. So why is it that we had to fear him and only him?" He smiled oddly, before pressing on. "If we have his memories, his past, we could start over. We could use them against him and for our benefits, not his. He would become our pawn, our slave."

"True...'Control the past and you control the present,'" Zexion slowly said, entwining his fingers together in a thoughtful manner. There was silence between them for a short while before he spoke up again. "What about Kingdom Hearts? Where does it stand in all of this?"

Vexen scoffed. "Honestly, I could care less whether or not I get my heart back. Besides, I believe the same goes for him-he merely wants more power. The whole talk of retrieving our hearts is a façade for us and the soon to-be new members. It only proves necessary as long as he summons it, which will go along nicely for us, if you manage to carry out your part, my dear Zexion."

Zexion didn't respond; he was too busy taking this all in. It didn't strike him that Vexen was the rebellious type as to the point of already planning to overthrow the Organization at its tender beginnings. However, it did brought up some crucial points; if the Superior could be forced into submission, this could mean the rebirth of the Organization under much more capable hands-namely, the shunned ones. He closed his eyes and tried to recount the fateful memories of the past. He remembered them vaguely; for as long as his could remember, as the youngest assistant of Ansem the Wise, he was subjected to the most experiments and studies. It was he who prompted his master to build an underground lab to further their research, and yet why was it that he remained in the dark while the first assistant-Xenohart-should bask and revel in the glory from the master as if he was the one who had proposed it? For all his years, along with Vexen and Lexaeus, he had been ignored and never credited, and even now without his heart and his ability to feel remorse of anger he was still treated the same. It brought a sinking feeling to his stomach, but that was as close to indignation as it was going to get.


Zexion slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the older man. "It's much too early for this sort of action, don't you agree?" he asked quietly.

"...True. That was merely a hypothesis, however. Sooner or later this plan will be put to experimentation," replied Vexen. He heaved himself out of his seat, but remained bent over his younger friend. "Right now we're in the process of gathering information and data. The choice is yours."

"And Lexaeus?"

"You know he's in."

"Then the same goes for me."

Vexen chuckled, soft and high-pitched. "Allow me to welcome you properly into the Organization then." He extended one hand out, a gesture of promise.

Zexion smiled softly. He took the extended hand, and sealed his fate. "Now, what's the information?"

The chess board beneath the two men had long been forgotten and abandoned. The blond scientist snapped his fingers, willing the board and its pieces to disappear. He then placed a book in front of Zexion, who ran a finger down its leather cover with curiosity. "That contains a list of possible worlds where new Nobodies are supposedly born," he said with a smirk, "where I've found out when 'locked up in my laboratory for too long'. The Dusks proved efficient in gathering information, though they are somewhat stupid in nature. Thus the list may contain mistakes, despite my meticulous efforts."

"That's fine enough. You have already saved me a day of tedious research," Zexion assured him, tucking the book into his lap. He then cocked his head to the side and raised his eyebrow in question. "What do you require in payment?"

"I've been studying our dear Superior's action lately. Apparently, he also seemed acquainted with the newcomer," Vexen said in amusement. "The two are apparently close to one another, so close in fact, it's frightening."

"He must possess great strength, perhaps even more than Lexaeus, to attract the Superior's attention instantly."

"Oh, I believe it's more than that. They are more alike than they like to believe, only difference is that Number VII is completely devoted to the Superior with undying loyalty the moment he stepped foot into this castle. In fact," Vexen began to scowl, "Xigbar and Xaldin are already paying their respects to him."

"Respect! A lower ranking newcomer?" Zexion asked with surprise. It didn't seem like an action that would be tolerated-after all, what was the ranking system for then?

"Like I said, that's how close Number I and VII have become. The tenderfoot has literally become the Superior's right hand man in a matter of days."

"...I see. He's the one I'll have to see to first." Zexion closed his eyes again, this time to do what he does best. Inside his mind a plan was formulating, laying itself out like a blueprint in a way and language that he could only decipher.

He will have to understand Number VII in order to see his connection with the dreaded Superior, which may prove to be difficult. Again, he took to account his own strength against the other-in a fair fight, he would surely lose. However, with Zexion there was never a fair fight, only a fight of potential and wits. If this man was truly acquainted back in the days with Xigbar, he surely must have been trained to fight on instinct. That, Zexion was sure, that he would not be able to best him in, for the silver-grey haired man was gifted with heighten senses that had more than once defended him, even before an attack was to take place. As for intellect...if what Vexen had said is true about his complete loyalty, then rhetoric and any form of psychological warfare may not work on him. Illusions-his element-will not be the best of choice against such strong mental fortress in extracting information. Zexion sighed; there was no other way-

-He will have to go mainly with the book.

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