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Author: Field Innocence
I have the Power
Its been three years since Hinata had last seen everyone that she once knew. Now she is back. Oh everyone is in for the ride of their live.
M (Bad language and sexual theme, etc.)
Hinata/Itachi, Sasuke/Hinata
Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, and a slight Romance
Bad grammar


It has been three years since I last set foot here, not many have changed since I left. Why should I care? This inferior school was my moral reason why I left. They all had cause me so much pain, horrid my every nerve that I never felt before. Not only external torment but the awful humiliation that I had to go through was worse. They all laughed, pointed and teased me. I was play like a use doll, thrown like a flat ball and pick on like a freak. Those were the days I would never forget.

But now the table will finally turn, it will be them on the other end, not me. Not anymore.

Normal POV

Many students rushed to their classroom before the second bell rang. And like always, a very few purposely don't make it, say like Naruto Uzumaki for instant.

"Naruto, you're late, go to the office," said a very angry teacher, "Not only that you were late, you have been late three time this week, now go," he said staring at his careless student.

Naruto did as he was told and mumble some thing after he left out of his class and into the school's front office.

While he was in the waiting room, he saw a girl at his age coming from the room that he would be entering in a few minute. She had light brown, long hair just a few inches above her waists. And when she walked pass by him, he noticed her dark blue eyes, almost like she had contact on, "Is she for real?" he asked himself. Not only did this new girl catch his eyes but she was fine as hell. Short baby-blue tang top, with a short jean skirt just above her knee, and great relieving curves, smooth tan skin, just everything about her would make every guys wet themselves.

When she was close to the exit door he said cockily, "Hey I'm Naruto. Do you need any help getting to your class, I could show you?" even though he shouldn't offer any guidance since he has to see the principal office in a short minute.

The new girl just stare at him as if he was stupid, "Fuck off. I already know my place around," than she gave him an evil glare at Naruto after she left.

Just before Naruto could talk back, the principal's assistant, called for him, "Naruto Uzumaki, the principal would like to see you now," Naruto stare at the door and was a bit shock that a hot girl just dis him. Sure he got thing like 'ew go away' or 'as if' but never like the way she did it, also she was angry at him for something that he didn't do.

At morning break Naruto rushed to find his friends to tell them about what happen to him in the principal's office, "Hey you guys. I just saw this fine ass chick, and I mean she was hot as Sakura," he said with a grin on his face.

"Damn it Naruto, don't say thing like that about Sakura, you know she will get you for that if she finds out," said another blond, but this time it a 'she', but her blond is as soft as the yellow sun that also long.

"Well it true, she is hotter than Sakura and I mean super fine," he said, anxious about meeting the mysterious girl again.

Just before Ino could argue again at Naruto a person came up to them and said, "Hey you guys have you seen the new girl. I mean dang she was fine!" said a boy with a spikey hair just like Naruto but his is like gray-ish black, also have one red mark on both of his cheeks.

"Oh, you saw her too Kiba," said the spiky blond.

"Like yea, almost everybody is checking her out," Kiba was excited talking about her. While the two were talking about the new girl, another one of their friends came and said, "Hey you guys did…" but before he could finish Naruto and Kiba said it before him.

"We know already," they both knew about the sudden commotion that got almost every guy jumpy.

"Oh, you did. Have you guys talk to her yet?" both Kiba and Naruto stare at each for a second until Naruto spoke, "Yea, I have," Kiba eyes widely open.

"What! You talked to her already! What did she say?" he asked anxiously, standing just inches close to Naruto's face.

"Well umm" Naruto hide his left hand over his head scratching it like an idiot and remembering what had happen a few hours ago, "We just talked, that's all," he said with his head tiled and cheeks red.

"That is it! Damn it Naruto..," just before Kiba could hurt Naruto for his short answer, Ino came in between them, "Both of you shut up already! I had had enough about this new girl. Who is she anyways?" she asked angrily toward the guys in front of her.

"We just describe her for you a few minutes ago, weren't you listening," Kiba was a bit frustrated and impatient at the same time at Ino's hard-head.

"Guys! Guys!" said one of the members of their friend, but she was walking with two other people beside her. She had two circle brown bun along with a Chinese clothing tang top. Her friends that she was walking with; one of them always wear green outfit for some weird reason that even they can't figure out, the other one had long dark gray hair with lavish tight shirt on. By the way you look at him, you could tell he's from a rich family. Which is true.

"Ah yes, Ten-ten it's you. I'm glad you're here, so I won't sit here with these loser and talk about some stupid girl," Ino sigh.

"What girl?" everyone turn to look at the person who ask the sudden question. Their eyes widen in shock that it was Neji who was the one spoke about something out of the ordinary. Its very unusual for the rich boy to ask such a common question. They're use to hearing him asking question that suit him or never question at all.

"Wow, Neji I didn't know you were interested," Naruto gave a grin at Neji, in return he got an evil glare.

"I'm not interested in some pathetic girl," he said still glaring at Naruto's rolled eyes.

"If you didn't care than why you ask," Ten-ten asked her solemn boyfriend.

"Nothing, just forget about it," just before he took a step to walk away he heard Naruto said, "Hey you guys, it's her," he pointed at the new girl that was getting so many attention from every guy that she had pass by.

"Where?" Kiba was eager to see her again.

"Over there," Naruto was staring at her from afar, along with some other guys that were looking at her every move.

"Hey, I think she is coming over here," Kiba was staring at her for a moment as he just remains calm to show that he wasn't interested.

As she was walking by she gave a stare at everyone and than gave a last glance at Neji along with a simple smirk at her face before fully gone out of sight.

Neji saw the smirk and was a bit startle, 'What is she thinking,' he wondered.

Ten-ten gave an questionable look at Neji, "Neji, are you alright?" she asked, for a second there she saw him frighten once the new girl walked by.

"I'm fine, come on," he said walking away, ignoring everyone that he bumped to.

"Something is troubling him," Ino told Ten-ten, worry about her friend.

"I know, he's been at it since this morning," she turned, facing at Ino's smooth skin and concern eyes.

"Do you think it has something to do with the new girl?" Ino wonder as she asked Ten-ten curiously.

"I don't know. If it is than I want to know why. Thanks Ino," Ten-ten waved to Ino and to the rest of her friends before leaving to catch her absentminded boyfriend.

"No problem," Ino waved back before Ten-ten disappear in the crowd of the students.

Neji walked silently among himself, pondering deeply in his thought about his new cousin, 'what is your plan? What are you going to do to them? Years have gone by and now your back, but I thought you were going to be gone for a long time. It had been three years since you last been here and now here you are. With a new face, new clothes, new attitude and a new start. You changed yourself, and I know why, we all do. You finally came back. Back for revenge, and I could tell you're starting a game on us. And I'm part of it; part of your own little game that we use do to you. Well bring it, I'm ready for you, Hinata Hyuuge' Neji was walking and talking in his mind, determined while wondering what would his new improve cousin would do to the people that hurt her three years ago.

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