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Author: Field Innocence
I have the Power
Its been three years since Hinata had last seen everyone that she once knew. Now she is back. Oh everyone is in for the ride of their live.
M (Bad language)
Hinata/Itachi, Sasuke/Hinata
Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, and a slight Romance
Bad grammar
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During the two days, Neji was locked up and imprison within his own walls. It was mostly quiet and stressful. He had no technology to communicate or contact to anybody from the outside. Everything was shut, except the lights that he has up the ceiling. Than there is the attempt thought about escaping. He analyzed his room; four perfect hard-strong walls, his room is located on the high floor so it's very hard to get down from his window. It seem impossible. He was trap, like a cage bird, seal from his young malicious cousin's curses power. Neji needs to stop Hinata before she gets to far, especially since the Uchiha is on her side, which would give her more power with his help.

Neji thought hard during his time in his room, thinking of a good plan to prevent Hinata from getting what she wants. Apparently though, she thought head of Neji with her threat of separating him and Tenten. It seem it isn't going to be easy to stop her anytime soon. So he went along to her demends and obey whatever she ask.

Morning approached and Hinata has already commanded Neji to give out the invitation to those she want to come to her big Event.

"Okay, why are we invited to this... um party?" asked the blond hair teen, giving a confuse stare at her friend's boyfriend, receiving an invitation to a surprise event that was going to held at his mansion, which felt a bit odd for her since Neji is not a social person.

"Just come," was all he said before turning to a different direction, staring at active teens talk about their social lives and interest. The wind was blowing normally that day and everyone moved ordinarily with their lives. So far everything went fine, he has invited those that he was assigned to: Naruto, Kiba, Ino, Sakura and even Tenten. Tenten didn't take that much convincing to talk to. In fact she was surprise that there was going to be a special event in his mansion. She took it well, for her boyfriend sake. Now, Neji has to do is wait until his next order from his "lady".

"So are you girls coming," Hinata asked her new friends as she sat next to them at break.

"Sure, what about you Ayane?" asked an mix of red and orange color hair girl, facing her young purple hair color sister, watching her take a sip of her orange juice.

"Whatever, got nothing better to do on the weekend, a surprise would benefit my day after what happened last week," she frowned about her last weekend giving a evil stare while drinking her juice.

"Great. What about you, Hitomi?" Hinata asked malevolently toward her light brown-hair friend which was enjoying her delicious apple of course.

"I'll come, a little fun won't hurt anyone, except for them," she giggles after what she really means of her statement.

"Alright then. Kasumi, Ayane, Hitomi, I'll see all three of you at the party. Until than, catch you guys later," she gave a friendly smile before waving a 'see ya later' hand sign.

POV: Hinata

I loved the old saying, "You could never have to many friends". Yes of course it's true, I sure did. Kasumi brilliant brain, Ayane fearless personality and Hitomi amazing strength. I found the perfect friends to fill in my plan.

I met Hitomi first out of the three during junior school. She was sweet and excellent in her proficiency at sports. I have to be honest to myself, the girl is amazing and thrilling to hang out, but I didn't spend that much with her because she was too busy with her sports activity before, during and after school.

Now, how I met the twin sisters, Kasumi and Ayane? Well I met Kasumi before Ayane because I had Kasumi in my math class. We were always competing against each other that it got funnier after realizing that Kasumi was too damn good and perfect. I really wanted her to hang out with me but I didn't want her to be involve in my low life, so I only talked to her in class and sometimes in the phone for class work.

Meeting Ayane wasn't easy or fun to talk to. The girl wasn't a 'people person', more of a quiet, serious and low temper girl. I compared her to Neji, but unlike him, Ayane is sneaky; her eyes is straight and sharp like a deadly creature. That's why she has less friends but she and I got along after our long conversation about hating things and what we dislike.

All three of them became friends because they met up during the first year of high school. All three of them had one class together which got them close.

During my 'business trip' with my 'father', I phoned one of them and finally told her everything about my life. It was hard for me because I never express my life to anyone except Itachi, and the long confession was brutal and dreadful to speak. That was my last phone call to her until three months before my arrival home. I asked for their skillful service. Kasumi had to do was hack in the high school main computer and stop Salura from getting expelled or suspended from any major problems that she might cause. Ayane had to watch over the group, who made me a fool, and get any information from them. Obviously it was easy for her to get. Hitomi had to message me back about all the information that she had gather from Ayane and how Kasumi did on her job.

It was perfect.

End Of POV

'So far everything is in a straight line. So far,' she walked slowly to a three inches tall cement, shape as a square, creating a strong barrier for a young healthy tree's root. Hinata sat down quietly and looked patient for about one minute until familiar figure approach and sat a few feet away from her. The shades from the tree's leave gave a good cover-up for the figure as he stared down at his shoes in sad silence.

"Did you get it or, are you going to walk away from the solution with heavy guilt on your filthy back forever. Your call," she said softly with no care toward his decision, than again he wasn't feeling anything lately either. So this should be an easy answer.

"Yes, I got it" he answered swiftly "you'll receive everything in the mail by tomorrow at seven" he sigh.

Hinata smirked "Excellent" she hiss malevolently as her eyes took a new form of darkness.

By the end of the day everyone who were invited talk amongst each other, curious about the special event that will take place in Neji's home.

In a long ride in a black limo lies two passenger in the fancy vehicle while the driver take the wheel.

"I see you have invited them" she said quite silently within the slight dark side of the vehicle. Hinata was sitting across from her older cousin who was facing toward the window carelessly.

"Yes I did," he said without staring away from tainted window outside, watching cars passed by while the window were shut preventing outsider to see threw the inside of the vehicle.

"Than why so down?" she smiled at her cousin hoping to get him more annoyed than he already is, it just seem so fun to her.

Neji ignored Hinata question and just shrugged, he had a frown, telling her to back off or that he wasn't in the mood of anything considering the fact that he can't hardly do anything without Hinata knowing first. Everything seemed more boring than before.

Hinata lay further back to her seat, adjusting her position with a smirk on her face, but before she could speak again her cell ring.

Neji eyes stared at the tone from Hinata cell, she gave a frowned look at her cell but that frown turned to a shock face. The number that showed from her little screen was someone unexpected to her. Apparently the person from the other line called a bad time.

Hinata immediately went to the far corner of the her seat, facing to the opposite window from Neji and spoke to a very silence voice within the cell.

Neji on the other hand became curious, he saw Hinata reaction on the cell, something was troubling her from the moment she set her two lavender eye on the caller. As she was talking to the caller, he slowly lean closer to get a better hearing of their conversation but apparently her voice was too quiet that he couldn't get any words in. Second later, he was able to get four words in before she was done.

"I love you too..." than she hang up and Neji quickly went back to his position. When she turned back, gazing at her cousin, Hinata raised an eye brow before facing back at her side of the window. Seconds later her feeling grew a bit happy because of the sudden call. The day was approaching close for that person's special day and want to be there to see that person's happy again. She of all people should be there and she will. Some how.