Wild Magic

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Quigsly was a respectable person, or he would be if anyone actually respected him. He was a skinny, long greasy-haired man. He worked for an enigmatic branch of the Ministry of Magic known as Magic-Muggle Intelligence Department. Partly responsible for learning more about muggles, and at the moment, using what abnormalies they pick up to find the Dark Lord. He himself had to laugh at that though. Since with all the so called intelligence the department held, they knew nothing about the whereabouts of the Dark Lord. Quigsly on the other hand, wasn't quite so in the dark. Him being a follower an all, he knew how to get in contact.

This is why he was sneaking through the dense forest that night. He received an owl package from a fellow Dark Lord supporter who lived over in Japan. The package contained several papers concerning one person, a muggle. A muggle that piqued the interest of several dark wizards who took the task of finding everything they could about the boy. When Quigsly received the info, he paled, and decided he should inform his lord.

A sudden voice caused the greasy-haired louse to almost jump out of his skin, "This had better be good, Quigsly. What could possibly be so important that you must bother I, Lord Voldemort?" The cloaked figure said standing in the shadows. Quigsly bowed nervously and tried to find his voice.

"M...my apologies master, but some of your supporters in Japan have sent some startling information about a m..muggle." He squeaked in fear as Voldemort brought his want out. His eyes almost seemed to glow anger.

"You dare disturb me just for a muggle? You should know better you ignorant fool. I have no time for ignorance. Avada..." When the dark wizard began to cast the most forbidden of the forbidden spells, Quigsly became terrified.

"Wait, master, let me explain! This is just a muggle, but he has the power to kill a phoenix demi god!" The spell stopped, the wand was put away, and the loyal follower could feel his master's sudden interest. Looking up, the skinny man could see Voldemort stroking his chin in thought. Relief swelled that he wouldn't be pushing up daisies right then and there.

"How is this possible? A muggle defeating a god? He must have some magic in him. Not even Dumbledore himself has the power to do that."

"He doesn't use magic. He uses Ki. It's a life force energy that everyone has. It takes years for martial artists to achieve that. Not even some masters who have trained for decades can harness it, and this boy is only 18. He's been pushed to his limits since the day he was born. He can call up his ki and throw powerful ki blasts. He can use a technique called 'Soul of ice' and chill the air around him. By mixing his cold ki with the hot ki of his opponent, he can create a large tornado that sucks in things around it. He can toss an uncountable number of punches in a second. He's defeated the descendant of a dragon, and killed a phoenix demi-god. He's a person who never gives up, no matter what the odds." He said spurting off the info he got from the documents and images that were sent to him.

"The only thing he truly fears is cats, since he was thrown into a pit of them while being covered with fish sausage repeatedly by his own father when he was six." He saw the Dark Lord blanch. He may have been an evil dark wizard, but not even he could be evil enough to toss a young child into a pit of cats repeatedly. Quigsly continued again, "When his fear gets to great, he blacks out and begins acting like a cat. While like that, he has the traits of a cat. Enhanced speed, and he can use 'ki claws' that are powerful enough to slice metal as if it were paper."

Voldemort became thoughtful, "Interesting. This muggle, if left unchecked, could possibly stand in my way when I begin to increase my control a cross the planet." It couldn't be seen, but the cloaked figure that was Voldemort gave an evil smirk, "He could also become a powerful ally. Someone who could help me much faster. I must pay a visit to this boy. Your information was appreciated, Quigsly." The man bowed and was about ready to leave, "But you did call me out here in the dead of night when I was about ready to go to bed. For that, you must be punished."

A bat was roosting on one of the trees getting ready to fly off. Suddenly, there was a blood curdled scream that startled it, almost making it fall. As suddenly as the scream began, it stopped. Leaving the bat to wonder 'What the hell was that?'


Lunchtime was quiet at Furinken High, at least it have been if it wasn't for the angry scream of 'RANMA!!!' echoing a cross the school yard. The object of the aggression was currently dodging mallet blows from his short tempered fiancée.

"Come on Akane. I told you I already ate. There's no reason for you to act all crazy." The pig-tailed youth said as he ducked a mallet swing. Things were going better than usual after the wedding fiasco. The insanity quieted down for about two months, but then it all started back up again when Shampoo figured two months was enough time for her 'Airen' to forgive her. One thing led to another, and everything was back to 'normal'.

This particular event was sparked by Akane offering him a bento of some bubbling purple ooze that sounded like it was screaming in pain. Ranma told the short tempered girl that he already ate, and was full. His fiancée didn't take it well, as usual, and began to shout about him probably waiting for his 'Cute Fiancée' to show up with her okonomiyaki. After a small argument, Akane brought out her mallet.

"Why don't you just come out and say my food is toxic waste like you usually do!? STAND STILL PERVERT!" The mallet finally connected and sent Ranma rocketing towards a tree 500 feet away. Standing up, the pigtailed boy was about to yell at the short-haired girl when he suddenly got a chill. Looking around, Ranma spotted a cloaked figure. It wasn't the figure itself that caused Ranma to feel uneasy. It was evil he was emanating.

"Who the hell are you?" The raven-haired boy demanded as he put himself on guard.

"Ranma Saotome." The figure said. Ranma could tell that the guy possibly came from somewhere in the west. Since he had an accent. "I have heard about your deeds. Your ki blasts, your ability to create a tornado, your impressive skills, and your defeat of a demi god." A sweat drop formed on Ranma's head. Who the hell was this guy? "I have a proposition for you. Join me in my quest for true power. Together we could have everything we want, and no one to stop us. Together, we could destroy anyone who opposes us." He said reaching out a pale hand.

Ranma narrowed his eyes. He would never abuse his abilities and harm the innocent. How dare this guy even think that he would consider it, "No way ya freak. I'm a martial artist, and as a martial artist. It is my duty to protect those who can't protect themselves. You're just some bastard with power who thinks he can take over." The pigtailed boy said getting ready for an assault. He could sense a bit of disappointment from this person.

"Pity. So much talent wasted on a muggle. Oh well, I'll just have to do away with you." He said in a matter-of-fact way. Reaching into his cloak pocket, he pulled out a long stick. A stick that made Ranma's hair stand on end for some reason. He figured it was probably magical, and since he had his fair share of magic. He knew it must be dangerous. He also wondered what 'muggle' meant.

As if on some cue, the younger Saotome took off towards the cloaked figure, "PETRIFICUS TOTALIS!" The figure said as something flew out of his wand and headed straight for the boy. Ranma, seeing it, jumped right over the joint locking curse and landed a double kick against Voldemort's chest. Knocking the dark wizard back and sending his want flying a few feet away from him.

"What's the matter? Nothing without that stick? You should know to not mess with Ranma Sao--GAAH!!" Ranma shouted in pain in pain after being kicked where the sun don't shine, "Th...that was a d...dirty trick you bastard." He said in anger and pain. The dark wizard just shrugged

"I'm an evil dark wizard. I don't have to play clean when it gets tough. ACCIO WAND!" The stick laying several feet away picked itself up and jetted in the Dark Lord's waiting hand. He turned around to deliver his death curse, but couldn't make it as Ranma grabbed his cloak and tossed him over his shoulder and onto the ground.

Landing on his butt, Voldemort began to re-assess this incident. The boy was fast, too fast for him to cast a spell at him. It then came to the dark wizard. The boy was fast, and he mentioned that he always protected the weak. An evil smile krept onto his shadowed face. Yes, that would be the insolent child's downfall. He looked up and saw a gathered crowd that was curious as to what was going on. His eyes focused on a short-haired, tomboyish girl. The one he saw the boy argue with. Perfect.

"You tired out already, ya crazed fool?" Ranma taunted from his position behind the downed wizard. The aquatransexual martial artist tensed as Voldemort stood. The dark wizard gave off a cruel laugh at the question as he to face the boy. The glow in his eyes sending shivers up Ranma's spine.

"I don't think so boy. I, the great Dark Lord, would never bow down to a filthy muggle. The beginning of the end is near for you. Avada..." Voldemort said backing a few steps back, leaving Ranma to tense in preparation for the attack. His face paled when the wizard turned around to the assembled crowd. "KADAVA!!!" He shouted sending the killing curse towards a certain girl.

Ranma didn't know what the curse did, but he couldn't care less at the moment. All he could think about was protecting. Protecting Akane from the blast. As if he was being chased by hellhounds, the pigtailed martial artist wasted no time getting in front of Akane. He could have picked her up and jumped out of the way, but there was people behind and around her who could get hit. As the blast hit him, he heard a scream of 'RANMA!' from Akane, and high pitched laugh. Then, everything became green, and then black.


Akane could only stare in shock as the green energy was coming at her. Her shock turned into horror when Ranma jumped right in front of her to block it. She gave off a loud scream when her fiancé was hit, and almost instantly fell backwards...lifelessly. Akane's horror turned to fury as the figure wearing a cloak started giving off a high pitched laugh. Narrowing her eyes, the short-tempered tomboy rushed towards the man with her mallet raised. Ignoring the shouts from the other students telling her to stop. Nearing the dark wizard, she was suddenly hit with a bit of magic paralyzing her in place.

"You aren't even worth my time muggle. I only came for the boy. Now that he's out of the way. There is no one to stand in the way of me, Voldemort. NYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The evil wizard said vanishing in a loud bang.


"Gah, what happened?" Ranma asked opening his eyes. The first thing he saw was that he was floating above the ground, and witnessing people surrounding his body. "Wha? Does this mean I'm dead?" The pigtailed Saotome asked himself in wonderment.

"Bingo Ranma." A voice stated bubbly behind him. Turning around, the raven-haired youth sweat-dropped at the site of a Blue haired girl wearing a pink kimono and riding an oar. "Oh, I should introduce myself. I'm Botan. Travel guide to those that have died." She said cheerfully as Ranma scratched his head.

"So uhh, you're death? I thought death wore a black robe." The girl gave him a shrug.

"The black robe didn't suit me. I kept tripping over the bottom. Anyway, please grab on to the oar as we travel to the other side. I do wonder though. You are taking this better than most." the pony-tailed girl said as Ranma got on the oar and shrugged.

"With all the enemies, death threats, and Akane's cooking, I kind of figured it would only be just a matter of time. I just tried like hell to delay it. It's also not as bad as I thought it would be. I just wish I could get back at that bastard." The late Saotome said wistfully as the two took off.


"Never knew the afterlife was run by oni." Ranma said in amazement as he and Botan walked through the office like area towards a pair of large double doors. One of the rushing ogres spilt his water onto Ranma causing him to transform. "The hell? Even as a spirit I have the curse? Is this some joke of the kami?" Looking at Botan, the reaper of souls could only shrug and mentioned that the Jusenkyo curse lingers with the spirit until it rests, or is reborn. Hence the 'curse' aspect. She then motion for Ranma to hurry up.

"I'm not sure why, but Koenma told me to bring you to him when you died. He's just past these doors." Botan said as the large doors opened up on their own reveling a large office room. Looking around, Ranma saw a blue ogre standing next to the large oak desk. The chair behind the desk had it's back facing them. The red-head could only wonder what imposing figure this Koenma must be. "I have brought Ranma. Koenma-san." Botan said bowing a bit. The chair swiveled around, and Ranma caught her first glimpse at the mighty Koenma...

...and face faulted at the sight of a little child sucking on a pacifier. "Greetings Ranma. I welcome you to...why are you on the ground?" The son of King Yenma asked in a bit of confusion. Ranma stood back up and looked at Koenma nervously.

"Well, you see. I didn't expect you to be a child. I thought you would look...older, and more intimidating." She said scratching the back of her head. Koenma looked at her with a glint in his eyes and asked if she also thought he was a weak little kid. Ranma threw her hands forward in a warding gesture.

"NO! You don't look it, but I bet you are very strong. It just surprised me, that's all." Koenma could only laugh at the antics of this late teen. The laughing stopped as Ranma's face became beet red.

"Relax Ranma. I have brought you here because of your accomplishments. I figured that you could help in keeping order here in the spirit world. We already have someone to mostly protect the human world, but it would be great to have a person to keep order here. What I'm going to ask you is..." The blue-hated kid couldn't finish what he was going to say as his glass of water on the desk started to vibrate. A light exited out of the glass, and a figure popped out and onto her feet on the floor. Koenma's eyes widened in surprise, "Goddess Skuld! What brings you here to the Spirit World?" Koenma asked bowing low, causing Skuld to giggle.

"I'm here for Ranma." The younger of the three Norse sisters said pointing to the aquatransexual. The red-head of discussion just blinked looking at the apparently 13-year-old girl with raven hair and odd face tattoos. Wondering what a goddess would want with her. One look at the mallet on the back of the raven-haired goddess gave Ranma the incentive to be cautious of his foot-in-mouth syndrome.

"What for?" Ranma asked warily. The girl may have been a goddess, but being a goddess meant she was magical, and magic has never been on Ranma's good side. The young goddess smiled.

"You want to get back at the man who killed you, right?" At Ranma's nod, she continued. "There's a prophesy. The text consists of two parts, but only the first part was revealed to the wizarding mortals. The second part, which concerns you, hasn't been brought to light to them yet." Skuld brought out a scroll from thin air and began to read from it.

"Killed by the Dark Lord out of fear, the Chaotic Nexus known as the Wild Horse shall be reborn. knowledge of the previous two incarnations. The Horse shall befriend the boy who face the Dark Lord and lived. Together, the two shall gain the power to defeat the vile dark being once and for all, or die trying. Only they can save the world from this evil plague." Skuld finished reading the scroll and let it disappear. "So, ready to be reborn?" She asked smiling.

The former Saotome gave a small frown, "I dunno. I would like to get back at that bastard, but I'd be messin' around with magic. Magic has never been on my good side." She said scratching the back of her head. Although, that was no use when Skuld unleashed her technique to cause Ranma to cave in. The dreaded puppy dog look.

"Pwease Ranma. You don't want a lot of people to die do you? Isn't it a martial artist's duty to protect those who can't? Are you going to chicken out, just like your father would do?" Ranma's eyes blazed in fury as she moved to just a few inches from the goddess.

"I am NOTHING like that fat bastard, and within the best of my abilities, I will not allow anymore innocents to be killed. I ACCEPT!!" She said standing straight with her fist raised in front of her. Skuld smiled joyously and held out her hand.

"Come Ranma. I'm to take you to the gates that will send you to your new life. You won't regret it." Ranma grabbed a hold of the goddess of the future's hand, and in a flash of light, both were gone. Leaving Botan and Koenma to just stare at the spot. The reaper of souls looked at the dimunitive boy.

"Well, that was quite interesting." Botan said with a sweat-drop.

"Yes, yes it was Botan. Hopefully it dawns on Skuld about Ranma's curse before they get to the Pedestal of Rebirth. Ranma seemed too excited to mention it until he's well into the gate." The 700-year-old child said with a sigh. The pony-tailed girl looked at him with wide eyes.

"You don't mean..." At Koenma's nod, the reaper said the only thing suitable for situations like this. "Oh my."


"Well, here we are Ranma. The gate of rebirth. I fed the info about your rebirth into the gate, so all you have to do is step right in and onto the pedestal." Skuld said pointing at the mentioned place. Ranma gave a silent nod and warily stepped through the gate and onto the pedestal. Almost instantly, light shown around him, and held him in place. A thought suddenly occurred to him.

"Oh, Skuld. What about my curse?" The raven-haired goddess looked at him in confusion. "My Jusenkyo curse. The curse where I turn into a girl with cold water. Will that be cured once I'm reborn?" Skuld's face suddenly turned a delightful shade of pearl white, causing Ranma to dread.

"J...Jusenkyo? Oh...oh dear. I forgot about that. Usually the gate of rebirth would remove a curse, and it would remove a Jusenkyo curse as well, but not always the birth form the form that enters the chamber becomes the reborn form. I...it looks like you're going to be reborn as a girl." After saying this, Ranma tried to get off of the pedestal, but was held tight.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!" Ranma shouted at the short goddess. She may have gotten used to her curse, but she did not want to forever be trapped as a girl.

"I...I forgot about it. I was in such a hurry to finish the mission that it slipped my mind. I'm so sorry." She said bowing her apology over and over. Just before Ranma vanished, she muttered something that sounded like 'I'm just a freakin' plaything of the gods'.


"Ranma's...dead?" Nodoka asked in disbelief. Earlier she felt a sense of dread. A sense that someone suffered a death or something. She then rushed to the Tendo's, hoping that the feeling was false. When she got there, the only person she found was Nabiki. The Ice Queen looked like she was about ready to break down. When she asked the Tendo Girl what was wrong, the news made her fall onto her knees.

"Everyone's at the Hospital. They took Ranma there to try and revive him, but no luck. From what Akane told us, Ranma was fighting some cloaked wizard or something. Ranma seemed to have the upper hand, but then the guy sent some sort of spell flying at the gathered crowd. The exact part being Akane. Ranma jumped in front of the blast, protecting my sister, but the thing killed him almost instantly. No bruises, scratches, broken bones, blood loss. It was as if he was just stopped." Nabiki said as tears started forming in her eyes. She thought of the Saotome boy as a younger brother. She may have used him as a money source, but she still considered family. She finally broke down and enveloped by a comforting hug from the Saotome matriarch.


"Why'd you have to do it, you idiot." Akane said crying next to Ryoga. After the incident at the school, the ambulance was called and instantly took the body of Ranma Saotome to the hospital in hopes of reviving. It was, however, to no avail. At the news of what happened spread, the ones known by the nickname of the Nerima Wrecking Crew quickly rushed to the hospital, except for the Kuno family. They were too busy in their own little world. Ryoga was lost, so he never heard the news, but when he ended up falling out of the hospital closet, he learned of the death of his sometimes friend, sometimes rival.

"He...he's dead?" Ryoga said in shock. Sure, he's told Ranma to die plenty of times. He's also attacked his rival on many a occasion, but he never TRUELY wanted to kill him.

The amazons arrived, leading to Shampoo breaking down and weeping over the death of her 'Airen'. Mousse seemed to be both overjoyed and depressed at the same time. On one hand, Saotome was finally out of his way. On the other hand, Shampoo was miserable. Leading him to curse Ranma, and to be splashed by water carried by Cologne. The aged matriarch turned towards the door, which on the other side lay Ranma's body on the hospital bed. She then whispered a few words and gave a bow of great respect. Usually males in the amazon village wouldn't be held in high regard, but there lay the one who defeated both the phoenix god and dragon prince. The boy would have made one of the greatest amazons in his female form.

Konatsu comforted Ukyo as she cried on the male kunoichi's shoulder. Soun Tendo, as weird as it seemed, wasn't a human waterworks for once. No, he just sat rigid in his seat. The death of another person close to him giving him a bit of a wake-up call. Next to him was something equally strange. Genma Saotome for once was not blaming his son for being weak. He was actually crying purely for his son.

Perhaps the strangest thing of all was the way Happosai was acting. Once learning of the event, the aged pervert paled a bit. "Curse that wretched Voldemort. Though I guess it was fate." He mumbled to himself. Too bad a certain old ghou...err, old woman heard him. Walking over to Happosai, Cologne whispered to him.

"What do you know of this, Happy?" She asked forcefully. The aged anything goes master tried to deny anything, but one look at the glare he was receiving made him reconsider. After all, amazon matriarchs are a bit persistent when there's something they want..

"Ok, I'll tell you, but none of it is to be told to anyone else in this room. Understand?" At her nod, he continued. "Back when I was but an innocent youth." Cologne stifled a snort, "I came a cross a young seer. One who's prophesies were accurate to a T. That night, while looking for 'souvenirs', I came a cross a lone scroll. It was one of the things I...collected along with my silky darlings. On it was a prophesy, Since it told of things that would happen over 200 years from then, it held no importance to me. It was then that the seer caught me in the process. She tried to catch me, but I was too fast for her. I ended up with the scroll though." Happosai said with a chuckle.

"Ok, so what does this have to do with someone named Voldemort?" The amazon matriarch asked rolling her eyes at Happy's story. The perverted master suddenly looked a little grim.

"In my youth, I studied magic. Don't look at me like that Cologne. How else could I keep my good looks?" He said with a chuckle. "A few years back, a wizard of such darkness rose to power. I kind of joined his group of evil followers." He received another look, "Hey now, they forced me in, since I'm so good at magic. Using one of the three forbidden curses. One that causes the victim such pain. It didn't help that I was still disoriented from escaping that cave. After a while, I was able to get away. That's when I found my way to Nirima, and started living in the Tendo Dojo. I also learned that the one spoken of in the prophesy is Ranma. True, he's dead, but even as we speak, the boy is being reborn into a new life. One of these years, he will most likely return to Nirima. Hooboy, I hope I'm still alive by then. I want to see the look on these youngins' faces when he shows up." Happosai said as he turned on his heals and leaped out of the room.

Cologne just shook her head and chuckled, "Every time I think Ranma can't surprise me, the gods themselves pull something new. I wish you luck in your new life Ranma Saotome. May you become the strong male you are destined to be." The white-haired elder suddenly felt as if someone was laughing at what she said, but she didn't know what was so funny.


Lucius Malfoy yawned as he sat on a flimsy chair in the waiting room. His long blond hair was messy, and he had bags under his eyes. Something that can happen when your wife is going into labor in the middle of the night, and waking you from a lovely sleep. He cursed loudly at being awake so late at night just because his wife couldn't wait until morning to go into labor. He didn't care if the child was a boy or girl. Just so long as he could mold his child into a proper Malfoy. A proper Malfoy...one who is aware of their pure blood heritage. Proud of it, and understand that half breeds and mudbloods are inferior. He was brought out of his musings when the door to the delivery room was opened, and allowed him to come in.

Narcissa smiled at her husband as he came in. In her hands, she was holding her bundles of joy. She motioned for Lucius to come closer to get a better look at their children. The new father glanced at the children, surprised that the outcome was twins. A boy and a girl. The boy looked quite a bit like himself. He had tufts of blond hair, and his eyes were black.

Looking at his daughter, Lucius thought it odd to see red hair. The blue eyes were easy to understand, since his wife had blue. Yet they had specks of red mixed in. The only time he ever saw the hair color of that particular shade of red was the portrait of one of Narcissa's ancestor. "Narcissa, her hair color looks so much like your ancestor. The one in the portrait we put in the babies' room.

His wife gave him a nod, "I noticed that when I first laid my eyes on her hair. I think Lina would be a lovely name for her. Lina Inverse wielded such powerful magic. Maybe our daughter will be great someday." Narcissa said with stars in her eyes. Lucius sweat-dropped and just shook his head. Sometimes his wife could be a bit weird.

"As we agreed upon, our son's name shall be Draco. Right dear?" The blond man asked. He thought the name would be a name that would strike fear into the hearts of half-breed wizards. His wife nodded and smiled at him.

Unbeknownst to anyone in the room, the baby named Lina actually had a mind a 'bit' more developed than most babies. Looking around, she had a look of dismay on her face. (Not only am I a girl, but I'm also a weak baby. I can't even move my muscles properly. My ki reserves are the same, but I have no strength. If all my strength is gone, then what? How am I going to get where I was just a few hours ago. Am I going to have to spend 17 more freakin years of training?) Thought Ranma angrily. Looking towards the window, she could have sword she saw something standing on the tree outside. (Must have been my imagination.).


A couple days later, the Malfoys were able to bring their newly born twins home. Both babies were asleep, something Ranma loved about becoming a baby. Sleep without interruption. No random attacks, no buckets of water, and no sudden sparring sessions. Although she had to convince her mom on no breast feeding.

Narcissa decided to let the children get used to their baby room. Sitting them down gently in the crib, a voice spoke behind her. "They're so cute, Narcissa." The woman turned around and looked at the painting of a girl who looked to be physically around 17. Her red eyes looked to be far older, yet had the sparkle of a child. Her reddish-orange hair flowed to the middle of her back, and her outfit seemed like an outfit of a very olden style.

The new mom smiled at the painting, "Yes Lina, they are beautiful. My daughter has your hair color. A hair color that hasn't been seen since yours, so I thought it fitting that she has the name Lina. It would be interesting if she held the power of sorcery." The blond woman said stroking her sleeping children's hair. The painting of Lina Inverse gave a nod.

"Sorcery is such a long lost art of magic. It's kind of sad that it died out so long ago. I would love to see her manage it. I just hope she doesn't gain the slight snobbish trait of the Malfoys." Lina said giving off a laugh. Narcissa sweat-dropped.

"We aren't THAT bad Lina. Well maybe I'm a little snobbish, but I'm not as bad as my husband. I still love him though." The new mom turned and walked to the door. "I'll let them sleep. Let me know when they wake up Lina." The wife of Lucius said as she closed the door behind her.

"An interesting development this is." A voice at the window said. Lina's eyes widened when she saw a person she hadn't seen in so long. His purple hair was cut in a bob-cut style. His eyes were nearly closed, giving him a mischievous look. His clothes looked old, and his wooden staff was held straight in his hand.

"Xellos!? Still alive I see. What are you doing here?" Lina asked with a frown upon her face. 10,000 years and he appears today. Whatever the reason, the painted former sorceress knew it couldn't be good. The mazouku smiled at her.

"It's good to see you too, Lina. I've come to see baby Lina. She's destined for great things you know." Xellos said glancing into the crib at the sleeping reborn infant. "She does look a little like you, but I've seen her eyes. Blue eyes with specks of red. An interesting combo" The trickster said smiling mischievously.

"What are you talking about? Don't you dare touch her, you hear me? I'll tell her parents." Growled Lina with her eyes narrowed. It would just be like him to take the baby and mold her into a likeness of himself. The girl in the painting imagined someone of her likeness in those clothing and shivered. Not something that sounds pleasing at all.

"Don't worry your painted little head. I'm not going to take her...yet. Her destiny is a big one. Bigger than the so-called Boy Who Lived's destiny. She'll need to be properly trained to stand up to the things she faces. That is a job I decided to take up." Said the mazouku priest as if he were noble. Lina's face gained a large frown on it.

"I know you have some ulterior motive Xellos. You've never did things out of the kindness of your heart, being a mazouku and all." The former sorceress said crossing her arms and glaring at him.

"Why Lina, you wound me. Just because I'm training her to fight great evil doesn't mean I have any evil motives. Well, there is the chaos that insues, and the depression, and the anger." Said Xellos with his usual smile. Lina just rolled her eyes. "I must be going, but I will come for her when she hits two-years-old. Be sure to tell her that when she wakes up. She may be a baby in body, but she's not a baby in mind." He said chuckling and vanished.

The older woman gave off a sigh and looked in the crib, "What are you getting into young one? Fate and Destiny can be a kick in the rear." It was then that she noticed baby Lina's eyes open.


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