Wild Magic

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"Ah crapnuts." Ranma said looking at the marbles scattered on the floor of her bedroom. It has been two years since the former Saotome was reborn. Only to discover that all the abilities she had in her previous life were thrown out the window, even though she knew the skills and could feel her ki. She just couldn't access it. The dual eye colored child was a bit angered at that little revelation, but was also happy at the possibility of re-training herself. Maybe this time without all of the crap that happened to her during the training with her former father. Maybe even somehow find a way to turn back into a boy. The painting of Lina told her that a man named Xellos would be by when she hit two-years-old to take her on a training trip. At least this Xellos couldn't be as bad as her former father...could he?

"I still don't see how tossing marbles into the air could help you in training." The painting of the red-eyed sorceress said giving off a small yawn. Lina learned long ago that the reborn child's training was quite amusing. It was a wonder why her current parents didn't send her to St. Mungo's Hospital to check and see if she was a bit on the insane side.

The first incident happened when Ranma first began to walk around properly. She would climb up on anything that was a few feet from the ground. Then she'd jump off and land flat on the ground. Many times she did this, until Narcissa picked her up by the arm and demanded to know why she was doing that. The child gave her a simple answer, 'Fall training'.

Then there was the whole thing with her trying herself to a tree while bees were attacking her. By the time her parents were done with her, she was covered from head to toe in bandages. Looking quite like a mummy. Lucius ordered an explanation. Ranma looked at him and simply said 'pain resistance training'. The numerous stories both house elves and paintings could tell.

"Hand speed. Since my parents forbade me from trying to grab chestnuts out of an open fire again. I don't see why I can't. It's not like it'll kill me." She said picking the marbles up with her bandaged hands. "At least I'm not tossing myself into a pit of starving cats." She said shivering at that last bit, still retaining her fear of cats.

Lina just shook her head. Still wondering how the child could be sane, well relatively sane, after all the crap that's happened. "You're aware that today is your second birthday, right?" The former short tempered sorceress said changing the subject. The now two-year-old gave a small frown.

"How could I forget. I just hope it's not like last year. There were too many gifts. What child could possibly need so much crap?" Said Ranma.


Over in a quiet, normal neighborhood, a child, who was a bit overweight, gave off a sneeze.


"The fact that someone is finally going to train me makes up for it. You said that this Xellos person is quite good, right?" The reborn child said tilting her head. Wondering how exactly to word 'good', the deceased sorceress reluctantly nodded.

"If you mean good at his abilities, then yes. I once saw him destroy a whole army of flying demons with just a wave of his finger. Now, if you mean good in his personality. Well, he's a 'bit' strange, and mostly only does things that will suit his own needs." Ranma's eye twitched. Wondering what exactly 'a bit strange' ment. He couldn't be as strange as most of the people she'd met, could he?

"What would training me do to suit his needs?"

"Well, he absorbs chaos and negative feelings. Since he's actually a demon and lives off of negative emotions. Positive emotions kind of give him a queazy feeling." Ranma frowned a bit at the info that Xellos was a demon. She had her fair share of demons in her old life, as well as long long ago as Lina. The two-year-old violently shook her head.

"No...just no. I refuse to believe I was ever a short tempered, flat chested, psycho chick in a past life." She mumbled to herself, unaware that Lina's painting was glaring at her. "Hell, I hope there's no backlash to all this past life crap. There's also no way I'll be known as a bandit killer, spooker of dragons, or enemy of all who live..." Ranma said trailing off. Lina just rolled her eyes.

"It was either that or be killed. Besides, it's not my fault those villages were in the way of my magic. Who would have thought that casting a highly powerful and dangerous skill on a large dragon rampaging through a small village would destroy the little place as well?" The question itself earned a sweat drop from the younger redhead.

"Seriously, I think I'll be better off NOT knowin' anymore of YOUR life Lina. Probably safer for humanity that way. I already attract chaos. Don't need it doubled." Ranma ignored the indignant 'Hey!' from the painting and continued with the marbles. She was about to toss them again when the bedroom door opened to reveal a short house-elf. Dressed in folded paper. Ranma hated the thought of them wearing next to nothing, and being enslaved. Some seemed happy to work, while others acted, when not in the presence of their masters, as if it was torture. Yet couldn't do anything against the word.

Remembering the time the former boy accidently gave a cloth to a house elf, she winced. How was she to know that the elf would be freed, and that Lucious would get so pissed off. Didn't need to spank THAT hard. Ranma was brought out of her musings by the elf talking, "Miss Lina is wanted down stairs." the elf said in a small voice. Her face brightened when Ranma smiled. There was just something about the young girl that made the elves feel warm. Possibly the child being the only one in the family to treat them like normal people.

"Thanks Fleshia. I'll be down." The redhead said kindly to the retreating servant. She then looked towards the painting of the sorceress, "Well, time to see if they decided to drown us is dang gifts, or if they got smart and did only a few. Ah heck, who am I kidding? I'm more interested in cake." Ranma mumbled as she walked out the door, wondering what kind of cake it might be.


As Ranma headed downstairs, her hearing picked up the voices of her new parents talking to someone who's voice sounded vaguely familiar, (Why does that voice sound familiar?) The young sorceress-to-be asked herself as she looked around the corner. Sitting across from the Malfoys was a man with near shoulder-length purple hair, clothing that looked right out of fantasy, a long staff with a red jewel on the tip, and his face held a mischievous smile which was enhanced by his closed eyes.

The young red-head was certain this man was Xellos, she didn't know how, but she did. It was then that the Malfoy patriarch glanced in her direction and saw her head peeking in, "Ah, daughter. Come in and meet a man that will make you great." He said in a voice that held both a strange anticipation and coldness. "This... gentleman here appeared and informed me that you hold the magic potential that most in the world now-a-days lack. A potential that could make the Malfoy name even more... widely known." He said with a maniacal gleam in his eyes.

Ranma had to frown. It wasn't that she 'hated' the guy who happened to be her father in this carnation. He didn't steal her food, wasn't an idiot who thought with his stomach, didn't throw her into a pit of starving cats, and other such things that her previous father did that could line a police report almost a mile wide. He was just... cold, power hungry, stuck up, uncaring of non-magical people and 'half-breeds', secretly in cahoots with dark wizards, a secret supporter of the bastard she swore she would get back at...

(Hell, do all fathers have bad traits, or am I just 'lucky'?) The former boy thought in disgust as she walked into the room, getting a slight chill as the mysterious man smiled at her. A kind of smile that promised her that she would be wishing she was under the covers fast asleep after today'. It was then that her new mother cleared her throat.

"Honey, this man is named Xellos. He appeared a few minutes ago and informed us that he was well acquainted with Lina Inverse. I didn't believe it at first, seeing as how that was so long ago, and someone that knew her couldn't still be alive. That was until he told tales of things that only us descendants of Lina have written documents of. He informed us that you have the potential to be equal, if not greater, than Lina herself." Narcissa finished with stars in her eyes.

(You don't know the half of it...) Ranma thought to herself as she looked at the strange man with the purple hair. "So what are-"

"It's good to meet you Lina!" The man said happily as he just sat there, looking as if he was enjoying some private joke. "What your parents said is correct. You have the potential inside of you. This is why your parents agreed with me when I said it would benefit the most if I took and trained you by myself. A... training trip if you would call it. How does that sound?" if it was possible, Xellos's mischievous smile grew larger at the sudden feeling of discomfort he felt coming from the young 'girl'.

The reincarnated sorceress/martial artist suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine. A sense of foreboding now grasped at her at the thought of going on another long training trip. Especially with a demon. She was about to speak when her father interrupted, "It sounds great! Just think of it Lina. A chance to rise up, to get powerful enough to shape it all in the palm of your hands. To finally get one step closer to crush all the insufferable mudbloods and make magic pure again. To take revenge on those who stood up against 'HIM'. You shall do this! For if you don't, you will be severely punished!" Lucious said. His eyes blazing and his finger pointing at Ranma.

The child sighed and rubbed her forehead. The chaos was already starting and she was only TWO. the Chaos didn't start in her last life until she was at least five. (Double the chaos indeed. Maybe I should have acted like a normal child instead of getting the hang of walking and talking again so soon. Ah well, at least it'll allow me to get back to the level I was before I died, figure out this whole magic thing, learn new techniques... wait, new techniques and skills!!!) Ranma thought as her eyes suddenly widened in glee. Turning to the mazouku, she asked excitedly.

"You can teach me new skills, techniques, abilities, and help me get better at mar--"

"That is correct Lina. In fact, I have scrolls of over thousands of years old detailing skills of both magic and fighting. Old and forgotten, lost in time." The trickster said as he watched the reborn get all excited. (This should prove quite fun. Just what kind of adventure shall this become, and just how much chaos will you cause?)

"So when can we leave?! I want to get started already!" Ranma said impatiently jumping up and down like crazy. She may have the mind of teenager, and more when/if remembers her life as Lina, but because of her child-like state she's prone to childish excitement. Her jumping stopped as a small blur wrapped its arms around her.

"Wina, you can't weave, I'll miss 'ou!" The redhead looked at the tiny invader and saw it was her current twin brother, Draco. Looking at her with tears threatening to flow. Ranma had to let a small smile escape. The blonde had a pretty strong grip, and probably would've made a good martial artist... if Lucious hadn't forbid her from doing the 'crazy and weird foolery' that she did with him. Her only hope is that the little boy didn't end up like the so called father. Waste of talent, that's what it was.

"Come on Draco, your crushing me!" The young boy shook his head as tears flowed. Ranma sighed, but suddenly smiled, "Say Drac, if you let go of me, you can open my presents as well. You'd probably not like some of them, but still..." The blonde's eyes opened wide. He saw the wrapped presents, and opening both of them combined would be a lot of opening, and he loved opening things. Letting go, the boy gave a small smile and wiped his eyes. "There we go. You'll see me again, I promise!"

Turning towards the mazouku priest, the martial artist/sorcerous to be raised her fist in the ear, shouted an excited 'Let's go!', and started heading for the door. "Lina wait!" Ranma turned to look at her mother, "You can't just leave in your pajamas. You need clothing to take with you." Grabbing the girl's hand, Narcissa ran upstairs to get her changed. At the protest of the former cursed individual saying she could dress herself.


"She sure does have an... interesting taste in clothing, Ranma." Commented Xellos as he looked at the outfit the young girl next to him was wearing as they walked along. He had to shiver and the disturbingly cute outfit.

"Oh shut up. You'd never guess she'd have a thing for cute, not with the stuck up outer appearance. As soon as I get the chance, I'm burning it." Snarled the girl. The offending outfit consisted of a frilly light green blouse and skirt combo with a unicorn design on both parts, leggings, and black slip on shoes. Her hair was done in twin ponytails. "I'm a guy damnit"

"Not anymore you're not"

"Whatever. I'll find a way to turn back into a guy someday." Ranma stated trudging along. Her traveling partner gave off a little chuckle.

"Why's that? You make such a cute girl. The men will probably be flocking all over you when you're older. Why I bet you'd be able to settle down with a nice maACK!" Xellos ended as the girl he was teasing jumped onto his shoulders and pulled his cheeks. A snarl escaped the redhead's mouth.

"Say anything like that again and I'll bring you a world of pain!" She finished as she hopped down as the purple-haired demon rubbed his cheeks, and missed the little smirk that appeared on his face.

(Oh yeah, this is going to be so fun.) Thought Xellos as he looked back at his young charge, "Say Ranma, have you practiced calling upon your magic yet? I think it would be best to work on that for now, and then work on your martial arts later." He saw the slight shake of her head.

"I think I can feel it though. Feels different than my ki. I've tried to use it, but it just won't come out." Said the redhead with a bit of frustration. Closing her eyes, she attempted to mold and force the strange energy. It started to build up, but dissipated just as quickly. The reborn two-year-old cursed under her breath. She then noticed Xellos stroking his chin in contemplation before that annoying as hell smile returned to his features.

"I see. You're trying to FORCE it out like you do with your ki. Which until properly trained, requires the use of force to mold into an attack. As for manga, try to calmly gather the energy throughout your body." The Mazouku priest finished as he watched the blank stare the young redhead sent his way before her eyes lit up in realization.

Standing straight and relaxed with arms to her side, Ranma closed her eyes and concentrated on gathering the energy through herself. The energy felt warm and comforting as it bathed her. A light breeze was felt whipping around her, and something began to feel a-miss when her feet felt like they weren't anchored anymore. Quickly opening her eyes, Ranma looked down to see that she was floating a few feet from the ground, "I DID IT!!! Wow, I'm flying... no... levitating. Well, close enough. This is so cool!!!" She said in childish glee as she managed to will herself to move around a bit before crash landing onto her butt. Jumping to her feet, the excited youth ran up to her companion, "What other spells can I learn Sensei?" she asked deciding to take the man as a serious teacher.

Wagging a gloved finger, the man receiving the attention smiled, "Now that, for now, is a secret." The phrase sent a mysterious ping of anger through Ranma's brain for some reason, but mentally dismissed it as she turned back to the task at hand. Trying to get this guy to teach her. She then had an idea that was sure to work.

"Please Xellos-sensei. You're supposed to be training me. How can you do that if you don't teach?" The two-year-old asked using something her two-year-old body was quite superb at. The dreaded 'cute puppy dog eyes attack of doom'. Xellos's face turned a lovely shade of green, as if he was going to get sick. Dismissing himself, he walked over into the bushes. All that was heard was a heaving sound before he came back.

"Alright, I'll tell you! Just stop and NEVER do that LOOK to me again! Things like that... do not settle well with me." He finished, not liking the mischievous gleam that suddenly came to the young girl's eyes. Possibly filing it away for future use. Well... just as long as she didn't go off spouting speeches about love and justice. He was about to continue when a shout pierced the air.

"WHERE ON EARTH AM I NOW!?!" Came the cry of anguish a little ways into the forest. Ranma, wide-eyed, took off running. A few seconds later, she came to a stop and saw a person she hadn't seen in two years. He looked much the same, but older, weary, and, if possibly, even more depressed than ever. Walking over, the young sorceress-in-training decided to not know him and switched to Japanese.

"What's wrong mister?" She asked as innocently as she could. Ryoga looked down at her, and was a bit surprised that she was so young, but dismissed it as he's 'seen odder things'. Sighing, he sat down in front of a tree.

"Everything's wrong. It started two years ago after a friend of mine who I considered a rival was killed. Everything that day changed. Lives changed. Everyone he knew showed up for his funeral, even ones who could be considered enemies. They may have been his enemies, but they held a great deal of respect for his skill. Damnit, I should have been there. I could have helped. Oh who am I kidding, I can't even help Akane." He sighed offhandedly. Ranma's eyes widened at the last part and gained a hard edge to them.

"What happened to this Akane?"

"His death hit her the hardest. Well, his mom too, but it hasn't ate at her like Akane. She was right there when he died. He pushed her out of the way, and took the blast to save the people behind. She was in love with him, but didn't admit it. She had a nervous breakdown and hasn't really left her house since. Eats just enough to survive, but her grief is eating her away. I tried to help, but couldn't do a thing." The lost boy finished, tears flowing freely. Ranma let off a low growl.

"Well it doesn't sound like you tried hard enough, P-chan!" She said, unable to control herself.

"How would you... wait, what did you call me?" The cursed boy asked bewildered. He then got a good look at the girl's features. Red hair and blue eyes. Even though the eyes had specks of red, and the blue flashed red for a few seconds. Sitting there for a few seconds, he let a snarl loose and grabbed the pony-tailed girl by the collar. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE RANMA?! You shouldn't even be alive. Is this some kind of trick? Are you enjoying the pain you've caused everyone? I outta..."

"Hit a two-year-old girl who's abilities are a little less than half of what they were before she died and was reborn?" The girl deadpanned. The lost boy halted at that as his thoughts processed what she just said. The clenched hand released the redhead's shirt.


"Yeah, part of some stupid prophesy or something. Apparently I was supposed to die at the hands of that bastard, and then be reborn to help someone defeat him." She gave a wry smile, "Apparently the Jusenkyou curses stay with the sprit upon death until they are laid to rest or are reborn. Just my luck to be in my girl form on the return trip. Dang goddess. I have a few choice words for her on the next time we meet. Nothing physical, just a piece of my mind" Grumbled out the small child.


Somewhere unreachable by most mortals, a young goddess shivered as a chill went up her spine. "I should really make it up to Ranma if we meet again. I know! I'll treat her to ice cream!" Skuld said happily as she continued de-bugging.


"Not too big of a piece I hope. I don't think you have enough. Ryoga chuckled out, Feeling a little bit better. His face soon fell though, Although that still leaves Akane. Can't leave her like that." The raven-haired boy said rubbing his forehead.

"Perhaps I could be of assistance." Both old friends turned around to see Xellos stepping out of the shadows. As much as he hated to end the little depression fest, he felt he should do SOMETHING. Otherwise Ranma would somehow think he could help and do that evil technique again. I believe Ranma should go and talk with Akane. A little catching up and all. Before the two could question anything, he grabbed them by the shirts and vanished.


A slight shimmer appeared on a particular street in Nerima. The shimmer then became three people. One a purple-haired man with a disturbingly happy expression, a short black-haired boy with a bandana and heavy backpack, and finally a two-year-old with twin pony-tails and sickenly cute outfit (I really need to get out of this outfit soon) the red-head thought looking down at her clothing and trying to get the distortion feeling out of her mind.

"Here we are! Tendo Dojo of Nerima. Now you can go talk to Akane. Get some practice with your levitation spell while you're at it too." The joyous Mazouku cheered as he tossed Ranma over the wall. Hearing the cursing of the individual on the other side.

"Damnit, he didn't need to throw me over the wall. I could have just used the gate." Ranma said as she got up and dusted herself off and started to head the way to Akane's bedroom window, "Now I just... need... to..." She came to a stop as she looked at the site in front of her. Hanging up laundry were her former mom and Kasumi. Sadness entered her eyes upon seeing two of the people she missed dearly over the last two years. Not really wanting to face them, the two-year-old backed up, but accidentally stepped on a tree branch.

The two woman looked in her direction after hearing a snap. Seeing a small two-year-old, who seemed petrified for some reason, they decided to see what they could do to help. "Are you ok dear?" Nodoka asked in concern. The young girl girl looked so familiar somehow. The hair and eyes looked so much like her late son's girl form. For a split second, the thought of the child somehow being Ranma's crossed her mind. That thought was squelched as the Saotome matriarch continued to study the young child's and noticed the odd reaction of such things as fear, sadness, recognition, and a small bit of others. As odd as the thought was, Nodoka decided to take a small shot in the dark. "R... Ranma?" She asked. Her words caused Kasumi to stare, eyes wide, at the young girl, then to the older redhead, and finally back to the child. Her hand immediately went to her mouth when the child's expression turned to one of shock, and the eyes looked towards the ground in sadness.

The reborn martial artist/sorceress knew the jig was up. She should have been more careful. "Yeah... I was reborn right after I died. I... came to try and help Akane. I heard she wasn't doing well these past two years. It's only right that I try and help her get over her depression. Came just to see Aka..." She didn't get to finish as Nodoka flung her arms around her and began to weep.

"My baby's come back to me! I'm so sorry for how I treated you Ranma. I was blinded by my own delusions. After you died, I realized just how much I added to your problems." She finished between sobs. True enough, the older woman reflected back upon her actions, and in-actions, that she did around Ranma life soon after his passing. It was a real eye opener. Many times she found herself crying to sleep, wishing she just had a second chance. To not make the same mistakes twice. The embraced child in her arms proved that miracles DO happen. Although one question weighed heavily on her mind. Pulling back, she looked into the blue with red specked eyes, "Although I am curious as to why you are now a girl."

Ranma gave a sad smile. Dangit, she didn't want to stay too long, otherwise she wouldn't want to leave. Her mom would be terribly heartbroken, "Curse lingers on after death until the spirit rests or is reborn. Lucky me to be in girl form at the time I was sent back." She said bitterly. "Um... mom. I really just came to snap the tomboy out of her depression and then head off. I... I wasn't plannin' to meet with anybody else." She finished, her eyes threatening to tear at being so close to her former mother. Brushing past her, she broke off into a small run towards Akane's window, not listening to her mom's pleading 'wait'.

Stopping just under the window, she noticed it was closed. She couldn't jump through without breaking the glass. Her face suddenly broke into a smile. Time to test that levitation spell again. Closing her speckled eyes, the former aquatransexual concentrated and slowly gathered her mana around her body, lifting her into the air. Missing the surprised gasps from the older women on the ground as she floated to the window containing her former fiancée. "M... magic?" Kasumi asked in astonishment. Nodoka's eyes got wide, as her mind started to whirl and click on a thought. She then turned to look at her brown-haired companion.

"Kasumi, make sure he... she doesn't leave. I'll be back as soon as I can." Finished the Saotome matriarch as she took off running as best as her kimono would allow her too, and completely missed the purple-haired mazouku leaning against the outer wall with a slight bored expression.


Tap tap+ Akane's head picked up from the desk she was using to rest. Getting up, the dishealved tomboy scanned the area of her room for the odd tapping noise, until she noticed it was coming from her window. At first, she just stared at the person at her window. Then her mind caught up with the present, and she remembered she was on the second floor. Wide-eyed, the bluish/black-haired girl quickly moved to the window and opened it. Then jumped back in shock as a two-year-old dressed in an outfit that was both cute and ugly at the same time floated and landed in her room. Then proceeded to stare at her as if she was examining a pack of meat.

Akane was about to open her mouth when the pony-tailed girl spoke, "Damn tomboy, you really let yourself go. Messed up hair, bags under your eyes, pale skin, in need of some real nourishment. What happened to the stubborn-as-a-mule, never give up, strong as a gorilla tomboy I used to know?" The redhead said with a frown as her arms were crossed in front of her tiny body with a familiar cocky grin. There was no mistaking who was in front of her at this very moment, even though it WAS the body of a child. Akane's hand slowly reached out until she came to the collar of the disturbing blouse. Then proceeded to grab the collar and shake the child with gusto.

"You stupid jerk! How the hell could you do this to everyone? Especially me? Let me guess... just a sick joke on your part to teach everyone a lesson? Did you pretend to die and somehow sneak one of those damn aging mushrooms with you? Well, ANSWER!!" She finished, staring the now dizzy child in the eyes.

"Oooo... pretty stars... Make them stop spinning." The reincarnated redhead muttered while trying to regain her self balance... only to be tossed onto the bed and stared at by an irate girl who was once her fiancée.

"Well?" Akane said with her arms tightly crossed.

"But I want more ice cream momma... err... damnit tomboy, you didn't have to shake me so hard!" Ranma said shaking her head to get the cobwebs out. "I did die, alright? Although apparently that was all part of some stupid prophesy or something that would then give me a second chance at life. To help someone else defeat that bastard. Would have been nice if I was a boy at the time of being in that damn chamber." The sorceress in training grumbled out.

"Yo... you mean that you are now permanently a girl? Born as one and living as one?" Akane asked with wide eyes. At her former fiancé's nod, the older girl started to giggle, and then full out laughter at the pout that appeared on the younger's face. "Well - ha ha- you won't be able to go on about being a boy anymore, and - ha ha - not go on anymore about girls being weak anymore. Welcome fully to the world of the female Ranma, and I would LOVE to see what kind of girl you grow into. Considering you still have your personality, I'm guessing a pure tomboy. Maybe a bit on the short tempered side because of your old self clashing with your new self?" Yes, Akane was having a ball. After all the times Ranma teased her, she's finally getting back at the boy turned girl double time.

A growl escape the redheads throat as her mind started to go on semi auto-pilot. Placing her hands in front of her chest, a small orange glow started to form, "R... Ranma? What's going on?" A soft voice asked near the door. Coming back to her senses, The girl in question looked down in her hands, and to the door to see Kasumi. Then back to her hands again to stare at the glowing orange ball of warm... something in her hands. Almost like fire. Her eyes then widened.

"COOL! I just learned a new spell!" Ranma shouted as she canceled out the spell and jumped around excitedly. Letting the child in her seep through for a moment before regaining her composure. Deciding to test out Fireball when she gets to a safe location, since an odd memory tells her that the spell would be too damaging in a crowded area. Looking towards the two older women, she could see Akane's shock.

"That was magic, wasn't it?" Kasumi asked in place of the startled Akane, who could just open and close her mouth like a gasping fish. Scratching the back of her head, the dual-eye colored child gave a small nervous laugh, and was interrupted before she could speak.

"If I'm correct, Ranma is a reincarnation of the sorceress Lina Inverse. Isn't that right, dear?" The voice of Nodoka asked as she entered the room, a little out of breath. Carrying an oddly shaped bundle in her arms. To Ranma's relief, it didn't look like a sword shape, although her mind clicked on something else.

"You've heard of Lina Inverse?"

"Of course. She was an ancestor" The Saotome matriarch said to the wide eyed youth.

"Well that's interesting..." Ranma grumbled with her arms crossed.


"So I probably shouldn't of even HAD to die in the first place!" An irate youth screamed after explaining how she came back to life to a family who she just found out were actually distant relatives to her former family. Boy, would the Malfoys have a heart attack to learn they were related to non-magical people. Eh, better not let them know. Things would probably get a little messy.

"They sure do sound like some... stuck up people. I'd rather not get to know them I think." Nodoka said with a small frown. Glad that her former son-turned-daughter didn't pick up any habits from them. Putting that aside, she got back to the task at hand. "Yes, child. Lina and her husband, the great Gourry Gabrieve, had two children before they mysteriously died. The bodies of Gourry and their friends Amelia Wil Tesla Seiruun, Zelgadis Greywords, and Filia Ul Copt were found near an ancient group of springs. While Lina's body was nowhere to be found..."

"Wait! Group of springs? Missing redhead? How long ago was this?"

"Roughly 1500-years-ago. No one really knows the exact date. Why?" Nodoka asked confused.

"Sonuva... That's the same date as the girl spring I fell in those years ago. Meaning I probably had the magic ability inside of me before I died. If so, then why the hell did I have to get killed? Someone needs a serious beating, and I don't know who." Ranma fumed as she cracked her knuckles. Which was an odd site to see. A two-year-old cracking knuckles. "Er... sorry to interrupt the story um, mom." Maybe Nodoka wasn't her birth mom at the moment, but she would still consider the older woman her mother.

"That's alright, dear." Nodoka said with a smile. "Anyway, before the two died, Lina gave her oldest child her old sorcery outfit, battle knife, talismans and diary telling of her adventures and the spells she learned. While the younger sibling received an artifact known as the Sword of Light, as well as some other things." Ranma's eyes widened at hearing about the sword of light. She remembered seeing the sword in a case in one of the rooms of the Malfoy mansion during a nightly ah... training exercise on stealth. Her eyes then focused on the bundle her former mom pushed her way. Opening it, her eyes laid upon the items Nodoka mentioned that were passed down.

"Er, the clothes are a bit too big for me."

"You'll grow into them I'm sure" The older redhead said as she embraced the young child. "I wish you could stay. It would be the perfect chance to do things right. I'm just glad Soun and my foolish husband are out drinking. Otherwise there would have been a lot of arguing, and things not being able to be said."

"Ah, but she can't though. Learning, training, traveling, exploring, and all that good stuff." A cheerful voice said from behind everyone. Turning around, they saw Xellos calmly sipping some tea. The eccentric demon turned to Kasumi, "Quite a nice blend of tea here, Miss Tendo. I'd ask for some more, but I believe it's time for Ranma and me to be going. Places to go, people to see and all." The purple haired priest finished as he got up. The girl he's referring too looked around.

"Hey, where's Ryoga? Did he get lost?" Xellos just shrugged his shoulders with his ever present smile.


(Somewhere in the Antarctic)

"Damn it's cold." Ryouga said as he held his cloak around him tightly. Then turned to the next thought on his mind, "And when the hell did penguin learn to dance? CURSE YOU RANMAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" He bellowed as he took off in a random direction and disappeared. Leaving some penguins utterly confused.

"That alien was just plain weird."

"You got that right, Mumble."


"Remember Akane. No more being depressed. You now know you had nothing to do with it, and if you continue to wallow in depression. I'll have to come back and... bring you back to your senses." Ranma finished with a mock glare and arms crossed. Her former fiancée just rolled her eyes and nodded. Kasumi then stepped up.

"I'm so glad I was able to see you again. You've always been like a younger brother, well, sister now." She giggled at the miffed look on the younger girl and bent down to hug the redhead. "I hope you'll get over that someday and accept what you are."

"I know what I am. I'm a boy in a girls body. I'll find a way to change back someday." Ranma muttered. The former boy was scooped up in another hug. This time by her former mother. Tears threatening to flow out of the older woman's eyes

"Please don't stay away too long. I'd like to see you every once in a while, and not have the same thing happen to you as last time. Also, make sure you visit your other mother. I know she probably misses you as well." She finished letting go of the dual-eye colored child, who then gave an innocent smile.

"Don't worry, I know of a very good way to get this guy to comply." She said, her smile turning into an evil grin. An evil grin Xellos would be most proud of in his own right... if it wasn't for the meaning behind the grin. Which caused him to shiver. Hoping to L-sama herself that he'd never have to deal with THAT look again. He'd rather sit through entire justice speeches of Amelia again that face that LOOK. Placing his hand on Ranma's head, he smiled his usual smile.

"Well it's time we get going. Thanks again for that tea recipe Kasumi." With that, demon and reincarnated martial artist/sorceress vanished, just as the Tendo gate opened to reveal two drunken fools stumbling ahead.

On a nearby roof, two figures watched the events that transpired a few minutes ago. One of them lowered her gnarled staff next to her as she sat down. "So the boy is now a girl. Ah to live that child's life. It would be an interesting thing day in and day out, but I doubt I would ever have the will to live it." Cackled Cologne as she looked next to her to see Happosai rubbing his hands together as if planning something. "Never give the child a break, eh Happy?"

The elderly man mearly smiled, a smile that promised trouble. "Why Cologne, you wounde me. Would I really do that to the kid? Alright, so I would. Someone has to keep her on her toes. Oh, I wonder if she'll actually wear lingerie in this life. Oh my silky darlings... papa will rescue you from your confinement other your cloth prisons!" Donning on his sack, the aged master of the Anything Goes took off to 'liberate' his 'darlings'. Leaving a sighing Cologne to shake her head.


"Why would I need to learn all that?! It's not like I need any of the stuff. I'm smart enough. The day I need normal learning is the day pigs fly." Ranma commented turning away from her older traveling companion. She then felt Xellos tap on her shoulder and tell her to look up. Listening, the two-year-old's mouth went wide as she saw a pink pig in a cape fly by. "You have got to be kidding me. Fine, let's go see this genius friend of yours." Groused the redhead as Xellos teleported them out of the forest and to a house with a shrine nearby.

"Let's go Ranma." The cheerful demon said as he walked up towards the house with the child following him. Once they got to the door, Xellos knocked. A few seconds later the door opened to reveal a young girl of about 10 with blue hair in twin pony-tails and bright pink eyes.

"Yes? Oh, Xellos-san! How can I help you?"

"Good day Sasami. I'm here to meet with Washu" He finished happily while Ranma felt a sense of foreboding crawling up her spine.


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