Wild Magic

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Chapter 6

The month seemed to fly by almost too quickly for Ranma until it was the day of departure. The young redhead managed to convince Washu to accompany her just in case she took some wrong turns.

"Maybe I should work on creating a GPS for you so you'll be able to travel around this city without getting lost." The 20,000-year-old genius said as she and her student ventured towards the train station. Her holographic laptop was floating right in front of her with the mapping of London, earning the pair quite a few stares from normal humans passing by. It was even odder with the small long-eared creature sleeping on the fleece knit beanie of the younger girl. Ranma didn't even notice the stares, as she was engrossed in chat with her teacher.

"Aw come on Washu-sensei. You know you'll miss me while I'm away. What else would you be doing with your time?" The 11-year-old asked with a smirk.

"Probably spend time figuring out more mysteries of the very reality we know it. Alternate realities would be a fun thing to delve more into. There's also the chaos at the Masaki house the enjoy." Truthfully, she'd miss the kid who became like a younger sibling/child to her. The cat eared girl was a challenge to teach. She may be able to pick up things easily, but she was prone to boredom. Ranma gave a small shake to her head.

"I just can't believe how Tenchi is STILL having problems deciding on which girl he likes. It's been what… over nine years or so?" Her mind dwelled over the outcome of what would have happened if he had to put up with everything in Nerima for over nine years. That was liable to drive him into complete insanity.

"They still have all the time in the world, although Tenchi really can be a wimp at times when it comes to girls." The genius then glanced at the beanie hat the younger redhead was wearing, and how her tail was worn. "You do realize that in all the months you're gone, your odd… assets will most likely be made public? Even more so than they apparently are." Ranma looked up to her.

"Of course, I'm not stupid. It's just that I want to delay the inevitable. I'm very well aware that people will show interest in these dang things. I learned that lesson well long years ago."

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Nine years ago)

On the day that Ranma was to meet with her former mother, it was decided they would meet up in an ice cream parlor. This was mostly Ranma's idea, seeing as how the redhead was beginning to get a slight sweet tooth. Washu decided to accompany her student. Never having been to one on Earth, she felt now would be the proper time to make experience. That and she also wanted to quiz the child some more on the way. "Quickly, what is the theory of geology that has been created to describe motions of a planet's crust? You have three seconds."

"Plate Tectonics, Washu-sensei!" The difference between getting wrong or right would mean the difference between how much ice cream the crazy scientist would allow her to eat. She was already limited to one scoop, and the two-year-old REALLY didn't want it limited anymore.

As they entered the small ice cream shop, a person behind the counter greeted them. "Good day young lady, and is this your younger sister?" The elderly man behind the counter asked. The two did seem to look alike. The eye color was different, but both had scarlet hair, and a pair of eyes that seemed to hold intelligence that was beyond them. The younger had what he thought were a pair of fake cat ears and a tail. Yet they seemed so natural on her. He couldn't help but stare, something that seemed to suddenly annoy the younger. Shaking his head of the thought, he decided they must be fake or something.

Washu's eyes twinkled as the idea came to her mind. "Why yes sir, this is my younger sister. She's wanted some ice cream for a while, and we decided today would be a good day. However, the little scamp has been very naughty, and so she can only have one scoop. She doesn't like it, but you have to set rules for the younger ones." The old man gave her a hearty laugh.

"That's true, so very true young one. It does this old heart good to see one so young taking such responsibility in teaching the youngest generation that misbehavior is wrong." Ranma glared at the old man, and then back to her companion. Then a small pout formed when Washu ended up getting an extra scoop to her already large ice cream sundae.

"I so hate you." The two-year-old grumbled as the two redheads made there way to a booth that already had three people. Ranma's eyes lit up at seeing her former mother, along with Kasumi and Akane. As soon as the younger ran up to the table, her former mother's eyes lit up at the ears.

"The ears look nice on you Ranma-chan." A small blush appeared on said child's face, and even intensified when Nodoka picked her up and sat the two-year-old in her lap; much to the protest of the child herself.

"What are you doing?" The whole thing was embarrassing her greatly, even more so when the older woman held her close.

"I've just missed you so much, Ranma-chan. It's been so long since I could just hold you like this." Nodoka softly said. It was a few moments of silence before Nodoka let go. "It's adorable how your ears seem to twitch when you're nervous.

The tiny redhead sat there miffed as her ears and tail continued to be the center of attention.


"That meeting went well, don't you think, Ranma?" Washu asked the younger redhead as they walked away from the ice cream shop. Ranma silently nodded as they walked on.

"You'd think they never saw cat ears and a tail before." The two-year-old stated as they walked on.

"On a normal feline… yes. You are human however. It was fun to watch your former mother and that Kasumi think about how they were so cute and that they seemed to suit you. That Akane girl didn't seem to know what to think As if a myriad of emotions played across her face." Ranma thought for a second and nodded.

"At least she doesn't think I'm a pervert or anything anymore. It was actually nice talking to her without the worry of having to watch for a mallet. Still has her temper, but doesn't seem to be as violent as she was two years ago. I guess it's true what they say. Death changes a person." A small smile played across her face, "Even if the other person has come back from the dead." Her thoughts turned to another subject.

"Hard to believe mo… AUNTIE Nodoka is pregnant." She remembered her former mother said to call her auntie. Since, well, she IS her aunt now. She contemplated letting Narcissa know that she had a cousin out there somewhere who was… what was the word? Oh yeah, Muggle. She'd probably have a fit. Tossing it out of her mind, she went back to the current subject. "The thought of her, drunk, and Genma doing it is… eww…"

"Your first dirty thought, and you're so young." The 20,000-year-old redhead teased. She then had to shiver at the thought herself. She saw an old picture of Genma in an album of Katsuhito's. The thought of someone like him, and a beautiful woman like Nodoka in bed together was enough to make anyone go green.

Glaring at her teacher, Ranma continued. "I just hope she sticks to what she said. That she won't allow Genma to take the child on a training trip, or commit any of the similar follies he committed with me. If Genma tries anything, he'll be in a zoo faster than he could slip into the umi-sen-ken." The two-year-old thought darkly. No child deserved that kind of life under Genma.

"So, ready to see your current mother? I hope you thought up a story as to why you have your cat features." Her student gave her a mischievous smile.


"It's true momma." The two-year-old sniffled as tears streamed from her eyes. "That Xellos guy placed these cat ears and tail on me as a curse. He's an evil and tricky man. I'm just glad these cat things help me a lot, and not hurt me. I also don't fear kitties either. If it wasn't for this nice lady Washu right here, I would have died." Narcissa grabbed the tiny redhead in her arms.

"Oh my poor Lina, how could I be so foolish as to let you go with that vile beast?" The blonde then turned to Washu. Usually she despised even the thought of a muggle, but this one saved and was taking care of her child for the past few weeks and seemed… different.

"I… thank you for taking care of my precious daughter, young lady." Washu's eyes twinkled when she thought of a little fun she could have. Motioning the Malfoy matriarch close, the scientist whispered into her ear.

"I feel I should tell you a few things, Mrs. Malfoy. You see, when I rescued your daughter, she was VERY near death. She was suffering from internal bleeding, broken bones, and complete spiritual, magical, and physical energy depletion." Narcissa's eyes widened in terror at the thought of her child in so much pain, "You see, I'm actually a powerful witch myself." The redhead lied. No need for the blonde woman in front of her to know the full truth.

"You are? But you look so young." The blue-eyed woman stated.

"I'm quite a bit older than I look, Mrs. Malfoy. I brought your daughter back from the brink of death. It took many hours of intense work, but she survived. Since then I have been treating her like a child of my own. I have also been helping her discover her magic." The physically young girl was then swept up in a soft hug.

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Miss Washu." She then looked down at her daughter, "How good does she take care of you, Lina? By the way, I think your cat features are adorable." A giggle escaped her as the child in front of her blushed in embarrassment. It seemed to increase in intensity once she picked the redhead up in her arms and started tickling the pointy objects. Maybe they were strange, but she didn't care. As long as her daughter was alive and well. Lucius would complain about such things. About it all being 'Un-Malfoy', but even HE missed their child.

"She takes care of me very well, momma. She's very smart, kind, and caring. She is also a bit strict if I goof off, but fair. She can be a little crazy at times, but she's better than the evil and cruel man that took me." Ranma said with big and innocent eyes. 'I'm getting too good at this.' Her eyes spotted Washu glare at her a little after the 'crazy' comment. 'Payback's hell, isn't it Washu?' She thought in humor.

Narcissa's smile became warm as she set down her child and looked at the spiky-haired redhead. "My child sure is fond of you. From the sound of it, she doesn't want to leave." A bit of sadness played across her face for a second. "I'd hate to part from her again, but if she's happiest with you, then I don't mind. Just as long as she writes, visits and you keep her out of harm, Miss Washu." The eccentric scientist smiled back.

"Don't worry; I'll make sure she does, and please, call me Little Washu." The introduction was cut when something crashed into Ranma. Washu and Narcissa looked down to see the small redhead being hugged by her blonde brother.

"Lina!" The little boy shouted in excitement as he hugged his sister. His eyes widened when he saw the new cat features that were on his sister. "Wow," was his only response as he proceeded to pull on the ears, and play around with the tail.

"Will you stop that Draco!?" The now cat-girl shouted in annoyance as her brother ignored her. All the while two older people were laughing at the sight.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Present time)

"Well, that's the dangers of having cute cat features that look like they suit you. Ah, we're coming into the station now." Washu said as they entered the station, their eyes glanced around for the platform. "You said it was Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, right?" Both pairs of eyes scanned the station. They saw Platform Nine, and they saw Platform Ten, but no Nine and Three-Quarters. Ranma's eyes did see a familiar face looking around as well though.

"Yo, Hermione!" The bushy haired girl, accompanied by her parents, turned around and smiled at a familiar face.

"It's good to see you again, Lina." Hermione said cheerfully as she walked up to her new friend. Her eyes also spotted the slightly taller girl with spiky red hair standing next to her. The girl had some strange holographic laptop or something. Both the girl and her friend had red hair, and both of them seemed to have an odd aged look in their eyes. They looked similar enough to be related, yet different enough to not be. The whole thought made the bookworm's head spin.

As if guessing what question was coming next, Ranma motioned to the one next to her. "This is the lady who's been my guardian for several years, Washu Hakubi. Washu, this is my friend Hermione Granger." Both greeted each other, and Hermione felt as if the lady, Washu was her name, was eyeing her with calculating eyes.

Shaking the thought from her mind, she looked back at the dual eye colored girl. "I'm trying to figure out where Platform Nine and Three-Quarters is. I can't seem to find it." Her eyes then noticed that something was amiss. "Oh hey, where's your luggage for school? I don't see it anywhere."

'Damn, she's a sharp one. Most people would probably not have a second thought.' The 11-year-old redhead thought with a sigh. "Something called 'Hidden Weapons Technique'." With a flick of the hand, one of her books appeared in her hand, and was willed away with another flick. Hermione's eyes widened.

"Wow, that's got to be handy," Her expression turned back into confusion. "Now we just need to figure out how to get on that platform…"

"The pillar between Platforms Nine and Ten has a glamour field around it disguising the small pocket gateway to a mini sub dimension platform that exists within the same time as the normal platforms and trains, but is otherwise out of sync with regular reality. These wizarding folk sure are something." Washu stated as she scanned the area with her computer. "There is nothing that I, Washu, the Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe can't figure out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Ranma and Hermione sweat dropped as the green eyed redhead gave off a maniacal laugh that caused everyone around the area to stare.

"Um… sorry about that. Washu gets a little… carried away at times." The cat eared girl said as she scratched the back of her head nervously. Laira just shook her head as she went back to sleep. Bringing herself back to reality, Hermione looked towards the pillar between the two platforms.

"I read about a glamour in 'A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot'. It's a spell placed on an object to make it unnoticeable by other people." Washu appeared right next to her with a calculating side glance.

"You seem like quite the knowledgeable young lady, Hermione."

"Er… well… I like to learn everything I can. Knowledge is a good thing to have. It allows you to know…" The brown haired girl didn't get to finish what she was about to say as Washu grabbed her up in a tight hug.

"Ha ha! It's so great to meet a young person who has such a strong interest in knowledge these days! You're a girl after my own heart." The 20,000-year-old scientist announced as she swung Hermione around.

'I have to do something before there's a second Washu or something!' "Washu, we really need to get going to the train. Also, you attracted too much attention, so I don't know if we could do it without people watching!" Ranma hissed. Washu stopped in her little dance and winked.

"No problem." She said, bringing out a small remote with a big red button on it. The cat eared 11-year-old was feeling a little nervous. She expected some crazy explosion as the button was pressed, but nothing happened. Glancing curiously at her teacher for the past nine years, she noticed the well known 'Washu smirk' and followed the pointed finger's direction into the sky.

A face fault occurred when she noticed that one of Washu's black sub space pockets opened up and let out a… mecha crab. The crab danced around a bit and kept shouting 'Hey everybody, let's dance' while waving sparklers in the air. It did the job of distracting people at least. With a face completely red in embarrassment, Ranma turned to Hermione.

"Come on, let's go while everyone's distracted, and PLEASE don't ask any questions. For the sake of both our sanities, don't even ASK." Only managing to nod dumbly, the brown eyed bookworm followed closely behind and through the pillar. She managed a wave to her parents before vanishing through.


"Just when I think things can't get any weirder…" Hermione started as she and Ranma climbed on to the train. The redhead waved it off.

"Forget it, let's just find a compartment." Ranma stated wearily. She just wanted to forget the small event happened. Blinking and following her friend, they opened up the first compartment they came to. There was only one person inside, a plump and round faced boy who looked around nervously. "You don't mind if we sit in here with you, do you?" The boy looked in her direction and shook his head.

"I don't mind, although I am looking for my toad, Trevor. The name's Neville by the way." The boy said in nervousness. His face fell when both girls shook their heads and came in to set down. After a little while, the train started to move. Neville got up and proceeded to leave, saying something about finding his toad.

Laira woke up and stretched before jumping down from the top of Ranma's head. "Momma, I'm going to go catch up with Grandma Washu. You can talk to me on our link if you need me."

"You sure, Laira?" The lavender eyed creature nodded.

"I'm booooorrrreeeedddd. I wanna go play with Grandma Washu or auntie Sasami since she's currently on Earth. I'll catch up with you later. I REALLY want to explore this school place." Laira then vanished from the compartment.

"She… vanished?" Hermione asked in wonderment She also didn't understand the whole 'grandma' and 'aunt' thing. Ranma nodded with a small smile.

"She just went to play around with Washu. She'll be back later, since she really wanted to explore the school. Because of the link we have, she'd be able to find me easily. Hey, you ok Hermione?" The redhead asked her friend, who seemed to be having a slight headache. The brown eyed girl just waved the question.

"I'm ok Lina. In all honesty, trying to understand things around you is making my head hurt. I think I'll go help that boy find his toad. See you later." After she left, Ranma gave a small chuckle.

"Try understanding it all from my point of view." Her head turned to the window, the martial artist/sorceress watched as the scenery rolled by. After a few minutes, she heard a familiar voice nearing the compartment door. Getting up, she glanced outside and saw her brother. Following him were two boys she recognized as Crabbe and Goyle. They became friends of his sometime between her frequent visits to the Malfoy estate to visit her mother. As much as she hated to admit it, the two were completely stupid and followed Draco like lost puppies. They combined their strength with his mind, a dangerous combination.

"Draco." Ranma said simply. The blonde boy and his goons turned around. Draco's calm expression broke out in a smile. Walking over, the pale eyed boy gave his sister a hug.

"Hi sis, how are you doing? I see you made it onto the train in time."

"Was there ever a doubt?" The redhead asked with a smirk. Her brother just shook his head in amusement.

"Still as cocky as ever I see. I can't imagine anyone more so than you, dear sister."

"Looked in a mirror lately?"

"You wound me, Lina." The blonde boy said in mock hurt, but then waved it off as he looked at his sister mischievously. "How are your ears and tail doing?" At the redhead's glare, he raised his arms in a warding gesture. "Don't look at me like that. Crabbe, Goyle, and I aren't immature anymore. We won't be pulling your ears or tail anymore. Not if we want to keep our health." He finished, remembering the day that his sister finally got fed up with.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Three years ago)

An eight year old Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle were sniggering as they looked around the corner to see Lina. She was reading some odd book entitled 'Advanced Calculus: Jurai University Edition'. His sister was always reading weird books that nobody around understood. Even she seemed to be completely bored and on the verge of falling asleep from it.

They, of course, had to figure out a way to get past the girl's senses. It wasn't easy to do, but they always managed to find some little way to get through. They were in luck though, she just fell asleep. The girl could sleep through almost anything.

Quickly, the three boys took off running at the redhead. Their smirks turned to shock when her eyes popped open, looked in their direction with an evil smirk, raised her fist into the air, and brought down to the floor. The very punch crashed THROUGH the stone flooring.

The three boys backed up quickly. "That's just a warning to you three. A sample of what could happen if you try and pull my tail or anything again." Her nose twitched a little. "I think you three need some clean undies now." Blushing, the boys ran away as fast as their legs could allow them to. Ranma pulled her fist from the ground… to reveal no trace of a hole. She used her phasing to do that. Turning around, she started muttering to herself. "I would have broken my fist if I tried to punch through that. I still need to build up my strength… damn kid's body."

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Present)

"So what are you doing heading down the train, Draco?" Ranma asked curiously

"We caught word that Harry Potter was on the train in the back, and we're going to go meet him. Want to come along, Lina?" Their response was a shake of the head.

"I already saw him when I was at Diagon Alley shopping for my supplies. Besides…" The cat eared girl trailed off, looking at a wheel tray coming their way. "Snacking comes first before anything else." Draco watched her wait for the snack witch to come to her. Shaking his head at his sister's love for food, the blonde led his friends down the train.


Ranma was enjoying the snacks she got from the cart, mostly Cauldron Cakes, Pumpkin Pastries, and Chocolate Frogs. She didn't dare get any of those Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. Not after what the Old Fart said all those years ago about you never knowing what you'd get, and that there's a possibility for such things as vomit. Opening a couple of the Chocolate Frogs, she noticed they came with cards. "Agrippa and Ptolemy… kind of some odd names. She watched as they moved in and out of their own cards. "I still haven't gotten used to that."

The door to her compartment opened up, and in walked Hermione and the nervous kid who introduced himself as Neville earlier. The bushy haired girl's eyes focused on the empty wrappers pile that was next to her friend on the seat. "Looks like you were a little hungry, Lina." Shrugging, Ranma offered a Pumpkin Pastry to both of them. Neville took the pastry, while Hermione waved it off. "You better put your robes on. I just found out a minute ago that we're almost to our stop."

"Thanks for the heads up." Bringing out her robes, the 11-year-old redhead slipped them over her head. She smiled at the fact that the robes hid her cat tail from view, although her ears were bound to be figured out. It was only a matter of time before she would probably be forced to remove it. Her eyes then traveled to the plump boy who seemed to be overly nervous. "You ok? You seem about ready to pass out."

"I'm fine, just a little nervous is all. Did I introduce myself yet? I'm Neville Longbottom." He reached out to shake Ranma's hand.

"You did, but not a fully. I'm Lina Malfoy." She said in response, shaking his hand.

The three sat back in silence for several minutes until the train started coming to a stop. The weather outside, Ranma noticed, was getting dark and dreary looking. The train finally came to a stop, and everyone was piling out of the compartments. Finding herself separated from her compartment buddies due to the crowds of students, she decided to just follow everyone outside. Once stepping outside, the redhead heard a loud voice calling out.

"Firs' years over here! Firs' years!" Looking towards the voice, Ranma saw the familiar face of Hagrid. She only met the guy once, but someone like him left an impression in your mind. Maybe it was because he was so big. Dodging between people, she jumped above the rest of the thick crowd and landed near the large man.

"Hey, Hagrid." She greeted to the large man. Looking down at her, the hairy man nodded with a smile.

"Glad yah could make it, Lina." The calling for first year students went on for a few more minutes. "Alright, everyone follow me!" Listening to the mountain of a man, everyone fell in step as he walked them down a dark and narrow path. Ranma noticed that that several of the other kids seemed to almost stumble. The redhead could see the thickened trees on either side, thick enough to cancel out lighting for anyone inside of them.

The path down the hill went on a little longer until Ranma caught sight of a large and dark lake. A lake that was black enough that it seamed that no light could escape. Next to the lake on the side of a mountain was a large and old looking castle with windows glistening from the night sky.

Near the edge of the lake, several small boats were positioned. 'Sure is nice of them to have first year students ride on some rickety boats a cross a black lake instead of taking whatever transportation the others take.' Ranma thought with a frown. She thought about just flying over, but she didn't want to freak people out… yet. It was inevitable that something around her would go weird, but why speed it up?

"Four ta a boat, no more than four ta a boat!" Hagrid announced loudly. The 11-year-old redhead ended up in a boat with a couple people who introduced themselves as Hannah Abbot and Justin Finch-Fletchley, while Hermione and Neville got in a boat with that Harry kid, and some boy with red hair. Her own boat mates were in discussion about something they both saw when they were headed to the train.

"I swear, it was a giant mechanical crab or something that was dancing in the air." Justin said with wide eyes. Hannah could only nod in agreement.

"Then all of a sudden it gave off a crazy laugh and disappeared through that black hole thingy in the sky." Hannah supplied in wonderment. As the two talked about how weird is was, Ranma, in embarrassment, said nothing and silently cursed Washu. Looking into the murky waters, she could have sworn that she saw a large tentacle breaking the surface.

"The dang lake has monsters in it." She said to herself, wondering just what the hell kind of school it was. Looking up to the cliff path to the school, her eyes could make out what seemed like the top of carriages. Looking forward, she bent her head as the boats made their way under a curtain of ivy and through a dimly lit tunnel.

The boats finally came to a stop, and as everyone stepped out of the boats, Ranma saw that Neville was reunited with his toad. She slightly wondered how a toad that was lost on a train could suddenly pop up at the end of a boat trip in the same boat as the person who was trying to find it and not realize. Emptying the thought from her mind, the redhead followed everyone up the path and stone steps until they came to a large door.

"Everyone here?" The large man asked. He then turned towards the door and pounded on it with his large fist. Not long after, said door opened to reveal a woman who seemed to be of middle age or slightly older with black hair in tight bun, emerald green robes and small round glasses resting in front of stern looking eyes. She also, to Ranma, seemed to have an air of a cat around her. Something that confused the cat eared girl. "Here are the Firs' years, Prof. McGonagall." Hagrid said to the woman who now had a name.

"Thank you Hagrid." Her voice had a strict tone to it. Motioning for the children to follow, McGonagall lead them through the castle, which was loud with voices from somewhere. They were lead to a small chamber that was slightly cramping. There, the older woman started a speech about the school, houses, sorting, and a bunch of other stuff that Ranma only paid bits and pieces to.

After the woman left, everyone started to chatter nervously. Unsure of what the sorting would entail. "My brother Fred said it was some sort of test that hurt a lot. Hopefully he was joking." Ranma looked towards the voice and saw the redheaded boy who was with that Harry kid, Hermione, and Neville. She decided to walk up to them.

"I doubt it would be something painful or difficult. We ARE first years after all." The boy gave a slow nod in understanding to her. "Although it would be fun if did involve some physical challenge." She said offhandedly. That received her a look that said 'What are you, nuts?' from the boy. He then gave a nod a second later.

"I guess you're right. I'm going to kill Fred, said we'd have to wrestle a troll or something." Ranma gave the boy an incredulous look.

"You think HE would've been able to wrestle a troll when he was in his first year?" The redheaded boy blushed in embarrassment before regaining his composure.

"Yeah, I guess your right. I'm Ron Weasley by the way." He reached his hand out to shake Ranma's.

"Lina Malfoy." She said shaking his. Her eyes caught the strange look on the boy's face. "What?" Did she have something on her face?

"You're not related to a boy named Draco Malfoy, are you? The guy's a total git. Came into my compartment and started harassing us." He stated pointing between him and the glasses boy next to him. His eyes then looked towards the blonde boy in question who was busy conversing with his large friends.

"Er… yeah. He's my twin brother." The cat eared girl stated while scratching the back of her head. Her eyes then caught sight of a card poking out of the boy's robes pocket. "Hey, what's that?" Ron looked down at the card and just waved.

"It's just a card from a Chocolate Frog I had on the train that I don't need. I've been searching for Agrippa and Ptolemy. 500 cards and not one of them." His eyes widened when the redheaded girl in front of him pulled out the very cards he needed. "Wha…"

"You can have them. I don't really care about collecting them, so there's no need for me to have them." She handed the cards to the boy, who seemed to almost want to jump up and down in excitement.

Her ears then picked up the sounds of voices, and then saw as a group of ghosts flying into their chamber from the wall. Deep in discussion about someone named 'Peeves'. Everyone seemed too startled to speak as the ghosts began talking to the group. 'Sheesh, talk about wimpy.' She was about to speak up when McGonagall came in.

"Alright children, follow me. The sorting shall begin now, please follow me." They were lead out of the chamber and through a pair of double doors. Ranma's eyes blinked as she laid eyes upon the large and spacious room that contained hundreds of flying candles, four long tables, and a table ahead at the end of the room. The dual eye colored girl caught sight of the Old Fart, Dumbledore, sitting in the middle of the table.

He didn't seem to have changed that much since she met him nine years ago. His hair and beard were grayer than before, but not much seemed different. Her eyes drifted skyward to see what looked like the night time sky itself. "Looks just like the sky." Hermione looked towards her.

"It's bewitched to look like the sky outside. It was in 'Hogwarts: A History'. You should have gotten the book when we were getting our school books." Ranma rolled her eyes. Her friend tried to get her to buy the same book she did, but the redhead declined. She didn't need ANOTHER book on her 'to read' list set up by Washu. Her time was already stretched between lectures, training in martial arts and sorcery, reading both books Washu wanted her to read, and some of the books for school that Washu felt she should read at least a bit about.

She was thrown out of her thoughts when a dusty, old, and ragged hat was placed on a small stool in front of them. 'What, I supposed that dusty thing is going to talk?' Ranma asked to herself. Although the more the thought ran around, the more the redhead felt that considering the way life around her was, it would very well do so.

Sure enough, the battered eyesore of a hat started talking. Actually, it spouted off in singing a poem or something, reminding Ranma of a certain kendoist from the past. Hoping to the stars that the hat wasn't delusional, she listened to the poem about how it would be the one to decide the houses they are placed in.

Names began to be called off in alphabetical order. Hanna Abbot became a Hufflepuff, Finch-Fletchley as well. Crabbe and Goyle to Slytherin, Hermione to Gryffindor. Draco went to Slytherin. Finally, it was her turn. As she walked to the stool, McGonagall stopped her for a second.

"You need to take your hat off, Miss Malfoy." Frowning, the 11-year-old redhead reached up and slipped off her beanie. Gasps around the Great Hall were heard as her cat ears were revealed, twitching in slight annoyance. The witch in emerald green robes looked right at her in astonishment. "So the story is true…"

Ranma's eyes narrowed as she willed them away. "Are you going to stare at me all day, or are we going to get this on with, Old Lady." The commotion in the Great Hall stopped as all eyes centered upon the young redhead with cat ears that vanished who just called Professor McGonagall 'Old Lady'. Over at the staff table, Dumbledore was trying to stifle a small laugh that was threatening to escape.

"E… excuse me? Did you just call me 'Old Lady'?" The bespectacled teacher asked in shock.

"Well it's better than 'Old Ghoul'." Ranma mumbled to herself before talking back to the woman and feigning an apology. "I'm sorry for that, but don't you think it's a bit… I don't know, rude to be staring at someone like a gasping fish?" Her arms crossed in front of her chest with a glare.

"Oh… umm…" Minerva McGonagall was at a loss for words for the first time in a long while. "I apologize for my rudeness, Miss Malfoy. Please sit on the stool, and I'll place the Sorting Hat upon your head."

Doing as she was told, Ranma then saw the inside of the dirty and beaten hat. A small voice then drifted around her. "Quite the amusing little show there." It said with a small chuckle. "Let's get on with the sorting though. Hmm… my, you are a VERY difficult. You have the wit, courage, hard working, bravery, and ambition… the desire to prove yourself to everyone. Many would say… egotistical, yet you don't allow yourself to be corrupted by it. Quite the strong will you have, young one. Although I sense a great chaotic streak from you, the kind that inadvertently causes mischief around you."

"Put me anywhere. I don't really care, just as long as I can do whatever it is I need to do." The redhead stated. The hat gave another chuckle.

"Very well then… from sensing the great desire and ambition you have to grow in your abilities, I have made my decision." It said as it trailed off.

"And that is?"

"Such impatience for one so young… my decision has been made. You shall be placed in SLYTHERIN!!" The hat ended with a shout that echoed around the Great Hall. The patchy hat was then taken off Ranma's head, and she was allowed to get off the stool. She headed towards the Slytherin table and sat down next to her brother. Draco gave a gleeful laugh.

"Ha ha, I'm glad you could join us, Lina. For a second there, and from your attitude, I was almost worried you'd end up in Gryffindor." He gave his sister a happy pat on the back. His eyes then watched as her ears suddenly popped out of her head again, and caused her to sigh.

"Jeez, keeping those hidden is like sucking in your stomach. Also, what's wrong with Gryffindor, Draco?" She asked. Not really understanding why all these people keep saying one house is worse than another.

"Gryffindor and Slytherin are rivals, sis. Those Gryffies engage in pointless heroics, and are all about trying to be goody goody. All those filthy muggle-born kids make it even more disgusting." Ranma raised an eyebrow at the mini rant. Sheesh, talk about bigotry. Their father was really starting to get to him. She then watched as Harry Potter went to the Gryffindor side.

"Well she's here, so that's good. You won't have to worry about your sister." A voice to the other side of Ranma spoke. The redhead looked to see a girl who just got done with the sorting a few minutes ago. She had short black hair in a pageboy style. She was kind of pretty, but acted as if there was something under her nose. She then smiled at the dual eye colored girl and reached her hand out.

"Pansy Parkinson" She simply stated. Ranma decided it best to shake the hand back. The introduced girl's eyes looked at the ears on top of her head. "How DID you get those things anyway?"

"Name's Lina Malfoy. The cat features are because of an event that happened to me when I was two. Some evil, dark, and magical being kidnapped me from home and did it. He took me to Japan where a woman rescued me. I've been living there ever since, visiting my family off and on." Pansy's eyes widened.

"I've always wanted to visit Japan. I've heard so many stories about it being an interesting place that's almost 'out of this world'." She received a half-lidded look.

"You have no idea." It was at that time that the sorting appeared to be over, and Dumbledore rose to his feet and began a speech.

"Welcome to a new year of Hogwarts! Before we begin, there's a few words I would like to say: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!" He looked around the room and spotted a questioning look on Ranma's face. He gave her a slight wink and sat down.

"The Old Fart's still off his rocker after nine years." The redhead said with a roll of her eyes. She received a small look from a few people sitting around her.

"You've met him before?" Pansy asked curiously.

"Yeah I have. It was right after I was rescued. The Old Fart was apparently on vacation to Japan at the time. I thought he was weird then, and I still think he's weird now. Seems to know what he's doing though, and has an air of power about him." It was then she noticed that food suddenly appeared on the table… loads and loads of it. "Hold that thought… I'm hungry."

Now, Ayeka tried all those years ago to get Ranma to start eating like a civilized human. It took a while, but she managed to get the redhead to do it… when in the presence of the Juraian royal princess, royal family, and events where she absolutely needed to be polite. All other times she'd slip into the eating style she was most familiar with.

"Watch it; you could lose your fingers if you're not careful!" Draco announced to the people closest to the redhead, who started digging into the food with gusto. The blonde boy was VERY well aware of his sister's eating habits. He didn't know where it all went, as if a black hole was her very stomach.

"Good lord, it's like one of those muggle vacuum thingies!" One Slytherin girl announced as the redhead emptied plate after plate after plate. "She's your sister?!" another Slytherin asked towards Draco, who could only nod.

"I have never seen such an appetite." A low and almost dead voice said appearing between Ranma and Draco. Stopping a little in her consuming, Ranma looked and saw a ghost with blank eyes, gaunt face, and robes stained with silver blood. Everyone around the table seemed a bit frightened of him. "It's quite disgusting."

"Yeah? So what? Who are you, sunshine?" The sinister looking ghost frowned at the 'sunshine' comment and glared at the young girl, who ignored it.

"I am the Bloody Baron, the terror of Hogwarts, the ghost that strikes fear into everyone's hearts, the only thing in this castle that can keep the Poltergeist, Peeves, in line. Just the sight of me unnerves the entire populace. I am also the house ghost for Slytherin."

"Yeah, yeah, jeez, for a moment there I thought you were going to say 'The terror that flaps in the night'." Everyone looked at her in confusion. 'I wonder if this guy is some sort of ancestor to Kuno. He makes long winded speeches about himself as well, although he's a wee bit dreary.' She looked back to the Baron. "You sure are moody. I know a couple of people who could lighten your spirits. By the way, why ARE you called 'The Bloody Baron'?" The question earned a sinister laugh from the specter.

"That, my dear girl, is a question that nobody has ever asked, because they fear me." Ranma rolled her eyes. "In my youth, I used to bathe in the blood of my enemies. Their blood marked my walls, and their bodies hung by their own intestines." The description caused everyone to go green. "Sadly… I died alone"

"Yeeeaaaahhhh…. I can't see why that was." The young redhead let out sarcastically. How the hell was a goof like this allowed in Hogwarts? Her eyes drifted to the Gryffindor ghost who seemed to have a head that was unsuccessfully chopped off, and who seemed to not enjoy it. The Hufflepuff ghost was the fat guy that was talking about giving this person named 'Peeves' another chance. The Ravenclaw ghost appeared to be beautiful lady. Why did their ghost have to be some delusional and brooding ghost with serious issues?

Her eyes ventured over to the staff table and spotted the oddly nervous man from The Leaky Cauldron. He was now wearing a tight purple turban, and was talking to some pale and hook nosed man with greasy black hair who looked as if he had a pine cone shoved up his butt. Shrugging, she turned to the meal and began again.

After the food vanished, Dumbledore got to his feet, silencing the Great Hall. "Now that we've all been fed and watered." Ranma was sitting back and patting her stomach. "It's time for the start of term announcements. First years should note that the forest on the grounds is forbidden to everyone. Some older students should be reminded of that as well."

"Our caretaker, Mr. Filch" He motioned towards someone standing by the doors. A person, Ranma thought, who ALSO had a pinecone stuck up his anus. "Has asked me to inform you all that no magic should be performed in between classes in the corridors."

"Quiddich trials will be held in the second week of the term. If any of you have interest in playing for your house teams, please contact Madam Hooch." Ranma vaguely recalled what that sport was. She never tried to learn what it was about though. "And finally, this year, the third-floor corridor on the right side of the school is out of bounds to anyone who doesn't wish to die a painful death." The 11-year-old redhead raised an eye at this. What kind of school would have something dangerous enough to kill a student?

"And now, before we go to bed, let us sing the school song" Ranma's eyes began to glaze over, and her ears twitched, at how out of tune and pitchy the song got. It was soon over, and Dumbledore began to talk again. "And now, I bid you all a fond good night's sleep."

Getting up from her seat, the cat eared redhead followed the Slytherins out the Great Hall. They then proceeded down several sets of stone steps. The air around them seemed to get cooler as they went, and small drafts picked up, brushing against the top of her ears. 'Anyone around here ever heard of blasted heating?' Ranma thought to herself as they reached the bottom of the steps and ventured down a long stone passageway. The martial artist/sorceress saw the stone wall at the end of the passage. 'Wha? Did we take the wrong way? Don't tell me that wall's going to open up.'

"Red Giblets" The older Slytherin they were all following randomly announced. The stone wall opened up, annoying Ranma on the fact that she seemed to be able to guess this stuff by heart.

They walked through the stone passage and into a long room with a low hanging ceiling. On the ceiling were several greenish lamps, and the comfy looking chairs, too, consisted of green. The floor held several dark silver plush carpets, and there was a fireplace on the far wall. On the walls was something a bit strange. The same older Slytherine who led them inside turned to them.

"It is said that the Slytherin common room are located under the lake, and is able to exist thanks to magical enchantments. Now, the boys' dormitory is down those stone steps to the right, and the girls are down the steps to the left. Both dormitories have their own bathing chambers. Please familiarize yourself with the common room. It will be your new home during school." The boy then left, heading down the steps to the boys' dormitory.

This left Ranma to look around a bit and idly wonder if the house WAS located under the Hogwarts lake. Looking above her, she figured she could stick her head through and look once she was alone. A voice came to her ear. "If you have cat ears, does that mean you have a cat tail as well?" Her robe was suddenly lifted up in back to expose her long red tail. The redhead spun around quickly to see a tall boy with bad teeth accompanied by a few others. "Well what do you know? You do! Ha ha ha."

Ranma reached out quickly and grabbed him by his collar. "I recommend that you don't do that again." She said, her eyes momentarily flashing red. The boy with bad teeth nodded nervously before he was let go.

"Sorry about that, we were just curious as to whether you did have a cat tail or not. It's weird, but it's also cool to see." The others around him gave a nod in agreement. He then held out his hand. "Marcus Flint by the way."

Ranma nodded and shook his hand, followed by several of the others. Draco walked up to the group. "Better not make her angry. She can punch through stone." The assembled group looked towards the redhead… who suddenly felt it was a good time to whistle and examine her shoes.

When everyone left the common room for the dormitories, Ranma looked towards the low ceiling and floated up. Sticking her head though, she noticed that the room WAS under the lake. 'Well imagine that.' Her eyes looked to the front of her to see a small little creature with green skin and teeth. Its arms and fingers were terribly long. Its beady eyes stared at her in shock before narrowing and growling. The redhead then noticed a bunch more of the creatures appearing in the area. 'Eep!' She thought as she ducked her head back into the common room from the rampaging creatures. "This school is freaking nuts! What kind of school would keep all sorts of dangerous creatures within this lake? It's a miracle that nobody has died yet… unless there HAVE been deaths." She threw the thought out of her mind and yawned. "I might as well head to bed. I'll figure this place out tomorrow, and find out a suitable place to practice."

She frowned as she headed down to the girls' dormitory and stopped in front of the door. 'Damn Jusenkyo and having your body coursing with chaotic magic up the wazoo.' Opening up the door, she noticed that the beds were four posters, draped with deep emerald green curtains. She noticed that the only one vacant was the middle bed.

Walking to the bed, the redhead started changing her clothes to her pajamas, which consisted of a deep blue shirt and pair of pants with a fish motif. Climbing into bed and pulling the blanket over her, Ranma's mind drifted to thoughts of finding a suitable place to be able to train, and possibly exploring the castle, as well as that forbidden corridor. If anything that dangerous was living there, then it was a sure bet that whatever it was would probably end up coming for her.

Although… she could get lucky and whatever it was would STAY there. Her eyes closed, and she instantly drifted off to sleep.


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