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The Arrival

"Mama I'm fine with going, seriously, now worries ok?" I said to my slightly overbearing mother.

"Are you sure hon? Forks is A LOT different then down here in phoenix. Really you don't have to go I mean I'll be here sometimes and…" she was pleaded before I cut her off.

"Ma, I promise I'll be fine, I'll email, hell whenever you want I'll come visit you ok? You, know if I don't drown from all the rain" now she looked horrified "Ma, just kidding, I love you!" I exclaimed pulling her into a hug.

"I love you too Bella, now go on your going to miss your flight." She said as I embraced Phil.

"Make sure you take care of her I don't want to have to come back and kick your ass" I said smiling at Phil.

"Don't worry, I'll keep everything in check." He said handing my back pack and white down NorthFace.

"I LOVE YOU BOTH! TE AMO!" I said as I blew them kisses and then boarded my flight.

I went to find my seat; once I did and got situated I decided to write in my favorite pink and purple cheetah print journal that Davida's little sister Gabby got me for my going away so I can vent when I need to.

Hey diary!

Ugh, this is going to be so hard. I'm only doing this for Renee. My mom deserves to be happy and not worry about me, I'm almost and adult in like a year ...or so. Hopefully Forks isn't too bad. I'm going to miss Phoenix and of course all of my friends especially Raquel, Davida, and Karli, not to mention Jace and Hayden my two best guys. And my, what's going to happen to the swim team and track team, Coaches Sanchez and Van Dyke were so sad to see me leave. Oh well, I can't dwell too much. At least I had fun on my last night, the club Energy was poppin last night Hmm, but I'm really going to miss Renee she was my best friend and of course everyone thought we were sisters. We have the same dark chocolate brown hair, warm chocolate brown eyes, even though mine have flecks of green, and pretty much the same facial structure. Only differences are I'm 5'8 ½, she's 5'6 and I have a natural tan, she can't she's as pale as an albino. Ha our joke. Well I guess I should get some sleep I'm going to need it.

Love always Bella Reina!

p.s I miss my Lancer Evolution, my EVO!!!! But thank god we already sipped it should be there by tonight!

And with that I was sleep.

We're now landing in Seattle…

BLAH BLAH BLAH WOMAN LET ME SLEEP! God Seattle already, now time for that other flight to Port Angeles ay, I hate plane rides!

As I went through Sea-Tac to get my next flight I decided to take a detour to Starbucks, the only good thing out of the upper west coast besides Pike's Place. When I went to order my drink the girl making it reminded me of my Raquel. She had the same raven black hair, Carmel colored skin, only difference was she had Hazel-green eyes, Raquel had pretty blue ones. Raquel was one of my best friends in Phoenix. Me, Raquel, Karli and Davida were the Four Amigos or what our guys friends called us the uh oh Oreo trio with a glass of chocolate milk, Raquel and Davida being Latina were the golden outside and I was the white filling and Karli was the chocolate milk, stupid I know but I miss it. We all did everything together, Raquel and Davida taught me and Karli Spanish, play soccer, ate playdoh together, first track meet, had out first group date, just everything. And with this as I grabbed my iced Cinnamon Dolce I started to tear. The girl looked at me I just responded "Estoy bien" she smiled sympathetically and I walked away. And got on the plane to Port Angeles where Charlie would pick me up.


Yeah two entries in one day you're thrilled I'm sure. So, I'm off to Port Angeles where I'm meeting Charlie. Charlie as I remembered loved to fish and was a cop. He seemed to pretty much keep to himself. He seemed so drained of life in a way. I think it's because mom left. But, in the past few years he's been doing better now that he met Veronica. I think they're engaged. She's ok I guess, tries too hard for me to like her but she's ok. All I say is as long as they give me my space I don't care. As far as forks goes, all I remember from my few vacations before insisting me and Charlie vacation in California or at least Seattle, it was rainy and dreary, basically the epitome of opposite of Phoenix. I hope that made sense. Well all I can hope for are decent swim and track teams and of course cute boys! Well time for a short nap 30 minutes till landing iPod time!

X0X Bella Reina

I zoned out to the sounds of Lupe Fiasco's "Never Lies".

"Time to get off the plane" said the attendant waking me up.

"Thank you" I said groggily.

I stepped off the plane and felt rain. "Of course" I muttered, and then flashed a forced smile when I saw Charlie and Veronica.

"Hi guys how you are" I said as they hugged me and lead me to the car.

"So happy that you're here with us!" exclaimed Veronica. Oh joy!

"So how was your flight?" Charlie asked

"Fine, fine I slept most of the time" I replied

"Oh sweetie we have great news we got you a car!" Veronica said excitedly.

"I thought we were going to wait to show her." Charlie muttered

"Actually guys, I guess Renee forgot to tell you we shipped my old one" I asked happily.

"Oh, she did. Well he had got you a truck. A real nice one. We got it from Billy Black down at La push. You remember don't you?" Charlie said.

"Yeah and I remember his truck too, but thanks anyways my car should be here tonight" I said as we approached the house and leaned forward to give them both a kiss on the cheek. I might as well try to be nice right?

"I guess dear" Charlie said a bit hurt.

We all piled out of the car and brought my Luggage upstairs, all 5 suitcases. What can I say, online shopping with the girls gone terribly wrong? I had gotten all of the important stuff unpacked before I went down for dinner.

"So, what's for dinner?" I inquired

"Vegetarian Lasagna, your favorite" Veronica said with a smile.

We all sat at the table and ate. Charlie and Veronica were discussing grown up business then the door rang.

"I got it" I screamed tearing down the hallway I already knew it was my baby.

"I'M HERE FOR a Isabella Swan, I have a…"

"EVO!! YES MY BABY! Hi, I'm Isabella, but everyone calls me Bella" I said flirty, man he was a hottie too old but still.

"Well here are your keys Bella" he said and turned around to leave with a truck that followed him in my Evolution.

I went back to the kitchen I was pretty done with my food. And was tired.

"I'm going to bed" I said as I stretched.

"Goodnight" they said in unison as they watched something on T.V.

Back in my room I got my Pajamas together, a cute tank that said Chula Babe, and boxers that said BUZZ OFF, with bees. I ran to the bathroom showered, washed my hair, brushed my teeth, you know all the stuff you should be doing before bed. I returned to my room and tried to sleep but then it came. I started to bawl, I missed everything about home. My bed, warmth, my friends, sun, and my mom especially; hell I even missed the boys I had causally dated. After crying for what seemed like forever I finally drifted sleep.


My dream machine alarm went off to my favorite feel good ego pumping song "Hey Mami" by Fannypack. It was from one of my favorite movies Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. I started to laugh, the song reminded me of the school talent show my and my friends performed this song at, it was ridculoso. I finally pulled my self out of my bed and went to work with my morning routine. 50 crunches, 50 sit ups, and 40 pushups, then off to shower. After my shower combed my hair and decided to let the loose curls go free, but not of course after putting some gel and mousse on it to keep it in check. Then I went to decide my outfit for the day. I decided on my favorite tight black Diesel Jeans, a fitted black tee shirt that says "You're bringing sexy back? Sexy never left ME" in sliver, a crop black denim jacket, and black rhinestoned Bebe sneakers. I looked myself over in the mirror seeing that I need something else I grabbed my huge sliver hoops, and then decided I looked hot and was very happy to see I still have my almost permanent Phoenix tan. Who knows maybe those 17 years of sun will stay with me. Then got my white down North Face I bounded down stair to grab a zone bar and a red bull; I made sure I had packed a nice supply of them till I knew where the store was. I said my good mornings to Veronica because Charlie was already gone. And I grabbed my keys and peeled out of the driveway to Forks High school.

The drive wasn't so bad. It should have taken me 15 minutes to get their but I made it in 7 because well I drive fast as hell. But what can I say, I was a street racer in phoenix I can't help but go fast. And especially with my black princess, which is what my license plate says "princess" that is, my Evo, and of course the like 6,000 dollars worth of work under the under the hood. Caught in thought and the blaring "We Fly High" by Jim Jones I almost didn't see the damn Volvo! As I went to turn into the parking lot, some shiny, sliver Volvo cut me off.

"ASSHOLE!" I screamed as I hit the brakes. Then after he went by I went to find my parking space. Somewhat pissed of I got out of my car, slammed the door, of course checked to make sure it wasn't hurt, and stomped off towards the office. I saw the guy who cut me off get out of his car. He was gorgeous, bronze hair, very pale skin, just perfect. I glared at him as he looked over at me and shrugged. I just nodded and continued to the office. Welcome to Forks High School.