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Sequel to Dragonfire. Jake is gone. Now Rose must learn to master her new found powers. Meanwhile, Chang is plotting her revenge; magical creatures are being attacked; and a strange dragon has been spotted around New York. Does this dragon know anything about the attacks? Will Rose ever see Jake again? Is this finally the end of the Dark Dragon? Read on to find out!

"In darkest hour when all seems black, one who was lost will return to you. When hope is dead and all seems lost, one with a dragon's heart shall be your salvation. When all is darkness, the one marked by destiny shall find their true power. Hidden power shall be revealed and light shall conquer darkness. When darkness falls, the one marked by destiny shall bring forth the light." - Oracle Twin prophecy -

Chapter 1: Judgement

On the Isle of Draco...

Rose waited nervously. Nearly a week had passed since her battle with the Dark Dragon. During that time, DragonMaster Loa Shi had been arranging a meeting with the World's Dragon Council to discuss what would become of her, as well as who would take over the duties of the American Dragon. She looked around the lobby at the others who'd come with her. Her parents and sister were there of course; Jake's family had also come to support her. Loa Shi and Fu Dog were with them; as were Spud, Trixie, Sun Park, and the Oracle Twins. Even 88 and 89 had shown up. They'd been staying at Loa Shi's shop for the past few days; earning their stay by helping him clean it.

Rose thought back, fingering the necklace she wore. It was a dragon's talon that hung on a thin silver chain. One of Jake's claws that had been lost during the fight with the Dark Dragon.

Just then, one of the dragon guards entered the room through a large pair of double doors.

"The Dragon Council will see you now." he said, "Follow me." With that, he led them back down the hallway to the Council Chamber. The guard opened the door and let them in. The inside the room looked like the inside of a courtroom, with rows of chairs on one side, and a high table on the other, where the four Councilors were seated. An African man in purple and green robes stood up and looked at her.

"That is Councilor Andam." Loa Shi whispered to her, "He is the Dragon of Africa."

"On behalf of the Dragon Council, I bid you all welcome, to the Isle of Draco." said Andam. He looked at Jake's family. "We heard about your loss," he said sadly, "and you have our deepest condolences. Jake, was a fine young dragon... He will be sorely missed..." He sat down again and said, "But now, we have other business to address." He looked down at Rose. "Huntsgirl," he said, "Come forward." She did. "Why have you requested to speak with us?"

She dropped to one knee before them; pulling off her mask. "Honored Council," she said, "Only a week ago I discovered that I had dragon powers. I've come before you to request training; so that I may learn to use my powers to protect magical creatures in the American Dragon's place."

Councilor Andam looked at the other councilors, then back at her. "We have heard about your powers. This is indeed unusual. However..."

An older man with grey hair and beard, and wearing red robes spoke, "As you are of a dragon's bloodline, and have proven yourself in defeating the Dark Dragon and vanquishing the Huntsclan; you have been accepted into the Order of the Dragon. There for, you will be assigned to a DragonMaster and begin your training."

"That's Councilor Kulde." whispered Sun, "The European Dragon."

A women in blue-green robes with black hair stood up. "But I've just spoken with the DragonMasters." she said, "No one is willing to take her."

"That's Councilor Omina." whispered Sun again, "She's the Dragon of Atlantis."

"This presents a problem." said Kulde, "Who will train her then?"

Just then, Loa Shi stepped forward. "If no one else will take her," he said, "Then I will."

"Master Loa Shi," said Andam, "Are you quite sure you want to do this? Given the recent loss of your grandson; are you sure you want to take another student so soon?"

"Yes," said Loa Shi, putting his claws on the young girl's shoulders. "She needs training; and there is no one else to take up my grandson's duties as the American Dragon. Besides," he looked down at her, "I'm quite sure, that Jake would have wanted this..."

The councilors nodded in agreement. "So be it." said Kulde, he looked at Rose's parents, "With your permission; Huntsgirl-"

"Please," said Rose, "I'm no longer one of the Huntsclan. My name is Rose."

Kulde looked down at her. "Rose..." he said thoughtfully, "A fitting name... Very well, with her parents permission; Rose, will return to New York to began her training under DragonMaster Loa Shi."

Loa Shi looked down at Rose, then at her parents. "Have you made your decision?" he asked gently.

"Yes." said her mother.

"We've decided," her father said, "that we're moving back to New York and allowing Rose to start her training." They both beamed at their daughter, "We're all very proud of you." said her mother.

Loa Shi helped Rose to her feet. She turned to face him and bowed in respect. "Master Loa Shi," she said, "I would be honored to be your student."

The old dragon smiled at her.

"Loa Shi," said Andam, "You should know that this is a trial basis. As with all dragon students, Rose will need to be tested."

"Tested?" asked Rose, "What do you mean?"

Councilor Kulde answered her, "You will be put to three trials. Each of a different skill and standard of the dragon." He pointed to three large panels behind the councilors. "The Test of Judgement in Fire," As he spoke, the first panel showed an image of a dragon breathing fire at obstacles. "the Test of Wisdom in Battle," The second panel showed an image of a dragon outsmarting two opponents. "and the Test of Courage in Flight." The last panel showed an image of a dragon flying around obstacles.

Councilor Andam said, "We require that you pass at least two of these tests."

"And what happens if I fail?" asked Rose.

A pale man with black hair, wearing dark green and yellow robes answered her. "If you fail these trials, then you will be assigned a new DragonMaster."

"That is Councilor Kukulkhan," whispered Loa Shi, "The Dragon of Central America."

Rose looked up at the councilors. "How long do I have to prepare for this?" she asked.

Councilor Omina answered, "You will have two months. If you pass these trials, you will be allowed to continue your training with Loa Shi as well as taking over the position of the American Dragon." Then, she noticed 88 and 89. "What are we to do with the two Huntsclan trainees?"

Loa Shi spoke again, "They have been staying with me for the past few days. If the Council permits it; I was going to offer them a permanent stay, seeing as they have nowhere else to go."

After a quick discussion, Council Andam said, "We will allow it. Provided, that they stay out of trouble."

"Oh don't worry." said 89, "We'll be on our best behavior."

"That's right," said 88, "No more huntin' magical creatures for us!"

"Very well." said Andam, "This meeting is hereby adjourned."...

(The Three Dragon Trials...) See episode Dragon Summit.