"Vampire Genesis"

Chapter 1: "Divinity of the Dark"

Disclaimer: Teen Titans belongs to DC Comics and Time Warner. Hellsing belongs to Kohta Hirano.

Author's note: Yes, people, I am writing a crossover between Teen Titans and Hellsing. The details for Hellsing will be based primarily on the first two volumes of the manga, from which the first two episodes of the Hellsing Ultimate OVA have been adapted. As to how exactly the characters of TT and Hellsing will meet, you will see that in the story itself. I don't want to give away too much too soon, but I can tell you that Argent, Kid Flash, and Jericho are on the team, too. Other than that, just read.

The first thing Robin awoke to was pain. It was a dragging, stinging sensation, as though someone was carving something into his flesh. He felt something hard on his back, as though he were lying on stone. He attempted to move, but he felt shackles around his ankles and wrists, keeping him restrained. He opened his eyes, only to find that he didn't have the somewhat milky filters of the lenses of his mask to keep them from being seen by everyone present . . . everyone present being a bunch of cloaked chanters. With his eyes open, he could see someone literally carving symbols into his chest.

"What . . . do you think you're doing?" Robin asked.

"Preparing you," the cloaked man replied.

"For what?" Robin asked.

"You shouldn't even have woken up," the cloaked man answered, "but if you insist, I'll tell you. We're preparing you for the return of our goddess."

"What do I have to do with it?" Robin questioned.

"Your body will be the shell that contains her glorious essence," the cloaked man replied. "She will be reborn in you."

"Why do you need me?" Robin asked.

"We needed a natural human," the cloaked man explained. "Someone with no abilities beyond those of natural humans, but trained to the peak of natural human ability. That was why we set our sights on you." He chuckled. "It was so easy to draw you out, to separate you from your friends . . . your nobility is to be commended, but your recklessness, not so much."

"My friends will find me," Robin avowed.

"No, they won't," the cloaked man denied, continuing his work. "Not without your communicator."

"Don't even need it for them to find me," Robin answered with a smirk.

The chanting reached a crescendo as the cloaked man finished his work. The marks he had carved into Robin's chest began to glow a lurid silver-black as a whirlpool of darkness formed in the ceiling. Out of that whirlpool came an entity seemingly made of black smoke. Crimson eyes locked onto his as the entity began to descend upon him.

You're not taking me without a fight, Robin snarled internally.

To his relief he heard a familiar mantra. Dark energy mixed with the energy emanating from the marks on his chest, swirling around him even as the dark entity entered. The three forces intertwined within him, drawing screams of pain from him. Beyond the pain, he could feel his muscles tightening and yet becoming more elastic. His vision was sharpening, allowing him to see every detail despite the dim light provided by the torches. He could hear everything in the room, from heartbeats to breathing to the sounds of battle. The sensory overload nearly caused him to pass out, the last thing he was clearly aware of being someone pulling off his shackles and taking him into their slender yet powerful arms.

Rest now, Robin, a voice purred within his thoughts. You will be fine. When you awake, you will be renewed.

When Robin next awoke, he awoke inside his own bed. He pushed the sheets off him and climbed out of bed, still able to see every detail despite the fact that he didn't even have his window open. He walked to his wardrobe to get dressed in one of his uniforms, but when he opened it, he found quite a shock. All of his uniforms were gone, replaced by sleeveless black uniforms with red R's emblazoned on the left breasts, looking as though they had been slashed onto the fabric. His steel-toed boots were still there, but they were accented with buckled straps around the calves.

"What the hell is going on here?" Robin asked.

I thought you'd appreciate my new uniforms, a female voice – ancient, sensuous, and powerful – spoke within his thoughts. If you're going to host me, you can't go around dressed in that abomination you used to wear.

"Where are you?" Robin asked.

Inside you, the voice replied. Greetings, my container. I am L'andira.

"You're the goddess those nutcases sealed inside me," Robin deduced.

Yes, although that wasn't their intent, L'andira replied. The only reason I'm merely sealed inside you instead of controlling your body is that your friend the half-breed ruined the ritual.

"Well, you're stuck with me," Robin sneered. "Deal with it." He reached inside the wardrobe and picked out one of the uniforms L'andira had altered for him. Slipping it on, he was surprised to find that it fit him perfectly. He put on the boots, snapping on the buckled straps, and donned the gloves, which were black with metal pads on the backs of the hands. He snapped on the buckled straps on the thighs of his pants and donned his utility belt, which was now a dark silver color with a robin symbol as the buckle. He finished with his cape, which was black with red lining and jagged tatters at the bottom, and his standard mask.

"Robin?" a familiar British-accented female voice asked.

Robin turned around, spotting a silver-skinned, dark-haired girl in a black corset-style top and red dual-layered skirt with a serrated hem. Black arm-covers with serrated red edges and red shoes with black socks added to the ensemble, with a black choker and red anarchy tattoo completing it. Red eyes stared at him with concern and surprise.

"Not that I don't like the look, but where'd the new uniform come from?" she asked.

"I'd tell you, Argent," Robin replied, "but the others have to know too. Mind if I come down?"

"We've been waiting for you to come down," Argent said. "We all took turns watching over you while you recovered."

"How long was I out?" Robin asked.

"The entire night and all day today, too," Argent replied. "And who were you talking to just now?"

"My tenant," Robin answered.

When Robin and Argent joined the other Titans, they were gathered in the living room, which doubled as their ops room. They all looked at Robin with varying expressions of relief and shock and surprise. "Dude . . ." Beast Boy uttered. "You look like Batman crossed with something out of an Anne Rice novel!"

"Didn't know you were into vampires, Beast Boy," Kid Flash remarked.

"Thanks for the compliment," Robin remarked sardonically.

"I'm glad you're all right, Robin, but I'm sensing a second presence inside you," Raven said.

"That would be L'andira," Robin answered.

"L'andira?" Raven echoed. "The L'andira? The patron goddess of vampires?"

"Patron goddess of vampires?" Kid Flash asked. "You mean Robin's got a woman inside him? That's gonna make going to the bathroom embarrassing."

"Yes," Raven confirmed. "As the legend goes, vampires are all descended from her, the first vampire having been born from a mixture of human blood with her essence. Her essence granted the first vampire physical and mental capacities far in excess of anything a normal human would be capable of, but it would burn out the first vampire internally unless she drank blood from living creatures, which is where the vampiric thirst came from. That is what's inside you now, Robin."

"Vampire or not, it's still good that you're ok," Cyborg said.

"Yes, we are most happy that you are unharmed," Starfire added, hugging Robin tightly. For once, Robin didn't feel constricted by her hug. In fact, it felt quite . . . nice.

Especially with that body pressed against you, L'andira murmured. Oh, the things we could do to her . . . Her thoughts bled into Robin's mind, filling him with images of Starfire naked and spread before him.

Robin pulled away from Starfire, able to do so quite easily now much to the Tamaranean girl's surprise. His cheeks were now crimson from the blood that had surged into them. Better that the blood go there than go southward, considering how tight his pants were. They would not disguise his arousal at all.

"Stop it," he muttered, unaware that he was speaking out loud.

"Robin?" Starfire asked. "Have I done something wrong?"

Don't like her? L'andira asked. Very well. How about the half-demon? Raven, is it? Oh, the ways I could . . . how do humans say it . . . fuck her.

Again, L'andira's thoughts poured into Robin's mind, filling him with images of a naked Raven in various sexualized poses. He gripped his head, trying futilely to make the images stop. "STOP IT!" he yelled. "Goddamn you, STOP!"

"What the hell's your problem?!" Cyborg asked. "She's just trying to help you!"

"It's not her," Robin answered in a strained voice. "It's . . ." He tore out of Titans Tower, moving at a speed that no one except Kid Flash could match or even see. He ran as far away from Titans Tower as he could go, needing to escape before the lust L'andira was triggering in him drove him to rape his female teammates. As he ran, the lust metamorphosed into something else, something worse. . . . It was a thirst, a ravenous craving, a horrible wanting that made him run after something in the shadows of the forest.

That something ran from him, sensing a predator, but Robin was faster and was on the creature in mere moments. His fangs tore through fur and muscle and into the vein, the blood spurting forth and into his mouth. Robin drank greedily, not stopping until he'd had his fill. By then, his mind had cleared and he could see what he'd done, what he'd killed . . . a doe . . .

Robin let out a scream of horror that rang deafeningly in his own ears. As he screamed, crimson tears seeped out from beneath his mask. When he finally stopped screaming, he punched the ground, creating a crater within it. "What have you done to me?" he asked angrily.

You're a vampire now, Robin, L'andira answered. This is what you do to survive. You take the blood of the living.

"Like some fucking parasite?!" Robin asked furiously.

Like a god takes offerings from his subjects, L'andira amended, because that is what you are. You are a dark god among insects. Deal with it.

Robin sped to the river and began drinking its water frantically, trying to wash the taste of blood out of his mouth. As much as he wiped away the visible evidence, he could not wipe away the taste. The worst thing about it was that it had felt good . . . it had felt good to pursue that doe, to drink its blood . . .

I'm not a monster, Robin thought. I'm not a monster. I fight monsters. I'm not a monster. I fight monsters. I protect the innocent from monsters. I'm not a monster. I'm not . . .

No, you are not, L'andira agreed. You are a god.

Robin snarled and ran again, this time to a familiar place. He quickly found himself underground, inside a hidden fortress that had once been Slade's headquarters. He had secretly cleaned the place up and set it up as his own private sanctuary. The technology in it was cannibalized from both Titans Tower and what had been left of Slade's tech. Meshing them had given him a hyper-advanced technological haven to work from in case he couldn't access the Titans computer.

Now . . . it would be his hiding place. He couldn't be with the Titans now, not with what he'd done, not with what he was. Was he to spend the rest of his life fighting L'andira's unholy wants? If so, he couldn't be around the other Titans, not with the possibility that she would make him attack them to satisfy her cravings.

Unfortunately, it seemed that he wouldn't even get that kind of peace and quiet. "Robin?" he heard Raven call out.

"Stay away," Robin snarled, his cape cloaking his body.

"Why should I do that?" Raven asked, coming closer to him, now visible to the transformed Dark Squire. "Are you going to hurt me?"

"These cravings . . ." Robin replied. "Her thoughts . . . you don't even want to know what she wants me to do to you."

"I can imagine from the surge of lust I felt from you – or rather, her – before you tore off like that," Raven answered. "You always come here when you need to get away, don't you?"

"How do you know?" Robin asked.

"We have a bond, Robin," Raven stated. "You were moving faster than a speeding bullet, yes, but once you stopped, I could track you more easily."

"I . . . I can't go back," Robin said.

"Why not?" Raven asked.

"Because I killed an innocent creature," Robin replied bitterly. "I killed an innocent creature to sate my own thirst!"

"I sensed your remorse," Raven said. "And that tells me that your intrinsic humanity is still there. It'll always be there." She moved closer to Robin, even though Robin didn't turn to look at her. "You're Robin. You're stronger than your thirst."

Robin didn't speak for a full five minutes. That was fine by Raven, as she didn't like to talk very much. When he finally spoke, it was one word. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Raven said. "Now do you want to come back to the Tower?"

"Let me stay here for a while," Robin answered.

"Sure," Raven replied. "Don't worry. I won't tell the others where you are."

"I know," Robin whispered. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Raven answered, sinking into a shadowy warp in the floor and leaving Robin alone to regain his bearings.

When Robin returned to Titans Tower, he was given a warm hug from Starfire. Robin simply smiled and returned the hug before gently pulling himself away from her. He turned to the other Titans, beginning to speak, "I just wanna say I'm –"

"Sorry?" Cyborg finished. "No need. You've been through a rough time. Raven told us that you had that goddess putting thoughts in your head that shouldn't be there. I can understand what that's like." He shuddered in remembrance of the maniacal Brother Blood.

"You were running pretty damn fast," Kid Flash commented.

"I was?" Robin asked.

"Yeah," Beast Boy confirmed. "I heard a fucking sonic boom after you started running like that."

"And my sensors were analyzing your velocity," Cyborg added. "You were going at roughly one-point-seventy-seven times the speed of sound."

"Didn't know I was that fast," Robin remarked.

"Considering you have the mother (or grandmother) of vampires inside you, that might not even be the full extent of your powers," Cyborg mused.

In a stately gated mansion in the United Kingdom, a woman sat at her office desk. She was young, only in her early-to-mid-twenties by any onlooker's reckoning, but her crystal blue eyes – shielded by round glasses – betrayed a spirit considerably older, wiser, and more experienced than most her age. Her hair was long and such a pale shade of blonde as to appear almost white. The charms of her body, however, were well hidden underneath a severe men's business suit. Her name was Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, the leader of the organization that bore her name.

At that moment, three others entered her office, two male and one female. One of the males was of indeterminate age, appearing young on one hand yet carrying an aura of great age and experience. He was dressed in a red coat and fedora over Victorian-style clothes and orange-tinted glasses. The other was much older yet still very spry, with long dark hair styled in a ponytail and a monocle over his left eye. The female was very young, appearing to be somewhere between 18 and 21, and garbed in a skirted yellow uniform that strained to contain an impressive bust and white stockings. Her hair was blonde and somewhat spiky at the ends and her eyes were blue.

"Alucard, Walter, Seras," Integra addressed each one. "My intelligence in the States has gathered that a vampire cult has succeeded, at least in part, in resurrecting their god."

"And how did they do that?" Alucard asked, his voice betraying only slight interest.

"The cult sealed its god's essence inside a human," Integra replied. "One of the 'superheroes' so prevalent in the States these days." She looked at the photographs scattered over her desk and picked out one, pushing it to the edge of her desk to be viewed by Alucard, Seras, and Walter. The picture was of eight oddly dressed teenagers, three girls and five boys. Integra's finger was poised above the black-caped boy standing most prominently in the picture.

"Robin?" Walter mused. "The Boy Wonder. Leader of the Teen Titans and onetime junior partner to Gotham City's dark defender the Batman."

Alucard's nose wrinkled in distaste. "No creature of the night would abide such clothing."

"Alucard, Seras, you two will go to Jump City in the United States," Integra ordered. "You will find Robin and you will engage him to determine what abilities he now possesses and how far they have advanced."

"This boy is supposed to be a skilled fighter," Alucard said. "With the god sealed inside him, he might just be a challenge."

The next night, Robin was riding his R-Cycle, which L'andira had taken the liberty of modifying just like with his uniforms. When he'd first touched the R-Cycle after his transformation, dark matter had extended from his hands and modified the motorcycle. It had become a sleeker, terrifyingly beautiful black beast vaguely reminiscent of Cloud Strife's motorcycle in the Final Fantasy VII movie Advent Children. In fact, Beast Boy had commented on that similarity, being the avid video game fan that he was.

He recalled talking with Argent, just before he'd left. She'd asked him how he was feeling. He'd simply answered that he was feeling better than he had been the night before. Talking with her, as brief as it had been, hadn't been an easy task; he could hear her heart pumping blood through her veins, delicious blood that he could so easily take . . . The thought of her in his embrace, as he drank from her, made him shudder and he wasn't sure if that shudder came from horror or desire.

He recalled her parting words as he rode his R-Cycle: "If you need anything, I'll be there."

Robin sped through the night, his cycle slicing through the darkness like a black knife. The motorcycle roared ominously, leaving terror in the hearts of any who heard it. He spotted a robbery of a corner store in progress and rode his motorcycle through the plate-glass window, shattering it with the speed and force of his movement, shocking everyone present. Somehow, the shards of the window flew at the robber of their own volition, slicing his gun hand and cutting him in several places.

Robin leaped off the R-Cycle and took down the robber with a swift chop to the back of his neck. He caught the gun before it could land on the ground and crushed it into a small ball, tossing it aside. "You would rather be somewhere else," he told the would-be robber.

"Yes," the robber replied blankly. "Yes, I would." With that said, the robber fled.

"Not that I don't appreciate you chasing off that punk, but did you have to do it like that?" the shopkeeper asked.

Robin looked at the shards and they began to fly back into the window frame, assembling like a puzzle being solved at high speed. Once all the pieces were together, the cracks faded away, revealing a whole windowpane. The Dark Squire looked at what he'd done in shock. "Whoa . . . how did I . . . ?"

Thank me for that, L'andira replied. You have more power than just in your body. Your mind possesses great power as well, but it'll take some training before you can consciously use it. For now, it will simply respond to your subconscious will.

"Uh, thanks," the shopkeeper said.

Robin simply wheeled his motorcycle out of the shop, sparing a "You're welcome" before he exited completely. He was just about to straddle the bike and make his way back out into the street when he spotted a man facing him. The man was tall and garbed in a red coat and fedora over Victorian-era clothes. His hair was dark and red eyes stared out at the Dark Squire concealed behind orange-tinted glasses.

"Who are you?" Robin asked.

"So . . . you are Robin," the man stated. "I almost didn't recognize you in that new outfit. It suits a creature of the night like you much better than your former attire."

"You didn't answer my question," Robin rejoined. "Who are you?"

"Very well, if you must know," the man answered, "my name is Alucard. And you and I are going to fight."

"Why do you want to fight me?" Robin asked.

"It's my job," Alucard replied with a tone of amusement, pulling out a black gun that had to be a little over a foot long. Robin observed quietly that it was too large for a normal human to wield and thus concluded that Alucard wasn't a normal human. He caught Alucard's scent on the air and it was an odd scent, an unnatural musk. He could also smell someone else, bearing the same unnatural musk but mixed with something unquestionably female.

Alucard pointed his gun at Robin and fired, only for Robin to catch the bullet. "Not here," Robin said.

"Then where?" Alucard asked, casting a quick look above Robin.

"Follow me," Robin answered, straddling his motorcycle and riding away. Alucard followed, moving just fast enough to keep Robin in his sights.

Robin finally stopped at a quarry. "We can fight here," he said. "We meaning you, me, and your partner."

Alucard smirked. "Your senses are very good. Police Girl, you can come out of hiding; he knows you're here."

A petite girl appeared from the shadows, appearing older than Robin, but not by much. She had slightly short blonde hair that flared out at the ends into an almost-spiky tail. Her garb was a yellow skirted uniform, the top of which strained to contain her generous bosom, and white stockings. She carried a massive gun that seemed too heavy for someone her size to carry. Of course, Robin had experience with girls possessing super-strength, so it didn't surprise him much.

"I have a name," she pouted.

Alucard pointed his gun at Robin and fired, only for Robin to flip out of the way of the bullets. The Dark Squire jumped off the cliff and down into the quarry, pulling out black-and-red Birdarangs from his utility belt and flinging them at Alucard with superhuman speed and force. Alucard descended after Robin, shooting away the younger vampire's projectiles with his gun. Robin landed on his hands and flipped back onto his feet, throwing another Birdarang at Alucard, who this time opted to catch it and throw it back at Robin.

Robin dodged his own Birdarang as Alucard resumed firing at him. Robin continued dodging the bullets and charged Alucard as the older vampire began to reload. Of course, Alucard was faster at reloading than Robin had anticipated and thus shot Robin point-blank in the stomach while Robin was rushing him. Robin's stomach burst in an explosion of blood and entrails, leaving the Boy Wonder to collapse on his front.

"Is that all you have, boy?" Alucard asked derisively. "I didn't even aim for your heart or your head."

Robin gritted his teeth and pulled himself back to his feet. Now standing, it could be clearly seen that the wound in his stomach had healed itself. The shadow matter that made up his uniform was regenerating as well, quickly stitching itself back together. He looked down at himself in shock, surprised that he could heal so rapidly. Alucard looked rather surprised himself, although that surprise quickly gave way to amusement.

Robin charged Alucard again, dodging Alucard's bullets as he ran at the older vampire. He ducked under the older vampire's bullets and slid into a kick that would have knocked Alucard's feet out from under him if the older vampire hadn't moved out of the way. Robin twisted on his hands and onto his feet, reaching into his utility belt and pulling out three-pronged shuriken with a vaguely triangular design. He threw the shuriken at Alucard, who again shot them out of the air with his gun.

As it turned out, the shuriken had been simply a distraction for Robin to get up close to Alucard. An undeterred Alucard fired into Robin's shoulder, but Robin quickly moved out of the way and punched the older vampire. At that moment, he heard a bullet powerfully push air currents out of its way, heading in his direction. Time seemed to slow and he whirled to catch that bullet. He looked up and saw that it had been "Police Girl" who fired it, and apparently from that giant gun of hers.

Robin smiled at "Police Girl," which elicited a startled look from her. "Yes, Police Girl is quite pretty, but you shouldn't take your eyes off me," Alucard commented, drawing Robin's attention back to him. "It appears that you are no ordinary vampire, but what to expect from one who has a blood-drinking god sealed inside him?" He chuckled darkly. "Control art restriction system. Level three, level two, level one . . . released."

As soon as Alucard spoke those words, his body morphed into a mass of shadows with demonic red eyes all over. The shadow mass writhed and slithered toward Robin, who swallowed his terror and drew two Birdarangs, slamming them together into his sword. Robin slashed viciously at the shadow mass Alucard had become, even as the shadow mass grew arms and hands and those arms lunged at Robin. The Dark Squire leaped about like the acrobatic demon he had become, avoiding the arms. He slashed at the arms with his sword, even as one of them projected a large gun and shot his arm off at the shoulder.

Robin held the sword in his remaining arm and charged at the shadow mass, slashing at the arms. He did manage to cut through the arms, but the arms simply regenerated. He thrust his sword at one of the eyes on the shadows, but the shadows merely blocked his attack. They grabbed him, wrapping around him and pulling him closer to the mass.

"Come on, Robin," Alucard's voice spoke from within the shadow mass. "This is surely not all you have to offer me. Where's your fighting spirit? Where's that indomitable will that you're supposed to be so famous for?"

Robin gritted his teeth and suddenly shadow matter burst from the stump where his arm had once been, piercing the shadows holding him and setting him free. The shadow matter hardened into a silver-black quasi-organic metallic arm with a sword blade extending from the back of his hand. The quasi-organic metallic substance also seemed to cover part of his torso but the R symbol was still visible. Robin didn't know where it'd come from, but he could take a guess and it didn't matter. What mattered was kicking Alucard's grotesque ass!

Robin charged through the shadow mass that was once Alucard, slicing through the older vampire's shadows with his newfound sword. As he sliced through the older vampire's shadows, he dodged those same shadows and cut through them as well. An amorphous shadow vaguely resembling a hound lunged from the mass at Robin, but Robin cleaved the creature with his shadow blade. Finally, Alucard rose from the shadow mass in a black leather suit with straitjacket-like bonds around the torso and his hair long and free. Red eyes stared at the Dark Squire with fiendish glee.

"Aha!" he shouted. "This is what I wanted to see from you, Boy Wonder! A contest of real vampires! Hurry, Robin! Hurry, hurry, hurry!"

Robin sped toward Alucard, slicing him with his shadow blade and his Birdarang sword. Alucard laughed with glee as Robin wounded him, only for those wounds to quickly regenerate. He extended his shadows to attack Robin, but Robin cut through them with a demonic savagery. He charged Alucard, thrusting both swords into his abdomen and chest but missing his heart. He pulled outward with both blades, fiercely wounding Alucard. He spun and slashed Alucard again. Alucard retaliated by sending one of his shadows to stab Robin, but more shadow matter extended from the Dark Squire and blocked the shadow.

Alucard did not seem too upset; on the contrary, he seemed very pleased. "I believe I will take my leave for now. You have proven more of a challenging adversary than I was expecting you to be. Perhaps you are just as challenging as the Judas Priest."

"Judas Priest?" Robin echoed in confusion.

"You will meet him soon, I believe," Alucard replied. "In the meantime, it is time for me to depart. I have learned what I need to know about you." He turned to the younger vampire in his charge. "Police Girl, it is time for us to go."

"Master?" she asked.

"Yes," Alucard replied. "We cannot kill the boy just yet. Not until we have our orders to do so. For now, we will leave him be. Besides . . . he's too much fun to kill so soon."

"Yes, Master," the girl spoke.

Robin jumped up onto the cliff and watched as Alucard and his "Police Girl" departed. He got on his R-Cycle, retracting the shadow blade and gripping the handlebars with both his gloved flesh-and-blood hand and his shadow-matter hand. He started the R-Cycle and rode back to Titans Tower with questions in his mind. Who were those two vampires? Why were they after him? And just what the hell was he capable of that he didn't know yet?

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