"Vampire Genesis"

Chapter 12: "My Own Summer"

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Author's note: It's been a long time since chapter 11, huh? Well, I didn't have much inspiration for how to end this story back then, but now I do. I promise you, there will be blood pouring down the streets of Jump City and lots of it. And now that Robin has accepted L'andira, you will most likely see him unveil other powers. A little hint: The major elemental powers can be seen as localized applications of telekinesis. Anyway, on to the conclusion of the story.

Robin awakened, feeling someone comfortably pressed against his bare chest. As he became more aware, he noticed that the person pressed against him was female and oddly lukewarm. He leaned closer and inhaled her scent, something sweet and ripe. Upon inhaling her scent, he began to remember everything that had transpired the night before.

Her hands caressed the hard planes of his body, her lips marking his body as her territory. Red eyes stared into his blue-and-silver eyes with a burning lust that defied description. Behind him, an ethereal yet solid generous bosom pressed against his back as a rough tongue licked his neck.

Robin let out a soft moan at the memory, his lower area stirring to life. The girl he held in his arms began to shift, as though sensing his arousal. In fact, her backside was rubbing against the evidence of said arousal. A soft hum escaped her lips. "Ready to go again? You're insatiable."

"So were you, Toni," Robin whispered. "You couldn't get enough of me last night."

Toni, a.k.a. Argent, chuckled and turned in Robin's arms so that she was looking at him. She kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue into his willing mouth. Robin sucked on her tongue, eliciting a gentle moan from Argent. She cut her tongue on his fang, whimpering in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Robin sucked her tongue more vigorously, sipping the blood from her wound.

She felt him penetrate her again and let out a soft moan. "Robin . . ." she breathed out after he broke their kiss. She buried her face in his shoulder, murmuring soft nothings as he pushed up inside her. She opened her mouth and bit the vein in his shoulder, drinking the blood that flowed from the wound. Robin arched his back, inadvertently pushing deeper into Argent's womanly depths, his mouth open in a silent scream of rapture.

Argent pulled back and let Robin's wound heal itself, capturing his lips with hers in a bloodstained kiss. Robin cleaned her mouth of his blood and rolled them over so that he was on top. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding him close to her. She pushed her hips up against his forcefully, letting him know how she wanted it. He smirked and pushed back down against her just as forcefully, eliciting a pleasured gasp from her.

"God . . ." she uttered.

"Just me, love," Robin whispered heatedly. "Just me."

"Love . . ." Argent said. "That's the first time you've called me that."

Somewhere else within the city guarded by the Teen Titans, Slade and Schrödinger looked upon the army of vampires Millennium had engineered out of one thousand neo-Nazis. They stood, awaiting orders from their commander. "Splendid, aren't they?" Schrödinger remarked.

"Yes, they are," Slade replied evenly.

"You're gonna lead them into the city, right?" Schrödinger asked.

"Yes," Slade answered just as evenly. "And they're going to slaughter everyone there. Draw out those foolish Titans, call out the Hellsing family pet they call Alucard, and lure Iscariot's science project to us. Then we'll slaughter each and every one of them."

"What about Robin? The Major finds him interesting."

"The Major can have what's left of his corpse." Slade stared at the cat-boy with his one visible eye, which was tinted a particularly monstrous shade of red.

"Very well." Schrödinger grinned. "I can't wait for what's going to come."

"I can. That's what patience is about, little boy."

Schrödinger scowled at the masked Wamphyr. "Don't call me 'little boy.'"

At some point, while Slade and Millennium's resident cat-boy were busy plotting the path of the chaos that would result from their actions, Robin and Argent had found it in themselves to rejoin their teammates. Fortunately, Robin and Argent were both dressed in their usual outfits.

"Finally," Beast Boy grumbled. "What were you two doing all night and day?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Argent asked with a naughty grin.

"We don't," Cyborg answered for everyone.

"Well, whatever you were doing, I hope you had fun doing it," Kid Flash remarked.

"We did," Argent replied, still grinning.

"Judging by that grin, it was a lot of fun," Raven mused.

Starfire did not join the conversation. She could smell the scent of sex on them. It is not fair. I loved him first, loved him longest. Why did he choose Argent over me? Why? Am I not what he needs?

Robin could sense Starfire's distress and he felt guilty that he was the cause of it. I wish things could be different, Star. I really do, but this is just the way things are.

Things can be different, you know, L'andira whispered in his thoughts. You can have her. Her and Argent.

So you say, but would they be able to understand, let alone accept it? Robin wondered.

There is such a thing as ménage a trois, L'andira responded. Household of three. A couple accepts a third as their shared lover, so there is less chance of jealousy between the couple, as long as the couple makes it clear to their third that neither of them will spurn the other for their third. Does that sound good to you?

I don't know . . .

Oh, you're still clinging to your mortal sensibilities? Robin, Robin, Robin. How many times do I have to tell you before it finally sinks in? You're a vampire. A dark god. You don't need to answer to the mores of humanity.

I'm still not sure.

It's not cheating if your partner shares her. L'andira filled Robin's mind with images of Starfire and Argent sensually exploring each other's bodies and Robin felt blood rush to his groin.

Robin was brought back to reality by a whirring X-blade being swung at his head. The Dark Squire bent backward to evade it and flipped back to kick Red X's arm. He did a backward handspring and landed on his feet. "What was that about, X?"

"Trying to get your attention, kid," Red X replied.

"Huh," Robin mumbled.

"Anyway, since you're here with us now . . ." Red X prompted

"When I absorbed Captain Nazi's blood and later drank Baroness Blitzkrieg's blood, I didn't just take their power, I took their memories, too," Robin explained. "I know what Millennium is planning. They've made an army of vampires and they're going to storm the city with them, paint the streets red with the blood of innocent people."

"Why would they do something like that?" Mai asked.

"Because they want carnage and chaos," Robin replied. "Endless war. And they're beginning it here."

"We'll stop them," Cyborg said.

"Of course we will," Robin agreed, "but we can't do it alone. That's why I'm going to call in the Justice League and Justice Society. They'll be our backup, just in case."

"What about Alucard?" Kid Flash asked. "That guy could probably help."

"Yeah," Robin admitted, "but I don't know how to reach him."

"He'll probably just find you," Raven supposed.

"Maybe," Robin answered, going to the Tower supercomputer and tapping into the communications frequencies of the Justice League Watchtower and Justice Society brownstone. Batman and Mister Terrific answered.

"Robin," Batman greeted.

"Robin," Mister Terrific greeted.

"Millennium's going to attack Jump City tonight," Robin spoke, wasting no time with pleasantries. "With a thousand bioengineered vampires. It's going to be a bloodbath and the Titans need the League and the Society to be there to help stop it."

"We'll be there," Batman answered.

"So will the Justice Society," Mister Terrific added.

"Good to hear," Robin said. "Robin out." He closed the communications channels.

"What do we do now?" Beast Boy asked.

"We go to them," Robin replied. "We stop them right in their miserable tracks before they can get started." He turned around and walked toward the Tower vehicle bay, the other Titans, Mai, and Red X following him. Once there, Robin got on his R-Cycle and revved it up, Red X sitting behind him. Cyborg took the wheel of his T-Car, with Jericho, Raven, Beast Boy, and Mai sitting in the car with him.

The Titans exited the vehicle bay, riding out into the city, Kid Flash running alongside the Titans' vehicles and Starfire and Argent flying above them. Robin led the way, heading toward what he was sure was Millennium's base in Jump City. As he rode, he heard a helicopter flying above them but didn't pay it any mind. He couldn't afford to be distracted.

As the Titans got closer to the base, Robin suddenly heard a gun shell flying toward them. He swerved out of the way and telekinetically caught the shell, flinging it back at whoever had fired it. A grimly satisfying explosion could be heard and Robin accelerated. The next time, a heavy mortar came at them, but Argent ensnared it with her Soul Slayer's initial release and threw it back at whoever had launched it. Another explosion, this one bigger and louder, could be heard.

"They're not letting us pass without a fight," Cyborg remarked.

"Sounds like fun," Mai remarked, grinning savagely with her fangs exposed.

A rocket-propelled grenade came at the Titans next. "Don't you bastards learn?" Robin asked, just as he telekinetically caught the grenade and threw it back at the one who had launched it, whoever the unfortunate was. "We're almost there."

"That's good," Cyborg said.

The Titans were close enough to see a base surrounded by towers with machine guns protruding from their windows, machine guns that opened fire on them. Robin and Cyborg swerved their respective vehicles out of the way of the bullets, while Kid Flash, Starfire, and Argent outmaneuvered them. Starfire retaliated with starbolts, while Argent deflected the bullets with the initial release of Crimson Shadow.

Suddenly, an explosive shell struck one of the gun towers, reducing it to rubble. "What the fuck was that?!" Kid Flash asked.

Robin smirked. "Police Girl."

"I have a name!" a familiar female voice shouted. "It's Seras Victoria!"

Robin chuckled and jumped off his motorcycle, allowing Red X to take the handlebars. While in the air, he spotted the helicopter, seeing a man in soldier gear piloting a helicopter while a familiar busty blonde vampire pointed her giant cannon out of the window and fired it at enemies below. Accompanying her was a similarly familiar red-coated male vampire whose expression betrayed nothing except dark amusement.

Those within the remaining gun towers fired at the aerial Robin, who taught them to regret that move as he soared through the air, dodging their bullets. Robin mentally accelerated the kinetic energy of the air molecules around his hands, generating heat and flame around his hands. He flew at a gun tower, easily evading the gunfire, and grabbed the gun barrel protruding from the window. He projected heat and flame through the barrel, effectively detonating the gun. He burst inside and decapitated the vampire that had held the gun with a fiery hand, kicking the head out the window and at another gun tower, blasting a hole in it.

"What was that?!" Red X asked.

Robin flew into the gun tower he had just knocked a hole in and ripped out the heart of the vampire that had been firing at him. He crushed the heart into a bloody mess on his hand and jumped out as an explosive shell from Seras's gun hit another gun tower. Below him, Red X and Cyborg used their respective vehicles' weapons systems to blast a hole in the base.

"Titans . . ." Robin called out. "Shred."

Leading by example, Robin lunged into the midst of the attacking vampires, drawing the sword he had made from Reichsmark's steel coating and slicing scores apart in what seemed to be one move. Of course, it would look like one move to someone with weak senses; those with stronger senses – such as the vampires among them – knew that Robin had killed them at super-speed.

"Hey, save some for us!" Red X shouted, running in and slicing vampires' heads off with whirring X-blades.

The other Titans, along with Mai and Alucard, entered the base and began to fight the vampires. Raven used her telekinesis to block their attacks and retaliate with attacks of her own. Jericho tore through vampires with superhuman strength and speed. Beast Boy trampled Millennium's vampires as a rhinoceros. Cyborg blasted them with his Sonic Cannon, while Starfire assaulted them with starbolt-enhanced punches. Kid Flash and Mai used their speed to evade the Millennium vampires' attacks and retaliate with attacks of their own. Alucard pulled out a silvery gun and a black gun, both too large for a normal human to wield, and fired into the midst of the Millennium vampires, killing them with each shot. Argent slashed them with Crimson Shadow's chain blade.

Suddenly, blessed blades flew at Millennium's vampires, striking them in their hearts or heads and causing them to crumble into dust. "What the hell?" Kid Flash asked.

"Judas Priest!" Alucard exclaimed delightedly. "So you've come to kill them, too!"

"I am on a mission of God," Anderson stated with a demonic smile. "To see these vile abominations sent to the hell that spawned them!"

"No hell spawned these creatures," Robin answered. "Just very sick men."

"It does not matter," Anderson said. "They will go to hell, anyway!" With that said, he charged into the fray and began tearing Millennium vampires apart with his blessed blades.

"Fucking psycho," Kid Flash grumbled.

"He's a helpful psycho," Red X remarked. "For now, anyway."

Incendiary shells flew at Millennium's vampires, signaling the presence of Seras Victoria. She ran at the bioengineered vampires while holding her cannon and fired into their midst. From out of the midst of Millennium's vampires stepped a tall, muscular man in Nazi-style combat fatigues.

"Captain," Alucard greeted.

The silent Captain charged Alucard with inhuman speed, only for Alucard to shoot at him. The Captain dodged the shot and struck Alucard hard enough to knock the No-Life King back. The Captain drew a pair of Mauser C96 pistols with abnormally long barrels and began shooting at Alucard, who retaliated with his own heavy pistols.

As Alucard and the Captain fought, Robin spotted Slade nonchalantly observing the battle from a catwalk. He snarled and jumped up onto the catwalk. "Slade."


Both black-clad fighters drew their swords and lunged at each other with inhuman speed. Their swords clashed midway and they pushed against each other before telekinetic force projected by both repelled each other. Both skidded backward from each other on the catwalk but quickly recovered and attacked each other again. Robin flipped over Slade and whirled to kick him in the back of the head, only for Slade to grab his ankle and throw him down into the midst of the bioengineered vampires. Slade jumped down after him with a battle cry, aiming to slice him in two. Robin easily blocked Slade's longsword and the two resumed their fight.

"Another child of the damned!" Anderson roared, rushing at Slade to impale him with his blessed blades.

"Anderson!" Robin shouted.

Anderson had impaled Slade, but Slade seemed more amused than anything else. He reached behind himself and removed the blades from his back, slashing Anderson with his own weapons in one swift motion. Anderson roared with rage and drew more blessed blades, throwing them furiously at Slade, who blocked them all with his longsword.

"What are you waiting for?" Schrödinger asked the bioengineered vampires. "Quit wasting time and get out there!"

The Millennium vampires, which now numbered in the several hundreds instead of the thousand they had been before, began to pour out of the base, despite the best efforts of the Titans and their allies. Of course, they weren't the only ones trying to stop the Millennium vampires, as cross-shaped silver shuriken plunging into their heads proved. A sword with magical properties sliced through other Millennium vampires, while extended arm-blades did their gruesome task.

"They're escaping!" Cyborg shouted.

"Dude, we get that!" Beast Boy exclaimed, running after them as a jaguar.

"How are we going to stop all of them?" Kid Flash asked.

"We do," Raven replied, wrapping the Titans in her soul-self and carrying them outside of the Millennium base to fight the bioengineered vampires. Despite their efforts, the vampires were still of such numbers that they could practically mow the Titans down and continue on their hellish path into the city.

"How the fuck are we going to stop them?" Argent asked.

There is a way, Thanatos whispered.

How? Argent asked.

The final release of Crimson Shadow, Thanatos replied. The totality of my power, released in you, my dear. All you have to do . . . is call out.

"Crimson Shadow . . . ensnare their apostate souls," Argent whispered, as the words emerged in her mind. Immediately, Crimson Shadow's chain blade wrapped around her body but without touching her. The hilt disappeared, leaving just the chain and its blade. The blade melted away to leave just the chain, which glowed a bright red and split apart into a multitude of links that spun around her. The links suddenly fired away in all directions, flying into the air above Argent and linking together as a multitude of writhing chains that the transformed Argent caught.

"Whoa . . ." Kid Flash exclaimed. "Is that you, Argent?"

"Yeah," Argent replied. Her outfit had changed into an almost transparent black babydoll dress with a tattered hem and extremely skimpy shorts. She wore knee-high laced-up black boots with fishnet stockings, as well as black spike bracelets and a spike choker. Her eyes were ringed with darker makeup and her lips were colored blacker than the night itself. "And now it's time to kick ass." She rocketed into the city, the chains following her.

The Millennium vampires' task was already well under way; they were feeding off everybody who was trying to flee, as mere humans couldn't hope to outrun or outfight vampires. When the other Titans reached the city, their eyes were wide with horror upon seeing the carnage caused by the Millennium vampires. "They are . . . slaughtering them . . ." Starfire uttered in horror.

Even worse, the vampires' victims were rising as ghouls, who went after other humans and began to eat them. "What are we waiting for?" Robin asked angrily, speeding toward a gaggle of vampires and ghouls and savagely tearing into them with his sword and bare hands. Argent extended the chains of Crimson Shadow at the vampires and ghouls, ripping them apart. Starfire fired her starbolts at the vampires and ghouls, while Raven used her soul-self to shred them. Beast Boy rammed them in the form of a rhinoceros, while Cyborg blasted them with his dual Sonic Cannons.

Kid Flash attacked the vampires and ghouls at super-speed, while Jericho jumped from body to body, using each body to attack and then escaping to another before they got wise to him. Mai fought the vampires and ghouls with inhuman speed and strength, and Julius, Adrian, and Rayne had gotten in on the action, using their respective weapons to fight the vampires and ghouls. Explosive shells fired into the vampires and ghouls, signaling that Seras had come to assist them.

Of course, Slade had come along to observe, or so it seemed. He smirked beneath his mask; the moment had arrived, signaled by the sudden appearance of glowing demonic runes on the streets where the Millennium vampires rampaged.

"Oh, no . . ." Raven uttered.

This is why Slade allied with Millennium! L'andira cried out in horror. He used them to provide himself with sacrifices!

Sacrifices?! Robin repeated. For what?

To become a new incarnation of the Wamphyr God, L'andira explained.

Raven wrapped the Titans and their allies in her soul-self and levitated them above ground. They were just in time to witness the ritual that consumed vampires and ghouls alike, transferring their power into Slade. Slade roared in unholy triumph as purple-and-red light emanated from him, signaling his transformation. When the light show faded, he was garbed in a black jacket opened to expose a shirtless torso and black pants and boots. His hair was white-blond and hung over his right eye, while his left was a malevolent crimson. A mouthpiece molded to resemble a jawbone covered his mouth, chin, and jaw, while his sword rested in a sheath on his back.

"Hello," Slade greeted. "Welcome to my world."

There was no discernable delay between his speech and his action. One second, he had finished talking and the second after that, he had pierced Raven's soul-self, scattering the Titans. Robin was quick to recover, using his telekinetic powers to catch the others and levitate them to safety. Slade was undeterred, speeding toward Robin and slashing him across the chest multiple times in rapid succession. Robin attempted to retaliate, but Slade dodged with brutal ease and slashed Robin's face from behind, his sword at an angle that it knocked Robin's motorcycle goggles off and cut his eye.

Robin snarled and swung his sword at Slade, only for Slade to dodge again. It went on like this for quite some time; Robin attempting to attack and Slade effortlessly dodging Robin's attempts at attacking him and retaliating with attacks of his own. Twenty minutes in, Slade had sustained no wounds at all, while Robin was bleeding everywhere and had nearly lost an eye. Robin spun around frantically, attempting to perceive Slade's next movements with his ultimate eye, but Slade was too fast.

"What's the matter, Robin?" Slade asked mockingly. "You're so slow."

Argent telekinetically threw the chains of Crimson Shadow at Slade, who let them wrap around his arm just to use them to pull Argent to him. Argent let go of Crimson Shadow and let the multitude of crimson chains bind Slade. She generated a giant plasma fist and used it to punch Slade, knocking him off the rooftop on which he stood. Argent flew down after him, only to find Crimson Shadow scattered on the street. She picked up her weapon, only to sense Slade behind her.

She whirled around to project plasma knives at him, but even at that close range he was able to dodge them, prompting a gasp of shock from her. Undeterred despite that, she wrapped part of Crimson Shadow around her arm and hand and punched Slade, who took her punch like it was nothing. He slashed at her with his sword, but she took off into the air. Unfortunately for her, so did he. Argent snapped the chains out at Slade, but Slade caught them with his sword blade and used the leverage to spin her around. Argent maneuvered herself into a kick to Slade's exposed torso, knocking him to the ground. The Wamphyr God simply landed on his feet, smiling up at Argent.

"You're not going to be smiling for long, you son of a bitch!" Cyborg shouted, firing dual Sonic Cannons at Slade. By the time the blast reached the spot where Slade had been, the Wamphyr God was already gone . . . and behind Cyborg, as evinced by a tap on the machine-man hybrid's shoulder. Cyborg barely had time to turn around before he was sent flying down the street by a punch from Slade.

Beast Boy charged at Slade as an elephant, but Slade grabbed him by the tusks and threw him over his head. Beast Boy transformed into a pterodactyl to save himself and flew with his talons extended at Slade, only for Slade to dodge and jump on Beast Boy's back. The next thing Beast Boy knew, a sword had punctured his back and he was plummeting to the ground. He collapsed in human form, bleeding from his back.

Raven was about to attack Slade, but Jericho gently gripped her arm and nodded toward Beast Boy. Understanding his meaning, Raven went to Beast Boy, while Jericho fought Slade. "My son, why have you forsaken me?" Slade asked.

Jericho snarled and kicked Slade, only for Slade to catch his ankle and twist. Jericho twisted as well, kicking Slade with his other foot. Slade staggered back slightly, and Jericho pursued his advantage with forceful blows. Finally, Slade blocked Jericho's punch and kicked him hard in the stomach, sending him tumbling down the street.

Kid Flash zoomed toward Slade and punched him hundreds of times in the space of mere seconds. Unfortunately for him, Slade dodged each and every one of his punches until he got bored and knocked the speedster down with one punch. Mai and Red X double-teamed Slade, Red X with whirring X-blades and Mai with her vampiric speed and strength. Unfortunately, neither proved to be much of a match for the transformed Slade and both were summarily knocked out.

Starfire peppered Slade with starbolts, while Seras fired explosive and incendiary shells at Slade. Slade dodged both Starfire's and Seras's attacks and retaliated with fireballs thrown at both young women. Starfire was knocked down, while Seras had to jump off her rooftop to evade. As she plummeted, she fired another shell at Slade, who evaded and threw another fireball at her. Seras twisted out of the way even as she continued to fall, landing on her feet and firing another shell at the Wamphyr God. This time, it seemed to hit, but Slade was protected by a telekinetic shield, which made the shell utterly ineffectual.

Blessed blades and silver-core bullets bounced off Slade's telekinetic field, signaling the arrival of Anderson and Alucard. Cross-shaped silver shuriken were similarly deflected, along with mystical fireballs and a certain pair of arm-blades. Alucard smirked when he spotted the one who had projected the mystical fireballs.

"It appears that for once, we're on the same side, aren't we, son?" he remarked.

Adrian nodded to his father, once known as Count Dracula and now known by the same name Adrian had once taken to demonstrate his opposition to the man that had sired him. Anderson looked at Alucard and Adrian, aghast. "A son?!" he exploded. "What harlot would have birthed your children?!"

"For your information, my mother is not a harlot," Adrian answered, his matter-of-fact tone belying his anger at the "holy man" who dared insult his mother.

"Bitch later," Rayne said, attacking Slade at high speed with her arm-blades. Slade bore her attacks until he spotted an opening . . . and he took it, slugging her in the stomach. Rayne skidded back but recovered quickly, kicking Slade in the chest and aiming the spike heel on her shoe for his heart. Slade let her spike heel pierce him in the heart, only to telekinetically push her away from him.

A black blur moved toward Slade, barely distinguishable as something resembling a human, and struck him. Slade fell back and looked at his attacker. "So you've come back."

"That's right," Robin replied, garbed in a full-body black suit with black armor covering his chest, shoulders, forearms, and thighs. Armored boots covered his feet and calves and a crimson R-symbol rested over the left side of his chest. Three short, curved blades extended from the armored bracers on his forearms.

Slade and Robin glared at each other, as the other Titans returned to flank Robin. Both vampire demigods gripped their swords tightly, just as they lunged at each other, slashing each other. Robin's armor protected him for the most part, while Slade was cut. Slade's wound healed and he wrapped fire around his sword, slashing at Robin again. Robin ducked under Slade's swing and slashed upward, cutting Slade again, only for Slade to heal again.

Slade and Robin attacked each other at high speed, their swords clashing viciously. They pushed against each other, only to break away because their telekinetic powers had repelled each other. They skidded backwards from each other, only for Slade to suddenly appear in Robin's face with his blade extended. Robin dodged and moved behind Slade, only for Slade to move behind him. Robin blocked Slade's sword and kicked him in the solar plexus, sending the Wamphyr God flying backwards.

Robin sped behind Slade and kicked him in the air, jumping up to continue kicking him and wrapping shadow wire around Slade's body. Robin dropped down, slamming Slade to the ground and creating a good-sized crater. Slade broke free of the shadow wire and slashed Robin's cheek, only for the wound to quickly heal itself. Robin slashed Slade across the face, but Slade's wound healed just as quickly as Robin's had.

Both combatants flipped out of the crater, Slade lunging toward Robin as soon as they were out. Robin blocked Slade's attack and kicked him to the ground, only for Slade to tumble backward onto his feet and spring at Robin again. Robin dodged Slade's attack and sliced Slade's torso off his legs. Slade snarled in rage as he fell legless to the ground, rolling himself onto his back.

"You gonna regenerate those things?" Robin asked with mocking coolness. "No matter. I'm not giving you that chance." He glared at Slade's legs and they burst into flame. He looked at Slade and the same thing happened to Slade. "It's over. And not soon enough." Robin's armor shifted back into his normal attire, a sleeveless black shirt with an R-brand on the left side of the chest and black pants with buckles on the thighs.

The next few weeks were spent rebuilding the areas of the city that had been damaged in Millennium's attempt to conquer the United States. They'd probably think a good long while before trying again there, but the end result would be the same. Millennium would fall, but until then, the Titans had decided to leave the occult menaces to the more expert hands of Hellsing and Iscariot, even if they both had pretty nutty agents. Besides, Seras wasn't so bad; Alucard could probably stand to treat her better. Addressing her by her proper name would be a good start.

At the culmination of the rebuilding, Robin gently glided to Starfire and whispered in her ear, "Come to my room tonight. Alone. Toni and I will be waiting for you."

"Yes," Starfire answered.

That night, when Starfire was certain everyone else was asleep, she extricated herself from her bed and exited her room. She walked down the hall and turned the corner, continuing to walk down the corridors until she reached the door that said "Robin." At that moment, she heard Robin's voice in her mind.

Starfire . . . come on in.

Starfire obeyed, the door sliding open to allow her access. She stepped inside and saw that the lights were on, but dim. Still, her vision was acute enough that she could see just fine. She looked around and saw Robin and Argent sitting on the bed together, Robin in a black silk jacket and pants (and nothing else) and Argent in a black silk babydoll nightdress that split below the bosom to reveal a pair of red silk panties. Argent sat behind Robin in a half-upright, half-reclining position, her arms draped over his chest. Both vampiric Titans looked at her with smoldering expressions.

"Why did you call me here?" Starfire asked.

"Argent and I have come to an understanding," Robin replied, a faint smile coming to his face. "You love me, Argent loves me, I love you both . . . so it will be us three, from now on."

"You mean, us four," L'andira spoke, her semisolid astral form emerging behind Starfire, who literally jumped in shock.

"Who is she?!" Starfire asked in fright.

"I am L'andira," the vampire progenitor replied, smiling up at Starfire. "You can come down. I won't bite . . . unless you want me to."

Starfire floated down to the floor. "This . . . is a lot to take in. Are you Robin's lover, too?"

"Not quite," L'andira replied. "We have a deeper bond than that. Sex is simply how we choose to express it."

Starfire smiled brightly, prompting the other three in the room to look at her askance. The Tamaranean princess decided to elucidate herself. "Forgive me . . . it is simply that on Tamaran, we believe very strongly in love above all else. In fact, we believe in it so strongly that we do not usually restrict it to one person. The bonds we make are always of an emotional nature, a nature that sometimes finds expression in the physical."

"May I have this kiss?" L'andira asked chivalrously.

"Yes . . ." Starfire replied, allowing L'andira to take her lips in a chaste kiss that nonetheless promised more. As they kissed, L'andira subtly guided Starfire over to Robin, gently pushing the Tamaranean girl onto the Dark Squire's lap. Starfire turned around and kissed Robin passionately, gratified that she was not doing this just to learn his language, but because she wanted to taste him. As they kissed, Argent eased Robin's jacket off and gently ran her nails down his back, the slight pain thrilling him.

Over the past two months, Robin had been tested in ways that no young man should have to be. He had been blessed and cursed with power beyond the imagination of any mortal, and he had chosen to wield it with an inner strength unheard of in most mortals. In return, the universe had rewarded him with a team that had fought by his side, and three women that he loved more than anything. It was good to be him.

End Notes: That's it; the end of my vampire story. The end for now, that is. If you want to know how Robin was able to kick Slade's ass, it's because Slade didn't have all the sacrifices he needed for "ultimate" power. If he had, dunno if anybody – even Robin – could have stopped him. Fortunately, the Titans whittled the numbers of Millennium's vampires enough to have a shot at beating Slade. Speaking of Slade, his transformed appearance is inspired somewhat by Grimmjow Jaggerjaques, an antagonist from the manga/anime Bleach.

Starfire's explanation of her people's take on love and relationships comes from the original comics, which I like. Also, vampire relationships are somewhat different from human relationships, more like those of comic Tamaraneans, so that's how Robin and Argent can have Starfire and L'andira as shared lovers. If you're wondering why Robin occasionally calls Argent "Toni," that's her real name in the comics. Why doesn't Argent call him by his real name, then? She doesn't exactly know it yet.

The initial and final releases of Crimson Shadow, as well as Crimson Shadow's status as a "Soul Slayer," are inspired by Bleach's take on the Japanese death gods known as shinigami. The transformation that comes with Crimson Shadow's final release is inspired by Bleach's main character Ichigo Kurosaki's final release.

Why pair Robin with Argent? Why not? Very few people have done it before, and I always like to go to less-treaded ground, so . . . Besides, every time a vampire fic comes around, Robin and Raven always get paired, so I wanted to do something different. Plus, mine is finished and everyone else's is still going, no offense to them. Anyway, see you around.