Zoro woke up from his post-afternoon nap to find the sun sinking slowly toward the ocean, a giant gold coin suspended in a tapestry of lavender silk. Well, that was how Sanji had once described it to Nami, just to watch her sigh happily at the idea of such riches as she gazed out at it. Speak of the devils, there they were; the cook with his elbows propped on the railing and the navigator leaning against his side, the two of them watching the horizon in silence. Zoro, though unwilling to acknowledge it, liked this time of day. It was…peaceful. Not that Zoro didn't like the rest of the day, which involved a lot of laughing and fighting and running about and general insanity, but quiet could be nice, too.

He was about to drift back to sleep and let them have their moment, but just then, the sun dipped below the water and set the ocean on fire with blazing orange light. Sanji straightened up and took one of Nami's hands in his, pressing it to his lips as she gave him That Look, the one where her eyes sparkled and she smiled without mischief or malice or falsity. She stood up on her toes and kissed him, her free hand on his shoulder while his rested on the small of her back.

Zoro watched them, transfixed, the light from the setting sun causing their hair to glow red and gold as it intermingled in the gentle breeze. They just looked so…perfect.

Annoyed at the sudden pang of jealousy this line of thought had bred, Zoro turned over and tried to ignore the sunset and the other fascinating spectacle taking place across the deck. They didn't need him; they were having a perfectly good time all by themselves. He should just go back to sleep and leave them alone…

There was a hand on his shoulder. It was too small to be Sanji's, so it wouldn't do to slap it away and risk said cook's wrath while trying to nap. Instead, he cracked open one eye and turned his head to look up into Nami's face, trying desperately to look annoyed for roughly three seconds before admitting defeat. Her hair was soft and loose in a tangerine halo around her face, and she was giving him That Look. Damn. There was no defying That Look.

"What?" he grumbled, attempting annoyance and falling just short.

"We're watching the sunset," Nami replied, unfazed.

"Good for you." Zoro shut his eyes, but then Nami's hand slid from his shoulder to the side of his neck, fingers brushing his earrings before working into his hair, and his eyes opened again involuntarily. He fixed Nami with a lazy sort of 'you have my attention' look and raised an eyebrow.

"Join us," she urged, backing off to make room for him to stand. Zoro muttered, almost under his breath, that he didn't feel like moving, but there were suddenly a pair of legs in his field of vision. He looked up to see Sanji smirking down at him, one hand in his pocket and the other reaching out to him: a silent offer.

Zoro looked at the hand skeptically for a long moment, gave up, and took it, letting Sanji help him up. "You people can't do anything without me, can you?" he said bitterly as the three of them walked over to the railing.

"No," said Nami, leaning back against Zoro's chest and tugging his arms around her. Sanji wrapped his arms around them both and rested his chin on Zoro's shoulder. "We really can't."

Zoro kissed the top of Nami's head and intertwined his fingers with Sanji's, and as they watched the red-orange glow of the sun on the ocean together, he decided that that was perfectly all right with him.