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Sakura always loved kids. And they loved her back. Almost everyday, since she turned 16, she visited the children in the old, tattered orphanage. Sakura played with the older ones, and fed the younger ones. She was a role model to them.

Sasuke, on the other hand, also visited the orphanage. He felt that he should be nice to them, since he was stuck in an orphanage too when he was young. The boys there looked up at him as an older brother.

Then, Iku-chan. She was a shy girl who appeared at random times. People thought of her as a ghost. But somehow, she's Sakura and Sasuke's favorite kid.

Now, Sakura and Sasuke don't know each other-yet. Fate will soon decide.

"Ohayo, Iku-chan!!!" Sakura's cheery voice rang through the old building. Iku came n running over and hugged her so called 'older sister'. The head of the orphanage, Naomi, smiled warmly at the two.

"Hello, Sakura-chan. What brings you here early?" Naomi asked, her curved back limping over a bit. Sakura grinned.

"I got off work early." She replied. She handed Iku a small box. The girl squealed with happiness. She shook the box a little and squealed even louder.

"It's ohagi!!!" She cried as she opened the box. Yes, she was right. Iku took out the first piece and outstretched her arm.

"Would you want a piece, Naomi-sama?" She asked cutely, her green eyes growing bigger. Naomi gratefully took the piece and bit into it, licking her chapped lips with satisfaction.

"You know, your eyes look exactly like Sakura-chan's. It amazes me yet that you two aren't related." The old woman spoke, finishing off the ohagi.

"We even had to do blood tests because they thought we were sisters." Sakura said, grinning as she bit into a piece of ohagi. Iku giggled playfully.

Iku stored the rest of the ohagi inside Naomi's special refrigerator and went with Sakura to the playroom.

"So, Iku-chan…anything new happen?" Sakura asked, twirling a piece of her hair around with her index finger. Iku nodded quickly.

"You remember Shiba, right?" She asked with her small voice, blushing.

"Uh-huh." Sakura answered, listening intently. Iku grinned widely as she squealed out, "He gave me a flower!" Sakura smiled in return.

"That was very nice of him. So…do you think he likes you?" The pink-haired medic asked. Iku blushed into a deeper shade of red.

"Maybe…" She replied.

Sakura checked her pink watch and sighed.

"Well, Iku-chan. I need to go now, see you later 'kay?" Sakura said, giving Iku a small kiss on her forehead and leaving. Iku stared at the spot where her older friend was once standing and glumly pouted.

The next day…Sasuke…

Sasuke walked calmly into the orphanage building.

"Hey, Naomi!" He greeted. Naomi smiled.

"Why, hello Sasuke-kun. Iku-chan's in her bedroom." The old lady said politely, pointing down the hallway. Sasuke nodded and left in a flash.

Knock knock…

"Who is it???" A sing song voice shouted. Sasuke smirked.

"It's Sasuke." He replied. There was the sound of running feet and the door flew open.

"Sasuke-kun!!!" Iku yelled, smiling from ear to ear. Sasuke picked her up gently.

Here, he could play with the children without his 'cool' friends noticing. Sasuke actually acted nice here. If his friends were ever to find out, his reputation would be shattered.

"How was your day?" Sasuke asked.

"Um…it was fine." Iku replied, her navy blue hair swaying a bit.

"Your hair has the exact same hair color as mine. Now, isn't that something?"

Iku grinned, nodding.

"There's this one lady that has the exact same eye color as me, and we're not even related!!!" Iku said. Sasuke gave her a questioning look.

"How old is this lady?" Sasuke asked, thinking it was some old hag who visits the orphanage often.

"She's about your age…" The little girl answered, looking at Sasuke carefully. He was surprised.

'My age? Weird…I didn't expect that…'

"What's her name?" Sasuke asked yet another question.

"Haruno Sakura-chan!" Iku replied.

"Why are you asking so many things?" Iku asked, her eyes shining brightly.

"No reason, I was just wondering." He said, putting Iku down.

"I have to go now. See you some other time, okay?" Sasuke said, giving the girl a nice hug. Iku nodded and watched the man's retreating figure, fading away until he exited the building.

Sasuke began his walk to the bus stop, ignoring the flirty looks girls gave him. He sat on the bus stop bench, next to a pink haired girl.

Sasuke glanced over at the girl, noticing she had bright green eyes.

'Hmm…that reminds me of…'

Then, realization hit him. Is this the girl Iku was blabbing about? How could this be???

The bus halted in front of them, the door swinging open. An old, fat man sat in the driver's seat. He winked at Sakura as she entered the bus.

She grimaced at him, literally throwing money into the pay bucket. Sakura trotted all the way to the back of the bus, soon realizing that that was a horrible mistake. Some twenty year olds looked at her, smiling and winking every now and then.

Sasuke looked at the pink-haired girl, feeling a bit sorry for her.

'Wait, I don't even know her!!! I DO NOT feel pity for her!'

'I am a stoic man with no feelings!'

But for some reason, he sat right next to this strange girl with silky looking pink hair.

Sakura looked over the man who had dared to sit next to her.

"Could you please move somewhere else?" Sakura asked, resisting the urge to grit her teeth. Sasuke leaned over to her and whispered in her ear,

"Unless you want perverts all over you."

Sakura stiffened a little and nodded.

Then, they both heard the men whistling constantly, winking at her even more. Sakura wouldn't dare to take a look at them. Sasuke looked at the men, sending them bone chilling glares.

'Why am I helping out this stranger?!'

Finally, the bus came to a stop. Sakura sighed and quickly got up. Apparently, this was her stop. Oh, and what a coincidence, this also happens to be Sasuke's stop.

When the two were out of the bus, Sakura walked over to Sasuke.

"Thanks for helping me." Sakura said to him, smiling.

"Hn." He answered, stuffing his hands right into his pockets.

'Hn?! What kind of FREAKING WORD IS THAT?!' Inner Sakura yelled, raising a fist into the air.

"Anyways, I'm going that way, so I guess this is good bye." Sakura said sweetly, parting ways with the Uchiha.

"Hn…" He replied, acting as if nothing ever happened.

"How arrogant…" He heard the girl sneer. Sasuke turned around to look at her.

"What the hell did you say about me?" Sasuke asked darkly. Sakura turned around to answer him.

"You're a non-socializing, arrogant bastard." Sakura replied, nice and simple. Sasuke smirked.

"See you around, bitch." Sasuke said, leaving her behind. Sakura stuck her tongue out at him while he couldn't see and stormed off to her apartment room.

'Well, I see you've made a new enemy.'

'He is SO rude!'

'And hot.'



Sakura shrugged off her thoughts and opened her apartment room's door.

"Hey, Ino-pig! Are you in here?!" The girl yelled, closing the door and looking around.

"I'm in the kitchen!!!" Another, more girly shouted back. Sakura went into the said room and sighed.

"Why the long face?" Ino asked, dropping a few small blocks of tofu into a metal pot.

"I met a really arrogant bastard…" Sakura whined. Ino giggled softly.

"He rejected you?" She asked. Sakura slapped her.

"I didn't like him! But he helped me out and then when I thanked him, the only word he could say was "Hn."! Then, he called me a bitch when I called him a non-socializing bastard!!!" Sakura explained, hitting her fist onto the table.

Ino widened her eyes.

"Hey, did this man have really dark blue hair?"


"And coal eyes?"

"Yeah, as cold as ice."

"And he's really a non-socializing freak?"

"Yes!" Sakura answered, getting bored of Ino's constant questions.

"I know him!!! His name is Uchiha Sasuke. He really is mean…" Ino said, agreeing with Sakura's previous statement.

"How do you know him?" Sakura asked. Ino sighed.

"Well, we were in middle school together, I went out with him-bad mistake. I didn't know he was a playboy until he dumped me…" She said. Sakura laughed.

"What's so funny?" Ino asked, fuming.

"Sorry, it's just, you didn't know he was a playboy? Oh, Ino, that's funny. Hm…why are you a playgirl?"

"I don't know, well, there's just so many boys I would like to date and-hey! What're you talking about?! YOU'RE a playgirl TOO!" Ino replied.

"So?" Sakura asked, munching on a few soybeans. Ino sighed heavily.

"Anyways, how's Iku-chan doing?"

"She's fine, she told me that her crush gave her a flower."

"That's sweet."

And for the rest of that evening, they chatted and talked for hours. Then, late at night, they watched 'Dark Water'.

Sasuke sat there on his bed, bored.

'But I wonder, was that really that Sakura-chan girl Iku was talking about…?'

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