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Chapter 23 (WOW LAST CHAPTER!!!)



"Ahh!" Sakura shouted as the floor below them collapsed. Out of the falling pieces were Ino, Ten Ten and Hinata who were also screaming for their dear lives. Another man was there too. He had glasses and gray/silvery hair.

"Tsk…tsk…it seems the weight for that room had reached its limit…Orochimaru-sama." The gray-haired man spoke, a smirk playing at his lips. The other white faced man nodded.

"So it seems, Kabuto." Orochimaru replied, sighing. The two seemed to enjoy flying down through the air.

"Kabuto, please make an inflatable thing of some sort." He asked. Kabuto nodded as he took a pill from his pocket and threw it at the ground. A large looking…pillow appeared and they all landed safely. Sakura glared at Ino..

"You idiot! Why the hell did you come, Ino-pig?! You and your heavy weight and pounds made the floor give in and break!" The pink-haired girl mocked angrily. Ino growled.

"Shut up, forehead! I was only looking out for your well being!!!" The blonde defended. Ten Ten whacked them both.

"Hello?! We still have a crisis going on!!!" She yelled. The two simply nodded.

Orochimaru quickly hopped off the huge pillow, grabbed Iku and ran off. They rest of them sped off after him and Kabuto as fast as they could.

"GET BACK HERE WITH IKU-CHAN YOU HUGE SNAKE BASTARD!!!" Sakura screamed. Sasuke, Neji and Naruto were already up in the front and were very close to retrieving Iku.

"Hyuuga go forward, Naruto go to the side…on my count…GO!" The Uchiha said loudly. They cornered Orochimaru and Kabuto, cracking their knuckles.

"It's over, Emo-chimaru!" Naruto said, grinning as they all stepped up closer. Neji glanced over at the small girl and backed up a bit. Sasuke rose an eyebrow.

"Hyuuga, what's wrong?" He asked. Neji gulped.

"Uchiha…look at Iku…" He replied.


Iku's eyes were glowing a deep color of red. She was smiling with a sort of…madness. Orochimaru grinned.

"Yes…this is the power of the clan." He said. Kabuto looked nervously. Then…

A few minutes later…

"Ha ha…contacts!!! I'm so smart!!!" Iku yelled, holding contact containers. Sasuke and Neji twitched.

She scared the CRAP out of her…and it was actually a joke…

The ANBU police force were currently shoving Orochimaru and Kabuto into the prison car. They were now questioning Shikamaru and Naruto. Then, the commanding officer went up to Iku.

"Hello little girl…how did you trick those two criminals into thinking you were really a monster?" He asked. Iku grinned as Sasuke and Neji twitched more.

"SIMPLE, I had these red contacts with me! When no one was paying attention, I put them on and smiled all evil and stuffs! Then, Neji got all scared and…Orochimaru dropped me…then, everyone backed away from me as Kaa-san called 911!!!" She explained, pointing at her pink-haired friend. The officer nodded and closed his notepad.

Then, Naomi came.

"I'm very sorry for the mistake! It seems that that Orochimaru had read some of the records…Iku's record was part true and part…scribbled with crayons and such…so…when we scanned it for copies, some of the words formed differently. So, Iku is NOT a monster!" The old woman said, showing them the first paper and then the copied one.

"So…this whole experience…and adventure…was for…nothing…?" Ino asked.



Uchiha Iku, seven year old girl, saves all her older friends and arrests Orochimaru and Kabuto, S class criminals!!!

Hinata put the newspaper down. She had a sincere smile on her face.

The female Hyuuga admired the silver wedding band Naruto had given her. Sakura grinned.

"Oh, Hinata-chan…that's so sweet of him! He actually sacrificed twenty weeks without ramen to save up money for that ring!!!" She said.

The Uchiha wedding had just ended and sakura petals fluttered in the air inside of the large, white room, where everyone was dancing to the ballroom music.

Sakura's dress was a combination of light pink and creamy white. The small and large roses looked beautiful on her dress. Her veil was flipped backwards and acted as a second layer of hair.

Ino smiled in her blue gown as she held up the bride's bouquet that she caught.

Their small chatting was interrupted when someone tapped Sakura's shoulder. She turned around and smiled.

"May I have this dance?" Sasuke asked, his hand out. She nodded and took it. They walked into the middle of the room. The musicians played a softer tune and everyone stopped doing whatever it was they were doing to watch the newly wed couple dance under the dimmed lights.

Rica sighed as she took a sip of punch. When the police were about to arrest her, Sakura had spoken up and requested they let her off the hook. After much debating, the force agreed and Rica was free.

The girl had no idea why the pink-haired teen had stood up for her. She betrayed her and even went as far as to kissing Sasuke and snuggling with him…and yet, Sakura still defended her openly.

Rica jumped slightly when she felt someone take her hand. She looked up and saw a handsome man guiding her to the dancing area.

"Will you…dance with me?" He asked nervously. Rica giggled and nodded.

Ino sat in Shikamaru's lap. Apparently, they were both asleep and enjoying the company of each other. Ten Ten and Neji were going off to dance as well and Naruto and Hinata were making plans about their own wedding.

Yup, everyone had their own happy ending…everyone except…Orochimaru and Kabuto of course!

Time Skip TWO YEARS!!! They're obviously finished with school!!!

Sakura happily skipped out of the Uchiha Estate and sniffed the pink roses. She could see Hinata and Naruto rushing over with…a bundle in their hands.

"Hi Hinata and Naruto!!! Oh, your daughter is so kawaii!!! Hi Hero-chan!! Hero-chan! Hero-chan!" Sakura chimed.

"Hey, aren't you forgetting someone?" A snappy voice asked. Sakura grinned.

"Hi Ino-pig!!!" She greeted.

The said blonde was pregnant and was currently holding Shikamaru's arm. Ten Ten and Neji came by. They all sat down at the benches outside.

"Sa-ku-ra." A low voice muttered. Sakura turned and giggled.

"Hi Sasuke-kun!!!" She yelled cheerfully. Small steps were heard and soon a happy lump was sitting on her lap.

"Iku-chan, how was school?" The pink-haired girl asked. Iku smiled in reply. Everyone could see that the little girl was growing up. She was now ten. (her birthday is in August, the wedding was in May and it is currently September, so she's ten!).

Iku's hair had grown a lot. They were still in childish pig tails though.

Sasuke gave Sakura a small chaste kiss and handed her their baby. Naruto cheered.

"UKI-KUN!!!" He yelled at the baby. The baby, male, Uki-kun, giggled and tugged at Naruto's hair. He yelped and withdrew backwards.

"Oh…did you already tell them…?" Sasuke asked Sakura as she blushed and shook her head. The group tilted their heads to the side.

"What are you two keeping from us…?" Ten Ten asked with a serious face on. Sakura gulped.

"Well…you see…I…I'm…pregnant…again." She admitted. They all choked on the air.


Sakura and Sasuke scratched the back of their heads nervously. Iku cheered.

"YAY!!! ANOTHER BROTHER OR SISTER!!!" She yelled. Naruto shook his head and grinned.

"Teme…you should start using protection…or else you two will end up with twenty kids!!!" The blond shouted. Sasuke whacked his head.

"Idiot! We don't do it that much!" He defended.

And the day went on…cheerful as always!!!

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