Luke was worried. Sookie had called him hysterically. Lorelai had not shown up for the event at work, witch was unusual. Sookie had called the house and the cell and there was no answer. Then Sookie tried Rory, and found out Rory had stayed at school and not heard form her. Sookie was frantic this was unlike Lorelai. She begged Luke to please check out the CS. Luke got into his truck, and raced to the house. When he got there the jeep was parked in its regular spot. Everything looked fine. He let out a sigh of relief as he walked up to the door and walked in. She was probably not feeling well, and had just fallen asleep.

"Lorelai?" he yelled. The lack of response making him more nervous. He searched the first floor. Paul Anka was under Rory's bed and wouldn't come out. The longer he didn't hear or see her the more nervous and anxious he became again. Luke did not like the feeling he was getting. Even asleep, she would have woken up and answered him, if she was ok. Upstairs Jason had picked up a knife and had it to Lorelai's throat.

"Lorelai!" Luke yelled again as he raced up the up the stairs. Her door was closed. Something in his mind flashed that her door was closed, and then as quickly as it appeared it disappeared.

Jason had crept away from Lorelai and was crouched next to the door ready to pounce with the knife gripped in his hand. He was staring at Lorelai, glad she would see this.

The doorknob turned slowly.

Lorelai had to think fast. She knew that Jason would not hesitate to kill Luke with the knife. She couldn't let that happen. As soon as the door opened Lorelai yelled, "Luke run! He has a knife!"

Jason pounced on Luke with the knife. Luke had heard Lorelai and had moved to protect himself. Jason missed his chest, and he stabbed him in the shoulder. Jason yanked out the knife they were both struggling for control of it. Luke was pummeling Jason when the knife fell from his hand. Luke punched Jason a few more times and then quickly picked up the knife. The fight was over. Jason was curled in a semi fetal position not moving. Looking at Jason, Luke felt an overwhelming feeling to just keep hurting him.

It was then that he glanced over at Lorelai. His Lorelai, and his heart stopped beating. Her face was barely recognizable, she had bruises, bite marks, and she was tied to the bed. There was blood on the sheets and between her breasts; he did not want his eyes to focus on everything. He went over to her and knelt next to the bed and started to untie her.

"Luke don't. Not now, please make sure he isn't going to come to, and hurt you." He was shocked that after all this she was thinking of him. She wanted to make sure he was safe. This woman, his woman was more worried that something would happen to him, when she had gone through so much. Then she asked him to call the police before he touched another thing. All her TV police drama viewing was good for something.

On the phone with the police Luke gave them all the information they needed. Once done with that he asked them if he could untie her, and give her clothes to wear, while they waited for them to arrive. They told him he could untie her, but to only let her wrap herself up in the blanket or something, and to not leave the room.

Jason was coming to. Luke lost it he got up, walked over to a curled up Jason and kicked him in the face. He wasn't getting up again soon; he hoped he never got up.

Luke walked over to Lorelai and untied her gently. The rope had left ugly red welts on her ankles and wrists. He kissed each one as he gently untied it. Luke went to the closet and pulled out a quilt for her to cover herself with. It was then that he allowed himself to hold her and totally break down. He cradled her and kissed the top if her head. Her ran his finger over her beautiful face, and through her hair trying to calm her, as well as himself. He kissed the top of her head over and over. She could feel him as he struggled to keep his emotions in check, and then just let go.

"Oh my God, Lorelai, what did he do to you? How long have you been here?" Luke bent down close to her ear and whispered he loved her and was sorry.

Luke was no longer able hold back his tears. They were flowing down his face as he held her. His heart was broken. He wanted Jason to die. Just then he heard the police arrive.

Luke would not leave her side. A paramedic was working on the stab wound on his shoulder. Two more were with Lorelai, as well as a detective, another paramedic was working on Jason. Luke stared at him, he had wanted to kill him. He wished he were dead. Hey had hoped his kick to the head was fatal, but it didn't seem too be. Jason had hurt the person he loved most in the world, the only person who could see through his rough exterior and still love him.

At the hospital they were separated, Lorelai whisked away to emergency. Luke was escorted to a room where they gave him 14 stitches on his shoulder. The wound had not been as deep as they thought, but it was long. It would hurt for quite a while. Luke hardly noticed it right now, but took the pain relievers they offered, and was on his way.

He quickly went to the front desk looking for Lorelai. He told them he was her husband, knowing they would not let him in otherwise. He was taken to a room where she was being taken care of. The doctor told him that she had two fractures, one on each cheek. She had internal tearing of the vaginal walls. They had told him she had agreed to a rape kit and it had been done. She had bandages on her wrists and ankles. She had seven stitches between her breasts, where he had cut her. The rest was bruising and swelling that would go down with time. Luke could only stare at her. They would keep her for observation for a few days. Luke asked if he could stay with her, and the Dr.'s agreed. She had been given some sedatives to help her with the pain and relax her.

Luke went out to the hall. He knew he had to make some of the most difficult phone calls of his life.

He could hear how frantic Rory was the minute she answered the phone.

"Luke is Mom ok?" she was practically in tears. " I left school an hour ago but have been in traffic. Is she ok? Please Luke she is ok, right?"

"Rory, your Mom is at the hospital." He heard her gasp. "I will tell you what happened when you get here, but know now she is safe and ok now."

"Luke, please what happened?"

"I think it is best I tell you in person. I am going to call your grandparents and Sookie right after I get off the phone with you, and I will tell you all together. I think it would be best if I do this in person." He couldn't bring to spring this on her family over the phone, especially Rory

Luke could hear her crying. She was scared, but bid him goodbye and told him she would get there as soon as possible.

Luke called the elder Gilmore's, a phone call he was dreading.

"Hello, Mrs. Gilmore, this is Luke Danes."

"Yes, the diner owner?" Emily wondering what he would want calling them. She couldn't stand the man. He was not good enough for Lorelai. What did he think to call their home.

"Mrs. Gilmore, I am calling you because Lorelai is in the hospital. She has been involved in a crime and I think you and your husband should be here. She isn't in danger of dying, but she is not well off. You should be here."

Emily, did not know what to say. She was in shock.

"What happened to her. I hope you had nothing to do with it!" she yelled into the phone. "What is wrong with my daughter? Richard, please hurry up pick up the phone. Richard!"

Luke heard another line connecting.

"Hello Mr. Gilmore, I was telling your wife that Lorelai is in the hospital, and I think it best if you both come down here as soon as possible. I will explain what happened in person, and I think you may need to speak to the police who are here."

"We will be there as soon as we can." stated Richard and quickly they both hung up.

His last call had been to Sookie, and he had told her everything over the phone, because she had no one to watch the kids.

Luke waited. He walked back into her room and watched her. He wanted to hold her and take care of her. He felt horrible that he wasn't there to have stopped this. He should have gone looking for her when she didn't show up at the diner. So he sat and talked to her about nothing, even though she was sleeping. He rubbed her hand and told her how much he loved her, and needed her. About 45 minutes later Rory walked into the room. She broke down when she saw her mother. Luke took her outside of the room and tried to comfort her. He was hugging a crying Rory when he looked up and spotted Emily and Richard walking down the hall. You could hear Emily demanding things and complaining. The look she shot him would kill if it were possible.

They walked up to Luke and said hello. Emily, with her suspicious look on her face. She was not convinced that Luke was not involved in this. She knew it must be is ignorance or stupidity that caused harm to her daughter. He didn't deserve her.

Rory continued to hold onto Luke. She would not let go of him. Luke then told them about Jason waiting for Lorelai at her house. How he had taped her mouth shut, beat her, raped her multiple times, and tied her to the bed. He told them about the fracture, the internal bleeding, the stitches. He told them she was badly beaten and to expect the worse before going in. Emily didn't say a thing. Richard was asking Luke how she had been found; when they saw the police approach them. Luke had told the police that he thought the elder Gilmore's could share some light on some of the situation. They had known Jason, and Mr. Gilmore had even worked with him. After a few minutes discussion it was agreed upon that the Gilmore's would be interviewed at home, in the next day or two, so they could visit with their daughter.

Richard was visibly shaken. He was very upset. He knew that his daughter was probably lying in that bed because of his actions. He knew that he had caused this unintentionally. He grabbed Emily's arm feeling like he was loosing focus, he felt faint.

"Oh my God, this is my fault. It is entirely my fault. Had we not destroyed Jason, Lorelai would not be in there. My daughter has gone through hell because all I could think of was my money. My money, that right now means nothing to me. Oh my God Forgive me." And he sat down and started to cry. For a few minutes no one said anything, as Emily and Rory tried to console him.

Emily had never seen Richard cry in his life, other than when Trix died. She told him that no one would have expected this to happen. That he needed to be strong for Lorelai, and she helped him up, and followed behind Luke and Rory into the room.

Luke still holding Rory walked into the room, the Gilmore's followed. Emily walked up to her and moved Lorelai's hair off her face. She looked at what was her daughter's face and a single tear dropped from her eye. They had never had the best relationship, but this was her daughter. How could anyone do this to her? She reached down and took one of Lorelai's hands and held it.

Rory finally let go of Luke and went and held her mother's other hand. She whispered something in Lorelai's ear, and Lorelai opened her eyes. She looked around the room. There was Rory and her mother on each side of the bed, and Luke and her Dad standing together at the foot of the bed.

"Hi, So is it Friday night dinner already?" she tried to smile, but it hurt.

Everyone starts talking at once, and Lorelai just takes it all in. She doesn't want to talk about what happened, and asks them all to please respect it. She looks at her Dad, when he returns her glance she says, "Dad it wasn't your fault. Please do not think that. You didn't do this to me, and I do not blame you."

Richard puts his hand on top of the hand Emily had been holding and still apologizes.

"I am so sorry Lorelai. I didn't know this would happen. I wouldn't have ever done it had I known it would hurt you." She squeezed his hand and gave him a small smile, letting him know she believed him and wasn't blaming him.

That is the last thing she is willing to say to the group on the matter. Visiting hours were over. Luke didn't want Rory going back to the house yet, and gave her the keys to his apartment. He wasn't leaving Lorelai's side, so he felt better if Rory stayed at his place. He didn't want her to return to the house just yet.

When everyone had left he walked over to Lorelai. He gently stroked her hand and placed multiple kisses on the top of her head. He had never loved someone so much as he did this woman. He couldn't explain the connection but it had always been there for him. She had stolen his heart from day one, and neve did he think she would ever be his. Lorelai looked up at him.

"Luke?" she said "Will you still want me after all this? I can understand if you want nothing to do with me. I just want you to know that, I tried to escape. I really did." Looking at Lorelai's pleading eyes broke his hear. How could she think he would stop loving her? She was all he had ever wanted.

"Lorelai, I have loved you for eight years. I have watched you go for one man to the other, almost watched you get married. Have seen your best and your worse, and nothing. Not this or anything else will ever make me not want you. I have wanted nothing but to share my life with you, and I meant when I said I was "all in"."

Lorelai closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep, Luke holds her hand and places his head on the bed eventually falling asleep.

The next morning Lorelai wakes up and sees Luke slumped over the bed asleep. He had not left her side. She let go of his hand and ran it through his hair. Luke stirred and looked up at her. He smiled at her. She was so grateful for him and everything he had done. She wonders why she didn't see him in this light for so long.

"Good morning" Lorelai whispered.

"Good morning." returned Luke. "Is there anything you need? Can I get you anything?"

Lorelai stared to cry. He quickly sits next to her, and cradles her in his arms. She snuggled up against his chest, breathing in his smell and feeling instantly safe. Luke had been so afraid that Lorelai would not want any physical contact including this, but so far his fears were not realized. He strokes her hair and lets her cry. When she starts to talk, it was heartbreaking. Lorelai tells him everything. He would flinch every time she described him hitting her, or raping her. She begged him to believe that she had tried to get away. That she hated what he had done, like he didn't believe her.

"Lorelai, I know you did everything you could. I am grateful beyond words that I still have you here with me. You did what you had to do to stay alive and I love you for that. I do not know what I would have done without you. I believe you, and I love you. Don't you ever forget that."

All that Lorelai heard in her head was that he loved her, and with that she knew she could make it through. "Luke? Could I have some coffee?" she smiled through her tears at him. He knew then she was beginning to heal.

On the second day there, Rory, Emily and Richard had stayed with her. There had not been one snide or mean remark from Emily. If anything she kept asking if there was anything she could get her or do. Richard had told her that they had the best lawyers at work and he would not rest until Jason paid for what he did to her. Lorelai asked that his name not be brought up again. Luke came back later in the afternoon. When the Gilmore's were leaving they asked him if he could please walk them to their car. Rory stayed with Lorelai. A concerned look flashed across Lorelai's face, and Rory eased her concern.

"Luke, you know that we had not approved of your relationship with our daughter." Richard started. " We felt that she deserved to live in the manner that she had been brought up, and in the lifestyle we live. We were wrong son."

Luke looked up at the Gilmore's. He had been expecting the "now you can go" speech from the beginning, but he wasn't expecting this.

"We were wrong." said Emily. "You saved our daughter from that despicable man, a man who was of our status in society. You saved her, have taken care of her, and have hardly moved from her side. You have done nothing but include us in everything and we are forever grateful."

"Please forgive us for prejudging you. We are sorry. You make our daughter happy, and it is her happiness, which we want most. We won't ever get in your way, and you will always be welcome at our home." Richard held out his hand, which Luke took and shook. When he let go Emily gave him a quick and awkward hug. With that they walked away and left him to return to Rory and Lorelai.

Luke walked back into the room. He told Lorelai and Rory what had just happened. Both of them were ecstatic. He knew this would help pave the way for a quicker recovery for Lorelai.

She was dismissed from the hospital the next day. Luke had not left her side, other than to get food, coffee and run home to shower. He had also gone to her house and made sure it was locked up. The police tapes and everything that needed to be removed had been. He went inside and cleaned her room. Washed the floors, and the windows. Dusted everything, cleaned and washed everything on her dresser. He went out and bought her a new bed, new sheets and a comforter with Rory's help. Babbette, Patty and others had come and cleaned the rest of her house and waited for the delivery of the bed. Jackson had come and planted flowers around the walkway. Sookie had meals in the freezer for her. The town did everything they could to make her feel welcomed again. They all wanted her to now who much they loved her. They wanted her to be able to come home.

They were all waiting for her when Luke pulled the truck into her driveway. After she got out, everyone was hugging her and giving her flowers, teddy bears and balloons. Rory, Emily and Richard were there also. She had offers for all kinds of help, which she gladly accepted.

The house though loomed in front of her. Finally it was time to go in. Lorelai was hesitant. She was not sure she could do it. The house now held other memories, memories she would rather forget. She was afraid to go in. Luke walked up behind her and held her hand tight. Rory came over and held her other one.

"Do you want to do this?" he asked her. "You don't have to. It can wait. You can stay with me over the diner."

Lorelai looked into his eyes. She was scared and he could see it. He wouldn't push her. She looked at Rory and smiled. She remembers that the house had many more memories of her and Rory there.

She took a step towards the house. Holding their hands tightly, making sure they weren't going anywhere. He had been by her side through all of this, and she needed him. Rory would support her and love her no matter what. She had a long journey ahead of her. There were lots of things to work out, therapy and nightmares to get over. She knew she could do it as long as she had them. She started walking up the stairs.

"I'm right here with you." Luke said, and they walked across the porch.

"Me too, Mom."

"Lorelai, I am here with you for as long as you want me. I will stay with you day and night, if you want me there. You don't have to do anything alone. We can get through this together, and I will always love you."

Lorelai looks into his eyes and says, "You amaze my Luke. You have stayed with me after everything that has happened. You saved me, which I have never properly thanked you for. You have offered me your home, and you love me. You love me. What else can a woman want?"

He looked down at her and smiled. He had everything he wanted here, what he had wanted since the day she had walked into the diner. He was never going to let it get away.

With that the three of them walked into the house together, the family that had been in the making for eight years. No doubt that they would make it together.

Many months later Jason was convicted on one count of attempted murder, multiple counts of rape, and one count of assault with a deadly weapon. He would not see daylight for at least 30 years. A few months later he was found dead in his jail cell.