Disclaimer for 'TTYL'

A Fanfiction by FishFriend

This is an Disclaimer that is meant for the whole TTYL series. Basically, I do not own Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer does. I don't, and No copyright infringement is intended.

This could take place after a bit in New Moon or Twilight. Mostly not too many spoilers.

This is a story with the idea (borrowed with permission from 'Aim with the Cullens''s author) that all of the Cullen's (and Bella) got AIM, and then Alice started up a chat room, and there may be some seperate AIM's, as well. Below is a key for the Main characters screen names.

Janeaustenfan: Bella

Pianoman11: Edward

Philosophy101: Jasper

Myclosetsbigger: Alice

GrizBearsrok: Emmett

Homedecor4fun: Esme

Modelingbeatsreading: Rosalie

Dr.C.C.65: Carlisle