Chapter 7: Party Crashing

Kagome and Sango were making something to eat for lunch, when Inuyasha came out of Miroku's room from getting changed. Inuyasha awkwardly stood at the hallway entrance with his hands in his pockets.

"So…uh…I guess I should get going…" Inuyasha said but didn't move towards the door. Kagome took notice but pretended not to.

"You can stay for lunch if you like" Sango suggested. It didn't seem like she noticed his attempt to leave was feigned. Inuyasha accepted and sat on a stool at the kitchen's island. Kagome put a bowl of rice in front of him, and he looked at her with a small smile. Kagome tried to hide her blushing face, as she sat across from him at the island.

"Ugh you two make me sick" Sango said sitting down with her own bowl of rice. Kagome and Inuyasha both looked up at her, then at each other, then to their bowls. Sango giggled to herself until Kagome shot her a dirty look. Miroku came in through the front door with two large cases of rattling bottles, a bag and a wild look on his face.

"Let's get his party started RIIIIIGHT!" Miroku shouted putting down the cases.

"Where'd you get the beer?" Inuyasha asked, "Need to be 21 to legally buy"

"My lawyer bought it for me" Miroku smiled and spoke with excitement. Sango walked over to the bag Miroku had brought in with the cases of beer. "OH MY GOD! YES!" she screamed pulling out a bottle of vodka.

"So what party you guys going to?" Inuyasha asked. The other three looked around at each other than back at the white haired boy.

"Well," Miroku started, "I never really thought of that…"

"Why don't we just sit and drink here? Like we do at home?" Kagome suggested.

"That's so lame" Inuyasha said with an unimpressed face. Kagome stuck her tongue out him, in retaliation. What am I? A twelve year old?

"Listen," Inuyasha spoke to the three of them, "my brother has a party at his place every Friday. You guys can come to that if you want"

"Ooo that sounds interesting!" Sango sounded excited but Kagome had a worried look on his face.

"Are you sure that's ok with your brother?" Miroku was the one to ask which made Kagome feel good that she didn't have to.

"Yeah he's fine with it. Most of the people at those parties are randos off the street anyway" That is not comforting, "I got a fridge in my room, where you guys can put your booze so no one else gets to it"

Miroku started asking more about the party, like how wild it got, and more importantly if any hot girls were going to be there. Sango smacked him for that, and then proceeded to ask if there would be any hot guys there. Sango smacked Miroku again for bringing up the hypocrisy. Am I the only one nervous about this? Kagome had never been to a really big party with so many people, you had to wait to use the bathroom. And this was starting to sound like that kind of party.

A light went off in her head, when she thought of a way out.

"What about the funeral tomorrow?" Kagome asked almost too excitedly.

"What about it? I can totally swing it hung over" Sango said

"Whoa! Funeral?" Inuyasha asked. Miroku explained their situation to him.

"What a bummer. Nice deal getting the house though" Inuyasha said and everyone agreed.

"Kagome can't drink too much though. She won't be able to handle herself tomorrow if she's hung over" Sango said. Kagome glared at Sango.

"What it's true. You don't drink often, so your tolerance is low"

"You don't smoke then I'm guessing" Inuyasha asked.

"Of course not!" Kagome said sounding insulted.

"Aw is it gonna stink of weed?" Miroku asked.

"Half of the house is dedicated to smoking. My rooms on the non-smoking side" Inuyasha explained.

"How big is this house?" Sango asked sounding impressed, "I might have to hook up with this brother of yours"

"He hangs out of the smoking side. Which gets really think with smoke sometimes; like you can't see what's around you" Inuyasha said laughing

"This party is gonna be wicked!" Sango said clapping and jumping up and down.

"So wicked…" Kagome said to herself and sighed

After Inuyasha had left, the girls started getting ready for the party. Sango mostly forced Kagome to get ready with her. Miroku got ready an hour before they had to leave and was now waiting for the girls to finish up on the couch.

"Helloooo!" Miroku yelled from the couch. Sango screamed back at him to shut up.

"It's not that big of a deal Kagome" Sango said sitting on Kagome's bed waiting for her to choose an outfit. Sango was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a pink top and a long sleeve thin white shirt under it. Kagome was looking at herself in the mirror, wearing a simple green dress. She sighed, Why do I care so much anyway?

"You're right not a big deal" Kagome said with confidence although that wasn't how she felt. She kicked on some green flip flops to match and walked out of the room with Sango.

"Finally!" Miroku said. Sango threatened to smack him casing him to cower. Miroku already loaded their drinks into the Jeep, so once everyone got in they were off.

"Miroku you are obviously lost. Just go back to where I had cell service and we'll call Inuyasha" Sango urged. She was sitting in the front seat with Miroku, Kagome was in the back because she was afraid someone would see the alcohol and call the cops.

"We're fine I'm sure it's down this road" Miroku assured Sango.

"What kind of rich people live on a dirt road Miroku?" Sango yelled.

"It's Hawaii – dirt roads everywhere" Miroku said not sounding so sure of himself. Kagome was enjoying their little argument with the added bonus thought that they might not make the party.

"Miroku!" Sango yelled.

"Calm down I kn-" Miroku tried to reassure her but she screamed again.

"Miroku watch it!" The Jeep swerved, dodging something Kagome couldn't see. Kagome screamed just before the Jeep drove straight into the ditch at the side of the road. The force of the crash knocked Kagome forward into the back of Sango's seat and everything went black.

A/N: Was reminded of this story when reading something similar to it. This story is fun to write because the ridiculousness I can put into it always makes me laugh and I never have to be too serious. Hmm? Oh the car crash…yeah that's not too serious. Oh is she bleedin? Ya she bleedin. Lol
As always hope you enjoyed the read.