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Darth Vador sighed as he once again motioned for the slave women standing before him to be taken away. He was on a slave ship, The Hidden Eagle, looking for a slave, obviously, but not just any slave. A wife.

Sidious had ordered him to find a women to marry, so Darth Vador would be able to have an heir, and the easiest way to get a wife was to buy a slave, and so, here Vador was.

Vador wasn't happy about this arrangement, he preferred being alone, and didn't like anyone disturbing him, much less a wife. But he knew that he would someday need an apprentice, and having a child that had his strong force genes was obviously the best option.

However, his search had not been easy. He didn't really care about what kind of woman he married, but he wanted one that at least was quite, followed orders, and who at least looked marginally pretty. He knew that he would treat the women as a slave once he had his heir, so the first two were essential, but he also wanted to at least be attracted to his wife, and have his child look good, too.

But, so far, all the women he had seen barely held two of these specifications. All the girls looked at him in fear, were not very pretty, and didn't seem very responsible.

Vador leaned back as the slave master led the next batch of women in. Vador sighed again, then slowly stood up and made his way down the line, looking at each women with a critical eye, and brushing their minds with the Force to see what they were like.

He was about to wave these ones away too, until he saw a girl standing at the end of the line, who he had missed. He walked over to her, and looked her over.

She had long, brown hair, which flowed gracefully down her back. She was a little less then a foot shorter then him, but she held herself up high, with grace and authority.

He tilted her chin up to look at her face, and looked straight into two steady, brown eyes. She looked into his eyes without fear, almost as if she was challenging him. No one ever looked at him like that. It upset him that he was the one who looked away first. That never happened to him.

Strangely, it attracted him to her. She held so much strength that he almost wanted to take her to just see how much of a challenge she would be to him, since he usually got bored easily.

So, for some reason, he asked the slave master, "What about this one?"

The slave master nervously approached Vador. "Oh, that one. She is one of our newer slaves, a younger one. I believe she came from Naboo, bought her cheaply there. She hasn't really given us any trouble, mostly just doing all her duties in silence."

Vador let go of her face and turned to the slave master. "I will take her."

The man sighed in relief. "Oh, good, good, well, if you will come with me, Lord Vador, and we will fill out the paperwork."

Lord Vador followed the man, while the girl was unshackled form the other women and led to Lord Vador's ship.

Vador settled into his living quarters that evening, tired after a long day, and was about to head to his bedroom, when he saw the girl standing in the corner, looking at him.

He looked back at her, but then looked away, angry with himself for seeming so weak in front of a slave. Well, not just a slave, but his wife.

When they had arrived back on his ship, he had the girl sign a marriage certificate, which he had already signed, officially making them legally married. Vador didn't want any type of ceremony, so this was the easy way to do it.

He hadn't spoken to the girl, except to tell her to sign her name here, but then he left her to be led to his living quarters while he went to check on the status of the ship.

And here they were, alone, with the girl staring at him. Vador guessed she was wondering what they were going to do now, since it was their wedding night, but when Vador looked at her again, she was looking at him with curiosity, like she was wondering what his next move was, Vador didn't like that.

As they continued to stand there, Vador finally spoke up. "Do you want something?" Stupid question, but that was all he could think of.

The girl slowly shook her head, still staring at him.

Vador spoke again, "If you don't want anything, then you may go to your room then."

The girl looked at him with a perked eyebrow. Vador suddenly realized that she must not know where her room was, since he had just told the soldier to take her to his living quarters, but nothing else.

Vador suddenly felt like an idiot, standing in front of this girl acting like this, so he spoke up with his authority tone that he used on his commanders, which made them tremble in their boots.

"Your room is that door right there. I sleep in there," pointing to his bedroom, "I do not like to be disturbed during the day or in the evening, so if you need anything then ask the servant droid. Now, I will retire for the evening."

Lord watched as she looked at him for a little bit longer then turned and headed towards her bedroom.

Vador suddenly remembered a question that he thought needed answering. "Wait."

She stopped just as she opened her door and turned to him.

"What, is your name?" A really stupid question, but Vador wasn't thinking very well right now.

The girl watched then spoke for the first time in a beautiful voice, "Padme."

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