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Anakin awoke from his healing sleep to find Padme laying in a chair beside him, snoring slightly.

Anakin could not help but smile at her. Even when she was pregnant, laying in a chair with her hair in a disaray, she still looked like the most beautiful women in the galaxy to Anakin.

Anakin frowned. But he would now have to leave her to fight Sideous and he may or may not come back from it.

Anakin shook his resolutely. He had to defeat Sideous from Padme's sake and their child.

Padme suddenly opened her eyes and sat up, smiling when she saw that Anakin was also awake.

Neither one of them said anything, knowing that soon Anakin would have to leave for his battle.

Anakin got out of bed and Padme helped him put on his shirt, both moving as slow as they could to lengthen their time together.

When Anakin was finally dressed and had his lightsaber, he and Padme stared into each other's eyes, not saying anything, until they grasped each other, hugging as though they would never let go. When they did pull back, Anakin bent down to give Padme a kiss, which lasted until they could not breath.

Anakin stepped away from Padme, heading to the door, not wanting to say good bye, but knowing that she knew what he wanted to say.

With one last look back at Padme, he was gone, heading to a battle he did not know if he would win.

When he arrived at the dark doors of the emperor's chamber, he felt a slight shutter go up his spine, as if the shadow of death had just passed by, waiting for the time to spring upon its next victim.

Anakin shook his head, banishing these thoughts. The last thing he needed to be doing was to think about death at this time. He took a deep breath and pushed the doors open, ready to face his enemy.

Padme stared at the place where Anakin had stood, too sad to cry but not enough to stop her shoulders from shaking. She knew that if Anakin did not win this battle that she would be killed as soon as the baby was born.

Padme sunk into the chair behind her, feeling as if a great load had just been tossed on her.

Her time with Anakin had been wonderful. She could never remember a time when she had felt so happy and loved. Her days with him seemed to always be wrapped in sunshine, with no darkness in them at all. But now her love was facing an enemy so great and horrible that Anakin may never come back.

At this thought, the tears finally came, but then Padme's head stuck up in surprise.

Her water broke.

When Anakin entered the emperor's chambers, the emperor himself stood up and walked over to him.

"I see that you are well. After are little scuttle I expected you to be in the med center for a while, but you obviously proved be wrong. Bravo."

Anakin nodded, not trusting his voice to say anything at all.

Sideous smirked at Anakin and led him into the center of the room. "Well, now that is all behind us we can focus on continuing our lessons. We will begin to spare together but please try and put effort into it. I do not want to have to wait for you in the med center again."

Anakin nodded and took his battle stance.

Sideous grabbed his lightsaber and they began.

At first it was as it usually was: Anakin trying to keep up with Sideous while Sideous just spared with an ease unheard od before. But then Anakin began to plan more, working on actually gaining ground on Sideous.

He tried to block his master into a corner, but Sideous was too smart for that and kept the battle in the middle, sneering at Anakin. "I see that you are trying the oldest trick in the book, my apprentice. Well, you will find that I do not easily fall for that sort of thing. But you, on the other hand, obviously fall for all the tricks that I can make. Such as your wife. I can still not believe that you actually think that she loves you and is not a hired girl from me."

Anakin knew that Sideous was lying, but his anger flared up anyway. Anakin began to lose his control and fight Sideous using his anger only.

Sideous laughed when he saw Anakin begin to lose it and just fought harder against his apprentice.

This battle continued on, with Anakin flinging his light saber against while Sideous just laughed.

Suddenly, Anakin was able to knock the lightsaber out of Sideous' hand and leave him without a weapon.

Sideous just laughed harder. "I suppose that you think you have won this battle, but you have forgotten, my apprentice, what I can do." Sideous began to lift up his arms, small sparks already jumping off of them.

Padme lay back in her bed, waiting for the next contraction to come. The baby was coming quickly and Padme was worried about Anakin.

What if he does not come? She thought, what if I am to be killed as soon as this life comes out of me? What if Anakin is...

Padme leaned forward once again, another contraction taking her attention.

She was to become a mother soon.

Anakin's anger stopped and his mind was able to take control again. He remembered Qui-gon's tip on blocking the lighting with his lightsaber, so he did.

It worked. The sparks went into the lightsaber but not into Anakin. Sideous stopped laughing and looked surprise, but just pushed more lighting out, but it continued to have no affect on Anakin.

"Lord Vader, enough! This battle is though. You have obviously learned a new technique, but stop now!"

Anakin just smirked slightly. "Never call me Lord Vader again, that man is dead now and without you I am free!"

And with one slice of his lightsaber, Sideous was no more.

Anakin breathed deeply as he watched the body of Sideous fall.

He did it. He had won. Anakin grinned. He had won! The galaxy was now free from the evil reign of its emperor.

Padme. Anakin realized he needed to see her again. She needed to know that they were both free from the emperor.

Anakin ran out of the chamber, while the emperor's guards ran in, ignoring Anakin.

When Anakin arrived at the med center, a nurse told him that Padme was in the maternity ward giving birth.

What a time to be born, when the galaxy becomes free, Anakin thought as he ran to Padme. As he ran, he could almost feel Qui-gon and his mother smiling down at him, a feeling he had wanted to feel for a long time.

When he arrived in her room, she was getting ready to push, but she gasped when she saw Anakin. Anakin just smiled and nodded, telling her everything she needed to know, and sat next to her.

Padme smiled at him but then began to push.

When the cry of their son filled the room, they both felt as though everything was right now, everything prefect.

As they admired their son, Luke, Padme felt another contraction coming and handed the baby to Anakin. Anakin stared at the doctor. "What is happening?"

The doctor looked up and smiled. "Apparently you are carrying twins, Lady Vader."

"It's actually Mrs. Skwalker," Anakin corrected. Padme smiled at him and began to push again.

With the arrival of their daighter, the new parents were as happy as they could be, seeing the children that had been growing in their mother as so many things happened just beyond their womb walls.

As they each held a child, Luke in Anakin's arms, Leia in Padme's, they both looked into each other's eyes and said what they had been saying to each other in their minds since the day they first met.

I love you. I will never leave you. I am yours forever.

And with that glance, they both sat back and embraced their new lives together. Each accepting their new fate as a Slave to Love.

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