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Meredith was pregnant. Really, undoubtedly, fantastically pregnant. She had her first ultrasound today, two weeks after we found out, and she collapsed on the bed in the trailer from either exhaustion or disbelief, I'm not sure which. I'm actually getting worried, she hasn't opened her eyes for half an hour, and she's only managed to groan in response to all my questions.

Since the cancer she's been amazing, first agreeing to move into the trailer and then this- a kid. A real, live kid. A kid who, in nine months, will be waiting for me to screw up. A kid who I'm not completely sure will like me.

Despite my nervousness, I'm planning on proposing soon, but I don't want it to seem like I want to marry her because she's pregnant. I want to marry her because she's Meredith Grey; beautiful, strong, independent Meredith who I had a one-night-stand with four years ago that changed my life.

"Ugh," she mumbles into the pillow, rolling onto her back and finally prying open her eyes.


"I had the weirdest dream," she says, her voice scratchy from sleep, "I was pregnant and living in a trail-oh. Not a dream."

"Not a dream."

"I'm sorry, Derek, it's just…"

"Its fine," I assure her stiffly, although the thought of her thinking everything was a dream was…disappointing. I would've thought that she'd accepted this by now. Accepted us.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing it's just…"




She props herself up on her elbows, staring me down with her emerald green eyes.

"I miss New York."

The words don't sink in right away, they linger, testing me. Before I can think words fly out of my mouth, too.

"Great. You want New York, too."

She cringes, like I've slapped her, and my face softens. I crawl up beside her, laying a hand on her arm.

"You don't get to compare me and Addison," she says calmly, not breaking her stare, "and I didn't mean to live, I meant to visit. I miss Times Square."

I breathe a small sigh of relief, letting a smile push its way onto my lips.

"Sorry. And I miss it, too."

I can feel her relax into my arms, my chin resting on her hair.

"We should go. Sometime soon, so I can still fit into an airplane seat."

"How would we manage the time off? You're going to be on maternity leave later this year and I'm the head of neuro."

"Mark's chief. And he owes me."

"For what?"

"For," she pauses, lifting her eyes slowly to my face, "for…not telling Addison that he almost kissed me."

I tighten my grip on her arms, flipping her so that she's straddling me. She bites her lip, and I almost, almost, relax. That is until I picture Mark kissing her. Mark kissing Meredith.

"Explain," I say, my voice cutting the air.

"He was sad, I was sad….I stopped it. It didn't actually happen."

"Might as well have!" I yell, startling both of us, "Wait…was this before or after I found you two in bed together?"

"Before," she says, leaning in closer, "Can I make it up to you?"

"This is Mark," I argue, ignoring her flirting, "This is Mark, the ex best friend who slept with my wife and you almost kissed him."

"No," she says, "this is Mark, the ex best friend who slept with your wife and almost kissed me."


"No, not whatever. There's a big difference."

My eyes move lower, watching her lips.


She kisses me, much too quickly; leaving me wanting more. Her hands snake up my abdomen, circling around my neck. She dips her head down again, grazing my lips.


As she pulls my shirt over my thoughts scatter.

Mark was trying to kiss who?

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