A One Shot

A Fan Fiction by Fish Friend

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, or New Moon.

Note: Ok, Pretend Bella is a vampire in this fan fiction. Bella and Edward are in a fight, and currently residing in Edward's room (new, of course, since they had to move). This takes some time in (an possible alternate) future.

Basically, this story runs along the theme that newly weds fight as well.


"THIS IS FOR SNAPPING AT ME!!" I screamed, throwing a handful of his Cds without cases to protect them to the floor. "THIS IS FOR BEING NASTY!" Edward roared right back, tossing my favorite blouse to the floor, and digging his heel into it, creating a hole.

This infuriated me, and I took another handful of Cds and flung those to the ground as well. "THAT'S FOR BEING AN ASS!" I screamed at him, my burgundy eyes flashing to his own onyx.

Edward flung my cell phone into the wall, where it proceeded to shatter into pieces. "FOR BEING A BRAT!" he bellowed. I looked around and my eyes fell on his stereo. I flew across the room, and when Edward realized what I was doing, he dove for me, but I had already hurled his precious piece of useless metal to the ground.

"THAT WAS FOR BEING A SELFISH-!" I howled at him, but he tackled me, flinging him and me to the ground and into his bookcase full of music. The Cds tumbled down on top of use with a loud thud.

"AND THAT WAS FOR BEING A STUPID MONSTER!" I shrieked at him from under all of the music, some of which had spilt open and the sharp edges of the discs dug into my granite-like skin. I pushed him away, as he was trying his best to get me still and out of the way, when I jumped to my feet, he was also discarding the Cds off of him, a hurt expression on his face.

I raged towards our closet, and stormed in, promptly feeling Edward's darkened presence behind me. He did nothing to stop me as I reached for his headphone box, and heaved it over my shoulder as hard as I could, hearing the dull 'thump' as it hit the other side of our walk in closet.

Again, Edward did nothing to stop me. I reached for his favorite jacket. The one he had worn when I had first found out about his dark side. It was a light beige, and leather. It was much to worn and out of style to wear anymore.

I caught his eye and smirked, ripping it easily, and tossing that towards him. "There you go, lover boy. Smell that." I jived, my eyes flashing dangerously. "Bella…" Edward said quietly, almost too quietly for me to hear. "What, Edward?" I spat his name. "Too much a selfish monster to reply? Or perhaps an Ass? Or maybe just-" Edward swooped forward, catching my hand which was about to take off my wedding ring.

"Don't, Bella," he said quietly again. "Why not?" I demanded, more hissed, at him. "Because I love you." I snorted, but Edward continued. "I love you, Bella. You can destroy everything you want. You can rip apart every material thing that belongs to you and me. But don't ever, ever doubt for one moment that I will ever allow you to rip apart our memories." he said smoothly.

I broke down, sobbing dry convulsions into Edward's shoulder. He cooed softly into my ear, comforting me. After an immeasurable amount of time, I pulled back and inspected his face. "I won't." I promise.

"Good." Edward said, then smiled slightly, then leaned down and met his lips with mine.