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Chapter One

The Headlines in the Domino Gazette read : Hometown girl makes it big in Europe. Tea Gardner is an accomplished ballerina and is now on tour and is going to make an appearance here at the Domino Theater. For more information please call the Box Office.

When Joey read the paper he couldn't believe it, Tea was coming home. He called out to Mai and she came to see what was the problem and when he showed her the paper she too became excited. Well she did it, she finally has accomplished all she set out to do. Joey we have to get tickets, so please call and get two while I put this little rascal to bed. She was talking about the little son Joshua.

While Joey was calling for tickets, Yami was reading the paper and he showed it to Yugi. Hey, we have to go so lets call for tickets, which they did. All of her friends were going all but one. Seto Kaiba couldn't be bothered with such trivial things. He had a business to run and that didn't call going to some stupid dance thing. Well Mokuba had other plans, he had already got two tickets and now he was on a mission to get his brother there and to get those two back together again.

Flash Back:

When Tea was in High School and taking dancing lessons, she had been asked to teach Kaiba how to dance. While she was trying to show him, well lets just say that something happened and they started liking each other. Their relationship was really strange. While they were in school they were like strangers but when she was at the Manor teaching him to dance, they were almost lovers. Tea started thinking that their relationship would go further, while Kaiba was having cold feet and decided to break it off and asked her not to return that he got another instructor to help him. That was the beginning of the end for her.

None of friends ever knew of her broken heart except for Mokie, who despised his brother for hurting her that way. He tried to talk to Seto only to be told to mind his own business and he was never to mention her name again in his presence.

So Tea put all her time into dancing and one day right after graduation she was accepted into a dance academy in Europe and she accepted without even thinking. When she told all of her friends they wished her all kinds of luck and they had a going away party for her. The one person she wished would be there wasn't and so she left Domino with a broken heart. Now she was coming home would it be different this time?

End of Flash Back:

Her flight landed at Domino Airport and there to meet her were Yugi, Yami, Joey, Mai, Tristan, Duke and Mokuba, but Seto wasn't there. She had tears running down her face when she saw all of them and they hugged and kissed her and welcomed her back home. They got her luggage and as Tristan was driving to take her to her hotel she caught up on all the things that she missed, like the marriage of Joey and Mai and the birth of their son. She felt really bad when Yugi said that Solomon had passed away because he had been really nice to her. As the told her all the crazy things that went on she thought about Seto and wondered what he was doing. Mokie smiled at her and she kissed his cheek. Thanks for being here, I miss you so much she told him. They finally all left and she got unpacked and then she rested till her performance that evening.

They all planned on going together to her performance and they asked if Mokuba wanted to go with them and he said that he would. When he got home he was going to have a talk with his stubborn older brother and find someway to get him to go see Tea, but he didn't know just how he was going to do it.

As Mokie walked into the Manor he decided to just tell Seto exactly how he felt and go from there. He found his brother in his Office working like he always was, and he said to Seto, you need to get off your ass and get ready we have an engagement to go to tonight and like it or not we are going!

Seto stopped what he was doing and sat there and stared at his brother no knowing what to say. Then he turned off his computer and stood up and then he asked where exactly are we going? I wish that you'd stop acting so damn stupid! Then he said we have to go to the Theater and see the rendition of Swan Lake being performed at the Domino Theater, don't you remember me telling you about it?

Well, I'm not going so just let it go Seto told him. Then Mokie did something that he had never done before, he went over and slapped his brother across his face and stood there waiting for him to retaliate, which didn't happen instead Seto just rubbed his face and then he said alright if it means that much to you, we'll go and he left the Office and climbed the stairs to his room. Mokie stood there for a minute and then he went to get dressed himself. As he got dressed Mokie wondered how this evening would go when Seto realized that Tea was the lead Ballerina? Only time would tell.

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