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Chapter Twelve

Everyone had a great time there was lots of laughter and just spending time with each other. Tea danced with everyone and by the time the party was over, she was so tired that she just sat on the couch and closed her eyes. All of a sudden she felt herself being lifted and when she opened her eyes there was Seto and he carried her upstairs to her room.

When he opened her door and laid her on the bed and he sat down next to her. "Did you have a good time?" He asked her. Tea smiled and touched the side of his face and she told him "it was really great to see all of them again and being able to dance again." Seto kissed her cheek and started to get up when she winced. "Leg bothering you?" Seto asked.

Tea nodded and then he lifted her skirt and he undid the her leg and helped remove it. When he got it off he saw how red and swollen it was and he got the lotion and started to rub her leg and she moaned and laid back and enjoyed it. When he was done he looked at her and Tea was sound asleep. Seto smiled and covered her with the sheet and quietly left the room.

In time Tea's leg got better and it didn't bother her to have to walk with it on and she was becoming bored and one day she asked "do you think that there might be an abandoned building that I can buy and turn into a school of dance. I want to call it Tea's Dance School."

Seto said that he would look into it for her and what she didn't know was that he and all of the others had already found a place and had it renovated and had all the things that any person would need in order to teach dance. The day it was done, Seto asked "if she would go for a ride with him" and she said "that she would." He then "told her to close her eyes because there was a surprise that he wanted her to see."

He pulled the car in front of the building with the big sign saying Tea's Dance School. Seto then got out and told her to keep her eyes shut and he helped her out of the car and then with all of their friends standing there he told her to open her eyes. Tea nearly fainted when she saw what it was. She was crying tears of joy as she saw all of them and when Yugi told "her that this was their way of saying we love and believe in you."

Seto handed her the keys and told her to open her new dance school and when she walked inside she was shocked. There was everything that she would need to teach any type of dance and she turned around and with tears running down her face she said "thank all of you for this." They celebrated her new beginning and as they laughed and cried she realized just how much she loved the man standing beside her.

Joey nodded his head and Tea didn't know what was going on, but she was about to find out. Seto stood there in front of her and then he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee and she said "Tea Gardner will you make me the happiest man on earth by saying that you'll marry me?"

Tea had tears running down her face as she looked into his eyes and she said "yes, I'll marry you." Seto then slipped the most beautiful ring on her finger and everyone erupted in cheers. Mokie then walked over to them and as he wiped the tears from his face he said "welcome home."

Tea opened her dance studio and it was a great success and in about three years she became pregnant with their first of five children. She and Seto were so happy together and he proved to her everyday that she was the most important lady in his life.


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