AUTHOR'S NOTE: I started writing this years ago (right after OotP came out) and actually had it posted on I then took it down for personal reasons, but I'm now ready to repost. Also, because I started it so long ago, it will NOT be HBP compliant. Therefore, this story is extremely AU. However, due to its length (over 30,000 words), I can't really go back and change it.

Also, I would like to thank Fran, my beta, for taking on my insanity. She is a courageous woman. :-D

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Summary: Harry finds out that Voldemort's his father, and his mother is…???

Genres: AU, angst, romance, horror, drama, mild parody.

WARNINGS for AU, mild adult content, graphic language, slash, incest and violence. Do not read if under 16!

Be scared. ;-)



The dark sounds of Verdi's Rex Tremendae floated out from the speakers of the used stereo system that the Dursleys had wanted to throw out. The chords echoed throughout the room, and the emerald green eyes of Harry James Potter were closed as tight as his fists as the notes washed over him completely. He was angry; no, he was furious, and the dark music of Verdi matched his mood. It made him feel better and gave him a twisted sense of comfort.

It had been over two months, and the Gryffindor was still furious with the world and everyone who had been involved in his life the past year. He could not seem to let go of his hateful grudge that was caused by the death of his godfather, Sirius. He blamed the world for this, blamed Voldemort, blamed his relatives, blamed his professors, blamed his friends, blamed Dumbledore and he blamed himself.

The dark haired boy fisted his hands in the sheets. He would not cry. He would not cry! If he cried, he doubted he could stop, and then he would not have anyone to blame for Sirius' death; he would not be able to hate anyone for the unfair situation he found himself facing.


It was his cousin, Dudley, and he sounded thoroughly disgusted.

Harry growled angrily.

At the beginning of the summer, Harry had told the Dursleys that the most important person in his life had been murdered, and that if they bothered him for any reason, rules or no rules, they would wish they had never been born.

Oh, yes. He was angry. So, it was understandable that between the threats of Mad Eye Moody and his friends at King's Cross, added to his own raging anger, that the Dursleys had not even dared to breathe whenever Harry entered any room that they were in.

Harry glared when he reached the bottom of the stairs. 'What. Do. You. Want?'

Dudley, who had been the bully for the longest time, was now trembling. Harry had gone from a weak humble boy to someone dark, angry and dangerous. He knew better than to mess with whoever, or whatever, his cousin had become. Instead of speaking, he stepped aside to reveal an open door.

Harry growled at the person in the doorway, 'Snape.'

The man had changed since Harry had last seen him; his hair was much longer and he was not wearing his typical robes. Instead, he wore black trousers that looked rather feminine and a long-sleeved, black silk shirt, while an also feminine black suit jacket completed the ensemble. The Gryffindor was more than surprised to see his most formidable professor out of his strict robes.

'Dumbledore wanted to come and collect you, Potter—' Snape's face held no emotion as he said this— 'but I had a suspicion that he was one of the last people you would want to see right now.'

Harry smiled nastily. 'You're right. And guess what? You are actually the last person that I wanted to see!'

'My, my, my, Albus' Golden Boy is rather naughty behind closed doors, isn't he?' Snape smirked, but it was wiped from his face when the boy-who-lived snapped like a rabid dog.

'More than you know,' came the reply in a low and threatening growl. 'Now if you don't tell me why you're here and then leave my house, I will transfigure you into a mouldy sock and burn you in the back garden; then I'll dance on the ashes for good measure!'

Snape raised a single eyebrow. The boy was furious, and he had a good idea why. 'As entertaining as that sounds, Mister Potter, I want you to know that I do not find this little situation amusing or funny in the least bit. Albus again feels that Occlumency lessons are in order, and as much as I am loath to admit it, I am inclined to agree with him.'

Harry made a crude noise that sounded very much like a snort. 'Is our oh-so-wise Headmaster going to teach me himself this time or is he going to leave it to you?'

Severus ignored the boy's angry barbs. 'Albus wanted to, but we both felt that he has enough to deal with at the moment. That is why, with Dumbledore's permission, I have been allowed to offer you an invitation to Snape Hall.

'If you agree,' he continued, 'you can leave these Muggles and spend the rest of the summer in private at my estate. If so, you will have six hours of lessons. When you are not studying you will be allowed to do whatever pleases you. Also, you will have access to the entire mansion and its adjoining grounds; you can go wherever you want.'

Snape smiled menacingly. 'Your other option is to stay inside Hogwarts, where not only will your freedom be limited, you will have to face all the professors every day when you are made to attend meals.'

Harry's lips curled into a sneer. 'And if I refuse both options?'

'Then I am afraid that I will have the distinct pleasure of subduing you in a duel,' Snape lied, knowing full well that he was not allowed to duel with a student, 'after which, I will make the choice for you.'

Something snide was on the tip of Harry's tongue, but he took a deep breath instead and exhaled loudly. 'Fine!' He spun on his heel and stomped up the stairs.

'Where do you think you are going, Potter?'

'To pack my bloody trunk!'

A snicker made Snape turn to see the fat boy he knew was Dudley Dursley. With a grin that was pure evil, Snape hissed, 'So, you are the nasty not-so-little pig that I saw in Potter's mind. I must say, I think Hagrid did a marvellous job on your tail. Want the matching snout?' He leaned closer in a threatening manner, and with a squeak, Dudley whirled around and ran as fast as his fat legs would carry him. Snape was still laughing wickedly when Harry came down the steps.

'What's so funny?' Harry questioned as he sat down his belongs.

The evil smile slid into an amused one. 'Your cousin. He is far more obese than the image I saw in your mind.'

The Gryffindor grimaced. 'Yes.' He reached down and picked up his trunk again, when Snape waved his wand at it. Harry stared at his professor for a moment before blinking. 'Thanks.'

'This is all you have?'

'Yup. I'm a freak in this house, so I was never given much.'

Something in Snape's eyes changed, and Harry thought he saw something odd, but the look was immediately replaced with the man's normal glare. He was surprised when Snape did not make a cutting or snide remark and just levitated his trunk out of the door, leaving Harry to silently contemplate what had just happened.

He could not believe that he had just agreed to follow one of the men he hated most in the world and was going to study Occlumency in said man's home. Something strange was going on, and now was not the time for Harry to be dealing with something strange.