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As he pushed open the door, a shaft of light spilled into the room, right upon the man Gilderoy had captured, There were no windows in the room, so the bright sunshine of the afternoon did not let any light in,

The young man stepped farther in, and watched as the red haired man lift his head to him and saw the genuine shock that was showing on the man's pale face, 'Hello, Mister Weasley,' He paused as he saw the ropes that held him to the chair, 'I see that my friends were a little rough, This should feel better,' He waved his hand and the ropes disappeared while a chair appeared in front of the older man, 'Now, we need to get down to business,' he said as he seated himself, 'I am almost certain that you know who my true family is, so why don't you tell me why you serve a man who destroyed almost a dozen lives just so he could stay in his secret position of power,'

'Harry, you do not know what your father is truly like,' the Weasley patriarch reasoned, 'I don't know what he has told you—'

'He told me the truth,' the young wizard replied calmly, 'which is more than I can say about Albus Dumbledore, And I have seen what my father is truly like, Tell me, Mister Weasley, have you ever seen my father with my mother? Have you seen the way he adores her? He would do anything for her, Did you know that my father does not make women bow before him?' He could tell from the look on Arthur Weasley's face that he had been fed the same lies as Harry had, 'Did you know that before Dumbledore erased his memory, my father never once tortured a woman even if they betrayed him? He feels that women should be worshipped, placed upon a pedestal and adored, Did you know that? Or did Dumbledore only show you his "crimes" only?'

'Harry, you don't know what you are saying!'

The raven haired man sighed, 'The question is this Arthur, would you ever serve me or my family?'

'No,' the older wizard answered softly, 'I am sorry, Harry, I could never serve your family,'

The son of Voldemort nodded, 'I figured as much, Well then, I am very sorry, Arthur,' He rose and faced the man, 'I am afraid I have no other choice,'

'Harry! You don't want to do this!' Mister Weasley's voice had gone up an octave,

The young man threw up his hands in exasperation, 'Sweet Merlin, Arthur! I'm not going to kill you! I'm just sending you to a safe house, Your wife, Ginny, Ron, Bill and Charlie have already been questioned and they refused like you did, All of them are safe, just as you will be, There are guards there, however, to make sure that you do not escape,'

At the look on Mister Weasley's face, Harry knew what the man was thinking and answered his silent question, 'The twins joined us quite a while back, In fact, after assessing their talents, I realised they will be two of my highest ranking; they will be helping to train and oversee my followers, the Knights of Walpurgis, Did you know that when they put their minds to it, the twins have a very good handle on the Cruciatus? Watching them work is quite inspiring,' He smiled at the look of horror on Arthur's face, 'Well, off you go!'

With a wave of Harry's hand, Arthur Weasley was gone and would be safe and warm with his family,

Running a hand through his dark hair, he made his way back to the fireplace and took the floo to his mother's quarters to find Draco leaning against a nearby wall with a smirk on his face, while Lucius was seated at his mother's desk, looking elegant as ever,

'Good day, Harry,' the older Slytherin said as he rose to his feet, 'I do believe you two are supposed to reveal your engagement at lunch today, yes?'

Lucius Malfoy could always be counted on to take formality to the extreme, and it was always brought a smirk to Harry's face, 'Yes, I believe we do,' the Gryffindor replied as his smirk grew, 'I do believe it is safe to assume that you are still giving your blessing, Correct?'

Draco rolled his eyes and tugged at his fiancé's arm, 'C'mon, We have a show to do!'

Harry chuckled and let himself be dragged away, while Lucius followed behind in a way that could only be described as regal: The man's long blond hair was smoothed down the back of his heavy, black velvet cloak and his ever handy can made a soft crk sound as he brought the brass tip on the sandy-stone floor,

While Harry and Draco allowed themselves the indulgence of giggling and teasing each other in the lower parts of the castle, they both followed the older Malfoy's example as they neared the Great Hall and adopted a haughty look on their faces, Harry took Draco's hand, slipping it into the crook of his elbow, looking very much like the domineering fiancé that the rules of the haughty pureblood society dictated as Draco fell into the role of the submissive, looking at Harry in a sickeningly and overly adoring manner,

The doors of the Great Hall flung open with flare and Lucius strode in front of the two teenagers, making his way to the Head Table,

Harry smiled at the gasps that went up from the few remaining students and stopped closely behind Lucius, who was addressing the Headmaster,

'I am sure that this comes as surprise, Headmaster,' Lucius drawled, 'but I can assure you that I cause no threat today, I am here to tell you that Mister Potter shall be coming home to Malfoy Manor,'

When the old wizard opened his mouth, the Slytherin cut him off with a wave of his hand, 'I can assure you that any guardians that Harry might have would find it perfectly acceptable, seeing as the two are publicly announcing their engagement tomorrow to the press, I felt that bringing him to the manor would be safer than remaining here at Hogwarts; after all, everyone in the Wizarding world knows the location of the castle, whereas as the location of my manor is a completely mystery,' He smirked, 'I am sure that you have no objections?'

The Headmaster stood and, seeing the couple step out from behind the older Malfoy, glared at Harry, pure hatred in his eyes, 'Well, I see no reason that Mister Potter should remain here for the rest of the holidays if he truly wishes to leave, I offer congratulations to you both,' he said slowly,

Harry doubted that the old man meant it, but he forced a smile, 'Thank you, Headmaster, We accept your congratulations with warm regards,' The lie slipped easily from his tongue and, with a smirk, he bowed his head and led his fiancé away, following behind Lucius' flowing robes,

The Gryffindor pursed his lips as he watched Lucius' cloak and rolled his eyes, Must be something they teach in Death Eater camp… I need to ask Mum and Lucius about that,

As the doors to the Great Hall slammed to, Harry Thomas Riddle laughed,



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