First off, I want to say that I am an enormous Titanic fan. I began writing this fan-fiction maybe a week or so ago and one of my friends, and now a Thomas Andrews freak—convinced me to post it here. I have always adored Thomas Andrews/Victor Garber, so when we watched the movie, my love for this man just came alive once more. I really do love the movie and the ship—but now I tend to watch it only because of Victor. (Kidding!)

I know a few stories have been written about Thomas Andrews and or his children. While looking on the first page for the movie fiction, I saw one fan-fiction about Thomas Andrews's daughter already! I guess I'm a little late on this and turns out, Thomas Andrews is quite a popular guy! If something happens to be similiar in my story to someone else's, please realize that this is a mere coincidence. I normally don't read fan-fiction. The only Thomas Andrews story I ever read was entitled "My Affair with the Master Shipbuilder" and was that fantastic! Anyway, this story is still a work in progress and the chapters are not all that long, but they are split up for a reason, as in one chapter shows a particular scene/day/emotion or what-not. Don't be scared with all of the chapters! They are generally short.

In this fan-fiction, we meet Antoinette Andrews, Thomas Andrews's daughter. (And before I am corrected, I do realize that Thomas Andrews's real daughter in real life was named Elizabeth—but I thought I'd fictionalize it a bit more! It is a fan-fiction, after all.) She is one unhappy young woman and ends up boarding Titanic with her father—who thought getting away from everything she knew would put her in higher spirits. Of course, something happens! It's a story, of course something's got to happen!

As a usual: I do not own Titanic, or anything having to do with it. I mean no disrespect to the passengers or crew of the actual ship and I hope this story is taken with a light heart and an open mind. Of course, if you like, you can image Thomas Andrews as Victor Garber, because in my mind—him and only him could portray Thomas Andrews.

Sincerely yours,

The Author