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So I am off my hiatus from writing fanfics, for now at least, given the end of school here (for now. Depends if I pass that class or not). I started writing again.

This story takes place during the Welsper Arc, well, at the end of it at least, and deviates from there.

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Asgard (Heaven) - Yggdrasil

Urd's eyes widened at the screen in front of her. "The file locks…"

"Are undoing…" Skuld finished.

The crisis that had endangered not only Asgard, but also, all of existence in general, seemed to have passed over.

Both goddesses were sent back to Asgard on an emergency decree. Their seemingly normal life on Midgard living with Keiichi and their sister Belldandy, as normal as it could have been at least, was turned upside down as time began to slip. At the same moment, Peorth, the current administrator for Yggdrasil, had disappeared. She, after being hit by a strong curse that reduced her height and power, would later show up on Midgard to confront the cause of all this. The situation? Time it seemed, was no longer linear. It appeared that time was swinging between speeding up, and slowing down. One minute could feel like a mere few second, or that same minute could feel like it lasted for hours. And the many unknowing lives back on Midgard were not immune to this crisis as their sense of time collapsed.

This cause of this crisis? Yggdrasil's time control program was hacked by a demon who wanted nothing more than to retain his childhood memories. The forces of Light, and the forces of Darkness came to an understanding where the life of a Goddess would be connected to the life of a Demon. The purpose of this arrangement was to prevent one side from taking over and overwhelming the other. Of course, in order for this doublet system to work, the memories of the other party were to be erased permanently. Preventing, hopefully at least, a demon or a goddess from going on a killing spree if he or she did not know which one their own life was connected to. But for this particular demon, the memories of that goddess was one that he refused to give up so easily. It was the memories of the one goddess that had forever changed his outlook on life. The one goddess that he was paired with on the doublet system, and the one he was destined to forget. If he did not curse himself to remain forever young that is. This was the only way that demon could get around the agreement and have his memories taken away from him. However, this demon's curse had a price. While his body remained young, his growing powers did not. If he had remained in his young body forever, the growing power inside of him would have torn him apart, killing him, and the goddess he was connected with.

Unless of course, time stopped. Which was this demons ultimate goal. To remain forever young as the world around him remained frozen in time. For him, these memories were worth, not only tinkering with time, but stopping it all together.

This goal, however, would not be fulfilled. As the one goddess that he had hoped to always remember, suddenly remembered him as well. A goddess that was willing to do anything, even remember a forgotten friend that had been forbidden to her. Her words were able to convince him that his selfish goal was wrong, and in doing so, was able to convince him to stop the virus that had infected Yggdrasil, and return time to it's normalcy.

Which returns us to the current situation at hand.

Urd and Skuld turned to each other in their floating chairs. The screen next to them slowly showed the Time Control Program returning back to normal.

'And so the world is saved.' Urd thought as a familiar voice entered her mind.

"Oh good. Looks like everything is back to normal."

"That voice…" Urd swiveled her floating chair back as that voice could only belong to one goddess. "Peorth! Where have you been?" It took a second for Urd to realize the current situation Peorth was in. Mainly, Peorth was… shorter than the last time she saw her. A LOT shorter. "Bu… bubu…BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!"

Peorth narrowed her eyes. The previously mentioned demon, who went by the name of Welsper if she remembered correctly, had placed a very advance spell on her. One that caused her to, lose a few inches off of her height. Well, okay, more than a few inches.

"What? What's wrong?" Skuld said, seemingly obvious to Peorth's predicament. Until she looked back and saw Peorth. She could not help but crack a smile. "Kyah! Ahahaha! What's with that look?"

"Ah! My stomach hurts!" Urd said between bouts of laughter, and while hugging the back of her chair as she tried to regain control of herself.

Peorth closed her eyes, wishing to reopen them in the hope that she would have returned to normal by then. And hoped that Urd and Skuld were not there mocking her. 'Why me… Belldandy returned to normal…'

"Umm…" Chrono, one of the three goddesses that maintain Yggdrasil, began to quiver a bit. What she was seeing pop up on the screen and what its implications meant began to terrify her greatly. "Um, Peorth… Urd?" She said to the goddesses that both held a superior position to her own.

"What? You two right there?!" Peorth yelled back at them. Peorth was getting more than a bit irritated.

"BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Urd and Skuld continued to burst out. They both were riling around in their chairs.

"Hey you two! Quiet!" Peorth screeched back. It was bad enough that she had to deal with her height impairment. Urd and Skuld's apparent enjoyment of the situation was not helping.

"PEORTH, URD, ANYONE!" Chrono cried out. Her voice seemingly shook the entire center at its foundation. She took a few quick breaths after her outburst.

Both Skuld and Urd instantly stopped their laughter. Their expression became more serious as this was the loudest any of them have heard Chrono, or any of the other goddesses that maintain Yggdrasil speak.

Certainly the loudest that Peorth has heard since The Lord placed her as administrator of Yggdrasil. She slowly turned her head back to her as something distressing began to stir in the pit of her stomach. "What, what is it?"

Chrono was shivering. But this shiver had nothing to do with the temperature as Heaven always maintained a comfortable medium. No, this was something that was far worse. "L…l…look!" She said as she pointed up at the computer screen in front of her.

Peorth, Urd, and Skuld all stared at the data that was being displayed on the screen. Each one stared with absolute shock and horror at what they were seeing. At the data that was pouring in rapidly.

"What… what doe this mean?" Skuld said in fear.

"A nightmare." Urd replied as she gritted her teeth. "A bloody nightmare."


Niflheim (Hell) - Demon World Center

Welsper knelt down in front of his peers, and the one that ruled all demons in this realm. In this brick and mortar structure, thirteen demons witnessed his sentencing for his crime. And above them all, on the tallest balcony, was the judge of the proceedings. The Lord of Hell herself. The only light in the room seemed to be shining on him, as the faces that glared back at him remained in the shadows.

"So, you confess… that you interfered with Yggdrasil, when that is forbidden." The Lord of Hell said. Her voice resonating to every corner of the building.

"Yes." Welsper said. There was no point in denying it. No point in denying it to her at least. And besides, the punishment would have been the same no matter what.

The Lord of Hell went straight to the point after his confession. "My verdict." The Lord of Hell said. "For infringement upon paragraph 4, clause 1 of demonic law…"

"…" Welsper waited, and waiting. Whatever punishment he received, he was certain involved the ultimate punishment in his mind. The loss of his memories. But he knew, he knew his crime could not go unpunished. And seeing the Belldandy remember him, was worth it for that fleeting moment. Still, this anticipation about his fate began to slowly torture him. He was starting to think that this impediment was his punishment. He also felt that this delay in his sentencing was fairly odd. Especially coming from the Lord of Hell herself. After all, he had already confessed. What more could there be than to receive his punishment?

"Has been delayed."

This gave a shock to Welsper's core. "What?" Welsper head shot up at the Lord of Hell. 'Why? Why would she delay my verdict? What more could she be considering?'

His answer would come in mere moments.

"You have no idea the full implication of what you have done have you?"

Welsper blinked confused at that statement. "Full implication? What do you mean? I corrupted time, inconvenienced mortals, caused trouble with the gods and goddesses and threatened the balance between light and darkness." Welsper frowned. "I'm well aware of the seriousness of the crime and am ready to deal with any punishment you have for me."

"Do you now?" The Lord of Hell sat up from her chair. "You said you threatened the balance between light and darkness." With what little light Welsper could see, she appeared to be grinning. "You didn't threaten the balance… you destroyed it."

"What?" Welsper's mouth dropped as her words began to repeat in his mind. "What, what do you mean?"

"I'm going to let you see with your own eyes." The Lord of Hell said as she summoned two demons with her. "Bring him to Nidheg."

Heaven - Asgard - Yggdrasil

Urd was frantically typing at her control panel. She was trying out any command that she could come up that could stop, or delay what was about to happen. No luck. "No, this can't be!"

"There has to be a way to fix this." Skuld frantically said.

"Maybe there is a way that we could delay it." Peorth shakily said. She began going through program after program to see what she can do. "There is no reason why we can't."

"Yeah!" Skuld said with a slightly hopeful tone. "Just like we did with that time virus…"

Urd quickly shook her head. "What we did was to lower the execution speed so that the virus would not be able to calculate. The goal in that case was not to slow down Yggdrasil from correcting itself, but an offending virus that threaten to destroy said system."

"And there is no point in slowing time either." Peorth added. "After all, what's the point in doing that when, relatively speaking, the correction would continue at the same pace. Whether it would look slow to us or not. At most, it would buy us time. But not the world's."

"And even if we were able slow Yggdrasil down…" Ex started, the other one of the three goddesses that maintain Yggdrasil. "The amount of resources that would require might be too great for the system to handle it."

"It…" Peorth lowered her head in frustration. "It would also require changing the core programming codes, which only The Lord himself can change. No one except The Lord can even gain access to them."

"Then let's…" Skuld said before she was quickly interrupted.

"And even if you were able to gain access to those codes…" Ere stated. She was the last of the three goddesses that maintain Yggdrasil besides the system administrator, "given the complexity of the program, by the time we create a patch for it, it might already be too late."

"But we still have to try!" Skuld said as she slammed her fist onto the controls.

Their thoughts were all interrupted at that moment.

"Urd, Peorth, and Skuld…" A loud and clear voice resonated throughout the building. "Please return to Earth immediately."

"What?" Urd said, stunned by the order that was just given to them. "But we are still in the middle of trying to fix a direr crisis here!"

"I'm well aware of that." The Lord replied. "Which is why you must return to Midgard. Representatives of Hell will be there to discuss this crisis."

Peorth's eyes widened. "You mean…"

"Go now!" The Lord commanded.

Peorth, Urd, and Skuld all sat in silence for a few seconds as they contemplated this turn of events. Only the sound of Yggdrasil running its program could be heard.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Urd said as she pensively stood up from her chair. She stared back at Peorth and Skuld and frown. "Well, what are you two waiting for? You heard what Father said, let's go."

Midgard (Earth) - Morisato Residence

"Ah, so it is finally over." Keiichi said as he sat down on the steps that lead up to the Morisato Residence. The last few days have been strange, and somewhat dangerous time. Which, thinking back, was not all that unusual since the day he and Belldandy met. Of course, this time it seemed the whole world was involved in this crisis. After all, when time itself was affected, it was not just them that had to deal with it. Something Keiichi would later find odd since, up until this point, almost all of the major predicaments that involved Heaven and Hell, demons, goddesses, and so forth were all focused around him and Belldandy. But that was an issue that he would contemplate at a later date. Back to the recently ended emergency, due to the doings of that demon Welsper, he nearly caused all time to stop just so that he did not have to grow up, and forget about Belldandy. While at first he hated Welsper for not only putting his own life in danger, but in putting Belldandy's life in danger as well, but given that he was her doublet that had to have his memory of Belldandy forever erased, he would later admit…

If he was in his shoes, he would probably had done the exact same thing.

Belldandy began sweeping the steps that had since accumulated a ton of dirt from the ordeal. Though she would have no memories about what had just happen. After all, Welsper was still her doublet. "Hmm. I wonder how it got so dirty here."

While this at first seemed odd to Keiichi, for her to have her memories wiped out almost anything concerning the doublet, in the back of his mind, it was telling him that it was right for her to forget about him. Whether this was just jealously on his part about Welsper he was not sure Though he would reason that he had nothing to fear about him 'taking' his Belldandy. And besides, from what he understood before Peorth returned to Heaven, this was all Belldandy's doing. She took it upon herself to, forget about Welsper.

As Keiichi sat back on the steps. He began to contemplate the quietness of it all. "Hasn't been this quiet in a while." He mused. "Guess those two were a big source of the excitement around here."

Belldandy looked at the sky and mused. "I wonder why they were sent back to Heaven?" Belldandy thought out loud. Though a nagging feeling within her already knew the answer, and therefore, did not have to worry about it too much. She later turned to Keiichi and smiled. "You miss them don't you Keiichi?" Belldandy said.

"What? No!" Keiichi at first said, but then he slightly frowned at his response as he became lose in Belldandy's innocent eyes. "Well, maybe a little." Keiichi sighed.

"Don't worry Keiichi." Belldandy cocked her head and continued to smile. "I'm sure they will be back very soon."

"Yeah." Keiichi smiled. "But in the meantime, it is just you and me. And, I… um, liked being alone, with you, and also the quietness." Keiichi tentatively said as his face turned bright read. 'Alone. Just what we…'

And at that moment…



Keiichi blinked surprised. That sound could only mean one thing. Something he had not expected, at least this soon. "Back already?" A slight frown crossed Keiichi's face. 'So much for that alone time…' He then heard the sound of scrambling feet coming straight towards him. "What the?"

"Where are they?" A wet Skuld cried out as she crashed into Keiichi.

"Oof." Keiichi, knocked back, tripped off the step, and rolled down on the ground a bit along with a very panicky Skuld. After watching her get off him, he rolled onto his back. "Ehhhhh…"

"Where are they?!" Urd yelled frantically. She flew as quickly as she can to the temple's courtyard. She quickly scanned the grounds looking for any sign of these, representatives. 'And will SHE be there?' She thought darkly.

"Urd, Skuld?" Belldandy said as she stared at the two. Concern began to be etch onto her face as she saw their reactions. "Is something going on?"

Keiichi sat up from his position, slightly bruised from the full body slam by Skuld. "Uhhh…" He glanced at Urd, who was swiftly flying to every corner of the temple. He raised an eyebrow at the odd behavior. He then glanced at Skuld who ran back into the temple. For what reason he was not quite sure about. Not only was their reappearance so sudden and strange, but the way they were reacting, an ominous feeling was beginning to wash over him.

"They're not here yet apparently." Peorth scowled as she stepped out behind the sitting Keiichi.

"Who's not here?" Belldandy said, curious by their conversation. Of course another thing caught her eye when she looked at the recent arrival. "And Peorth… how come you're like that?"

"Why I'm like this?" Peorth blinked confused for a second at Bell's question, until she realized why Belldandy asked in the first place. "Huh? Oh, this?" She said in an embarrassed tone. "Hehehe. Um, I'll… tell you later!" Peorth gave an innocent smile before it dropped into a more serious one. "But we have a bigger problem on our hands."

"What do you mean?" Belldandy said, concern creeping into her voice. She was already sensed something was wrong with Urd and Skuld sudden reappearance and reaction. Now even Peorth was here acting in the same manner. What or who were they looking for?

"I guess she means me." A certain blond demon jumped down from a nearby tree and onto the temple ground. She was wearing a black cape, along with a tight leather top and matching shorts. She stared at the goddesses with a somewhat smug look on her face.

"Marller!" Belldandy spun around and faced her. She threw the broom to the side and stood guardedly in front of Keiichi. "What are you doing here?"

Keiichi could only sigh at what he was seeing. "Now? But we just had…"

"Don't worry." Marller said with a frown. "I'm, not here to fight with any of you." She crossed her arms to make the point.

Keiichi blinked confused for a few seconds before he sighed again, this time with relief. "That's good. I think." He did recall a few times when they were in the presence of Marller, and, for a while at least, she did not attack, or try any of her tricks on them. Keywords though, for a while. 'I'm sure if she tried something now, Belldandy and the others would be prepared.'

"So, you're the representative?" Urd scowled at Marller.

Keiichi eyed Marller for a second. "Representative? Representative for what? Hell?"

Suddenly, Banpei sped right out from the house. He spun, flanked, and screeched to a halt in front of Marller.

Marller raised an eyebrow after she saw the bi-peddled robot in front of her. "What's with the toy?"

Skuld ran out and jumped in front of Banpei. "Just in case you demons try anything funny!"

Marller sighed dejectedly. 'When the hell is she going to show up? I really don't want to be here.' "Look, we don't like this any more than you do. And besides, your little toy won't be much of a match against us."

Belldandy's eyes shifted from Marller, Benpai, Skuld, Urd, and eventually to Peorth. "Can anyone tell me what's going on here?"

"Oh and Urd…" Marller crossed her arms. "I'm not the representative."

"What?" Urd said, as she had a sudden sinking feeling. 'If not her, than…'

At that moment, the white cirrus clouds above her began to circle around the area around the temple. The area around the temple began to darken as the sky turned an dark ominous grey. The wind started to howl and whirl. A loud thunderous like sound boomed throughout the area. This cumulating to a massive lightning hitting one of the unoccupied buildings on the temple ground. Sending wood, tile, and dust into every direction.

"Ehehehe…" Keiichi began to back up a bit from his position. He covered his eyes from the swirling mass of dust that was blowing in every direction and was just not reaching their position.

The other goddesses all stepped back at the destruction.

"It's her." Urd frowned as she knew only one person that would do this.

Debris swirled around the now destroyed building. The tornado began to quicken its pace. More dust and debris whirled out and headed towards the onlookers. As Keiichi began to squint at the scene in front of him, he could almost make out a figure standing in the middle of the swirling winds.

"…" Urd closed her eyes, fearing what might come next.

As the winds died down, Keiichi could only stare and blink at what he was seeing. "Who is that?" As he stared at the dark skinned woman in front of him. Trying to ignore the fact that the woman was wearing a black and pink dress with a plunging neckline. 'And why does she look kind of like an older version of Urd?'

Belldandy stared at her as well, barely believing what she was seeing herself. "That, is Hild. The Daimakaicho."

"The Daimakaicho?!" Keiichi shrieked out.

"Yes." Belldandy said nodding lightly. "The Lord of Hell…"

"And my mother." Urd finished.

Keiichi shot his head to Urd when her heard that statement. "Wait, she is your mother?" Keiichi said shocked.

Urd nodded reluctantly.

Hild stared at the scene in front her. Before her eyes focused on one in particular. A bright smile appeared on her face. "Urd-chan!" She ran straight towards Urd and gave her one of her tradmark Hell's Hug.

"Eh?" Skuld watched what was happening. While she had heard stories about Hild, this was the first time seeing her in person. And the image she had built in her mind about what Hild was like, being the Lord of Hell and all, was shattered instantly. "She… is the Lord of Hell?"

Keiichi was also stunned at this turn of events. 'Well, that confirms that she is Urd's mother. But Lord of Hell? I thought she would be more… evil…'

Urd's frown deepened as she continued to receive Hild's crushing hug. "Did you really have to be so flashy?"

Hild smile faded a bit. "But Urd-chan, I was already holding back. I mean, if I wasn't, this entire village would have been destroyed."

"Entire…" Keiichi was momentarily petrified by that statement. "Are you saying that…"

Belldandy nodded. "Yes. Those ornaments in her hair and arms… are all that is holding back her power."

"That's right!" Marller said in a cocky tone. She pointed her finger at Belldandy. "So if any of you think you can mess with us…"

"Marller." Hild said as she placed a hand on Marller's shoulder, effectively ending her hug with Urd. She also did not even bother to look back at her underling.

"Eh?" Marller began to eye Hild pensively.

"I'm the one who will be do the talking. Not you." Hild said as she forcibly pulled Marller back. Which given Hild's power, caused said demon to go flying back, crashing through the temple's wall. Then through a parked car, causing said car to be ripped into pieces as twisted metal and glass flew everywhere. And finally through a building where the brink, glass, and metal frames were no match to Marller's durable body.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Marller screamed as she finally landed on someone's table. Scaring the residents who were attempting to enjoy their dinner at it. The residents both fell out of their chair, and scurried as fast as they can away from the recent destruction.

'Note to self. Don't piss off Urd's mother.' Keiichi thought pensively as he watched what just happened to Marller.

After sending Marller on her trip across the street, Hild then returned her gaze to the goddesses, one by one. "So, you must be Belldandy." She said as she moved in front of said auburn haired goddess.

"Yes?" Belldandy said smiling. Seemingly unafraid of what the cyan haired Lord of Hell might do.

"And you are Skuld right?" Hild said next as viewed the younger goddess next to Belldandy.

"Yes?" Skuld said. Her arms wrapped around Belldandy in fear.

"It's so wonderful to meet you all!" Hild said with a huge smile. As well as she gave both of them Hell's Hug. Almost squeezing the life out of the goddesses. If goddesses were as easy to kill as mortals at least. "I almost wish we met under better circumstances!"

Urd grumbled at Hild's last statement.

'Again, is she really the Lord of Hell?' Keiichi said as he scratched the back of his head. 'She's kind of, well, nice. I was expecting someone like, in those horror movies. Horns, sharp teeth…' Unbeknownst to him, said Lord of Hell was behind him.

"And you must be Keiichi Morisato!" Hild said, giving him a huge Hell's Hug from behind.

Keiichi began to sweat. "Nnnnnnnnngggggggggggg." The fact that his head was currently resting in Hild's cleavage did not go unnoticed by him. His face would have been bright red if it was not for the fact that Belldandy was right next to him.

"And you're cute!" Hild began spinning him around and around. "This is just going to be so perfect!"

Peorth could only look on at disbelief. 'The world is about to go to Hell in a hand basket, and she's doing this?' "Could we get on with this?" Peorth said impatiently.

Hild then let go of her hug of Keiichi, and walked up to chibi-Peorth. "And you must be Peorth." A smile appeared on her face as she leaned over and patted her on the head. "You're cute too."

Peorth narrowed her eyes and glared at Hild. "Could you stop that please?" Bad enough she had height issues. Now, the Lord of Hell was treating her like a child.

"Beep, beep, beep?"

Hild then tilted her head towards the red robot. "Ah… aren't you an… interesting thing."

"Beep beep beep?!" Banpei said, looking up at the Lord of Hell eagerly.

Hild smiled brightly at it. "But not exactly cute." Hild said, waving it away. Which, given her power, caused said robot to be sent flying back into the temple.

"Banpei!" Skuld cried out at the quickly disappearing figure.

"Don't worry. He, she, it should be fine." Hild smiled in a seemingly failed attempt to calm the girl down. As if the cyan haired Lord cared about the feelings of Skuld in the first place.

"Look, can we get on with it?" Urd was impatiently tapping her feet. "Time isn't exactly on our side."

"Ah yes." Hild straightened up and crossed her arms. "And ironic isn't it? For it was time that had caused all of this in the first place."

"Urd?" Belldandy said as she looked at her, then at Hild. She was still in the dark on why this meeting was taking place. "What are you two talking about?"

Hild eyed Belldandy for a second. "So you've forgotten haven't you?" Hild smiled for a second. "Well, since you would have to know anyways, I'll tell you what you had so conveniently forgotten." She then raised her hand in front of her before any of the others would protest. "Don't worry. I'll just tell her the abridged edition. Is that fine?"

Urd unconsciously closed her fist. She then nodded reluctantly. 'She would have to know something about the incident since it is now a much, MUCH bigger problem for us.'

"A few days ago, one of my demons hacked into Yggdrasil, affecting the time program." Hild stated in a matter of fact tone. "His goal was to, stop time. The why, I can't really tell you. Since it is why you made yourself forget."

"It was my doublet wasn't it?" Belldandy reasoned with sadness in her eyes.

"Bell!" Peorth cried out in fear.

"Yes. And don't worry. As long as she doesn't know who it was since she wiped that memory away, it shouldn't be a problem." Hild said with a grin as she stared back into the seemingly empty space. She then returned her glance to the Goddess of the Present before continuing. "Well, ultimately, his plan failed. But, during the time when… well, time was at its greatest dissonance, Yggdrasil's failsafe program kicked into effect."

"Failsafe program?" Keiichi repeated, afraid of what this meant.

"Yes." Hild nodded.

"Failsafe? No…" Belldandy covered her mouth at the implication. "Then that means…"

"Until time was ultimately fixed, Yggdrasil's failsafe program disabled, what you may call, human suffering. In the last few days, no one died, no one got sick, and no one was a victim of a crime. In other words, you could say that the world had experienced true world peace in our time." Hild grinned.

"That's it?" Keiichi said stunned at that statement. In his mind, he saw nothing wrong with that. "Then, isn't that…"

"A good thing yes." Urd frowned. "But remember why we have the doublet system in the first place Keiichi."

"Right. So that neither side would…" Realization began to dawn on Keiichi. "Wait, then… that means…"

"The world as it stands is no longer in balance." Hild finished. She then eyed Belldandy who appeared to have came to the same conclusion. "The purpose of the failsafe program was to prevent say, my side from taking advantage of the chaos. The irony here of course is, due to the seriousness of the attack, it over compensated and shifted the balance towards the light."

"But due to the agreement between Heaven and Hell…" Belldandy's eyes saddened.

"Then the world will have to be rebalanced as soon as possible." Hild nodded. "Which, given the way Yggdrasil and Nidheg are designed, will result in, I guess you could say, another worldwide conflict." Hild then eyed the sky in wonderment. "Maybe even a holocaust that the world has never seen before."

"A holocaust?" Keiichi said, his mouth quivering at that word. "Wait, are you saying that…"

Hild nodded. "Just like what had happened in World War II, and more recent examples like Cambodia and Rwanda, unless we find another solution, millions, maybe even billions, will now die. The reasons are always different. But the results are always the same. Already we have despots and warlords ready to lead their armies into a war that can only mean suffering and poverty to millions."

"The price of keeping the world in balance." Peorth reluctantly nodded.

Hild raised her right index finger into the air as if she was a professor at a college addressing her students. "Can't have light with out the dark." Hild lectured. "And neither is supposed to overwhelm the other. Too much darkness and no one can see. Too much light and everyone is blind."

"But what can we do?" Keiichi frantically said. "We can't have millions of people die on us!"

"But mortal, millions die everyday. It's a fact of life." Hild stated as she approached him. "Death and life, chaos and order, destruction and creation. The only question is, how they die."

"I know!" Keiichi said dejected at the reality in front of him. "But… it doesn't have happen all at once right? It could happen over a period of time. Yes, we can't stop all crimes, nor should we I guess. But…"

"That's not how the system works." Hild said. "The bigger the gyrations, the more destructive, or, if it was the unbalanced towards darkness, the greater the peace and happiness it will be." She tilted her head and placed a hand on the right side of her face. "In this case though, we're going to have a much greater number of people, suffer and sent to their grave than if this, unfortunate incident didn't happen. Of course if nuclear weapons are brought about, millions might be an understatement."

"And depending on how it plays out, what might happen could be like a the pendulum effect. Where, it swings wildly from good to bad, light to dark, each case more extreme than the next until finally, it slows and returns to a relative equilibrium." Urd shut her eyes tightly as the images of what might happen popped into her head. "A period of extreme peace, followed quickly by extremely destructive total war."

"That is possible too." Hild nodded 'sadly' at what Urd was saying.

"But, there must be something that must be done?!" Belldandy said, allowing only a hint of panic into her voice. Her good nature refused to accept this scenario from ever playing out. "Isn't that why you're here? To find a solution that pleases everyone?"

"Maybe." Hild said as she was checking the length of her finger nails. "The solution I have in mind would spare the world that extreme amount of suffering. It won't, of course stop it all. Nor should it given the purpose of maintaining the balance. Still, it would prevent the more extreme and dire consequences from happening."

"Ragnarok." Peorth said, gritting her teeth.

"As extreme as this situation is, I doubt that would happen." Hild said tapping her chin. "But I admit, that is a possibility… if we allow it to go on its own."

"Well then…" Urd said, crossing her arms. She was not sure she would like her mother's solution. "What is it that you propose?"

"Straight to the point I see." Hild grinned.

"Straight to the point?" Urd glared back at her 'mother'. "I've been waiting for you to give us what you believe is an appropriate solution that will make 'everyone happy' for the last half hour." Urd spat out with contempt, while still maintaining some control over her emotions.

Hild mockingly sigh. "Jeez. You're so impatient. Kids these days! I thought I raised you better!"

"You didn't raise me at all!" Urd angrily retorted.

Hild raised her arms mockingly sighed again. She stared up and eyed each goddess carefully. "Well, then…" She then cast her eyes to the side and was dismayed. A certain someone still had not returned. She looked back at the… still quite slow underling of hers, she screamed her order. "Marller! Get over here."

"Yes!" Marller, who was still recovering from Hild's initial outburst, so to speak, quickly got up from the busted table, and sprinted next to Hild. Stepping over glass, bent metal, wood splinters, and whatever other material the items she destroyed were made out of. When she stopped next to Hild, a cracking sound could be heard. "Ah! My back."

"Ignore that for the moment!" Hild said, uncaring about Marller's problem as she returned to her smiling expression. "Now tell me, what do you know about Keiichi?"

"Keiichi?" Belldandy eyes widened at the mention of his name. 'She wouldn't bring it up unless she is planning to do something horrible to him!' Her hands began to quiver at what Hild might be proposing. "What are you planning to do with Keiichi?!"

Hild ignored Belldandy at the moment, and awaited Marller's response. "Well?"

"Eh?" Marller was stunned at her question that her overlord have given her. However, seeing Hild's menacing gaze back at her, she quickly found her resolve to answer it. "Well, um, that mortal, I have to say is quite interesting."

"Just interesting?" Hild said, prodding on Marller.

"Um, well, he lives with three goddesses that have been the crawl of my plans." Marller continued frowning.

"And how are those plans coming along anyways?"

Marller began mumbling.

"I can't hear you!!!" Hild said in a sing song voice.

"I said, they all failed! Since those three keep… besting me." Marller growled.

"So you've been a major disappointment as of late." Hild playfully replied.

"Eh um, well, you see…" Marller began shuffling her feet a bit.

Despite the seriousness of the situation that they were in, Urd could not contain herself and began to giggle a bit at Marller's suffering.

"Besides your failings as an underling, what is your opinion of Keiichi?" Hild crossed her arms.

"Well, they all seemed to be fond of him. I mean it is obvious that he is close to that, goody-two-shoes Belldandy over there." Marller said as she pointed directly at Belldandy. Who only slightly smiled at her comments. "And he seems to be the glue that keeps the goddesses together here on Earth."

"Like one big happy family huh?" Hild added with a contemplated look on her face.

"Uh huh." Marller nodded.

"A human that is quite close to the side of light."

"Yes." Marller answered.

"Hmm." Hild smiled. She then approached Keiichi, knelt down and examined him carefully. Keiichi was too scared to do anything except allow Hild to observe and scrutinize him. Hild then raised Keiichi's chin. "Then it is settled. The best way that will keep… everyone happy about this arrangement. Now millions of… innocent lives don't have to suffer and die."

Belldandy glared back at Hild as a dark feeling dawned on her. "What are you planning to do with my Keiichi?"

'Your Keiichi? Interesting.' Hild smirked devilishly. "Simple really. You see, an easy solution to prevent another disaster from occurring is…" Hild approached Belldandy, raising her chin up a bit as she glared into her eyes. "Is to take away the one closet to not just one…" She eyed Urd, then Skuld, and then to Peorth. "But four goddesses."

Belldandy's eyes widened. Shocked at the Daimakaicho's proposal. "No!" Belldandy slapped Hild's arm away. She then rushed towards where Keiichi was at. "You will not take away my Keiichi!"

"You can't be serious?!" Urd said, shocked at what had just transpired. "He had nothing to do with this! And how is THAT supposed to keep everyone happy?"

"And neither will the millions of people that will die if he doesn't." Hild said as she crossed her arms. "Oh, and that keep everyone happy part? I guess it doesn't does it?" Hild gave a mischievous grin. "Besides, I never said it would keep everyone happy. That was something you assumed on your own Urd." Hild then raised her right arm dropped her hand back. "Ah well. Can't have everything now, can we?"

"And you're saying one death will prevent all that from happening?!" Peorth slammed her fist into a nearby post.

Hild shock her head. "I didn't say it would prevent all their deaths from happening. Only… most of them. And those that will die, won't necessarily suffer as they would now. The lives that will be saved however, will be lives that would be saved from Tears of Heaven. Tears of goddesses that would be suffering."

"That… is that…" Keiichi stuttered out. His mind could barely take in the sudden change in events.

"I never said it had to be mortals that had to make up the difference." Hild tapped the corner of her mouth in a seemingly innocent look.

"We won't allow you to do it!" Skuld screamed at her. "Banpei! Banpei?" She swiveled her head towards where Banpei was. As Banpei tried to get up, his joints began to break apart and he collapsed on the spot. "Banpei?!"

"I didn't just force him back girl." Hild mischievously smiled. "I also disintegrated the bolts that connected his joints together. Consider yourself lucky though for I could have done a lot worse to him."

"D…d….die?" Keiichi stuttered out. 'Maybe she really is the Lord of Hell!' "But I… I can't… I shouldn't…" The more he thought about it though, the more he wondered. 'But if it means that millions of others may live, or not suffer as much, should I do it?' He then took a glimpse into the eyes of Belldandy. 'But what about her? Belldandy…' He tried reaching for her.

"He won't die!" Belldandy said with tears in her eyes. "We'll consider anything! But that!" Wind began to swirl around her.

This show of power did not go unnoticed by the Lord of Hell. "So, you're willing to attack me to protect him?" Hild said curiously. Even without her limiters, Hild knows there was no way Belldandy could ever take her on.

"If that is what it takes." Belldandy said as she glared back at her. To her, nothing mattered except Keiichi. She did not care who she was talking to or how powerful she really was. All it mattered was the safety of her Keiichi.

"Sigh. Well, that would be fun but…" Hild glanced up into the sky. "It isn't your decision anyways."

"Father?" Belldandy shook her head frantically. "Father would never…"

"I accept!" A booming voice permeated the landscape.

Belldandy's heart skipped a beat. Words she thought she was never hear, were just spoken. "What?" Belldandy looked up into the sky. "Father! No! What about the contract?! You don't mean…"

Urd, Skuld, and Peorth all stood there in petrified silence. All were thinking the same thing. 'What? It… no, it can't be! That can't be Father's order! No…'

"So the decree has been sent. I guess my job here is done!" Hild smiled brightly at the witnesses in front of her. "Oh and Peorth…" Hild took off one of her ornaments in her hair. "A parting gift." Her eyes began to glow.

"What… what are you going to do to me?" Peorth said as she began to back up a bit as Hild's power began radiating around her.

"If I had more time, I might have shown you my beautiful song to cure your current ailment." Hild brought her hands together. "But this will have to do for now." She then whipped her hand in front of her, sending a wave straight towards Peorth.

"No. No!" Peorth covered her face as a huge wave of power coursed through her veins.

"Peorth!" Keiichi cried out as he saw Peorth's attack.

"Ahhhhhhh… eh?" Peorth slowly opened her eyes, and realized, that she was no longer the short goddess that she was just a few seconds ago. "You…"

"Yes." Hild smiled contently. "No reason to keep you in that form. And before you say it, what you were hit was by a strong demon spell so you wouldn't have been able to cure yourself without me anyways. Think of this, as a gift coming from the warmth from the bottom of my heart!"

"That is complete…" Urd gritted her teeth. "BULLSHIT!"

Hild sighed again. "Such naughty words coming from a 'goddess'. I have no problem saying those words. But still…"

Belldandy shut her hand into a fist. Her earrings began to crack.

Hild smirked towards Belldandy's direction. 'Things are going to get very interesting. Especially with this one.' She began to turn towards them when she suddenly stopped. "Oh, did I forget to mention that, in order for this to work, Keiichi won't be going to Heaven."

"He's going to walk Midgard as a wandering ghost?!" Skuld yelled back. Still shocked at what Father would command.

Hild shook her head. "You only wish that was the case."

"Wh…wh… what just happened?" Keiichi said, still trying to recover from the sudden emotional rollercoaster of just a few seconds ago. "What's going to happen to me?!"

Marller could not believe her eyes. 'She truly is the Lord of Hell!'

"Damn you Hild." Tears began to form in Urd's eye. "DAMN YOU MOTHER!!!"

Hild stopped and touched her own face affectionately. "Oh Urd, you called me mother. How that brings so much joy to my heart!" She closed her eyes and placed both of her hands on her heart.

"No!" Belldandy screamed. "I won't allow you take him away from me! I won't accept this! I'll fight you if I have to! I'll…"

At that moment, a blinding light engulfed the entire area.


In Front of Whirlwind

Belldandy quickly opened her eyes as she sensed she was no longer on the temple's ground. She quickly surveyed the area, noted the nearby fence, and the store that she had become quite familiar with since Keiichi started working there. The store which was owned and operated by Chihiro Fujimi. She continued to examine her surroundings, and also noted that Keiichi's bike with the side car was also there. But why, why was she here? 'Is this Hild's doing? Or… or was it Father's?'

Keiichi was also recovering from the sudden change in venue. Blinked a few times as his mind tried to adjust. "What happened?" That was when he noticed he was at Whirlwind. "Whirlwind? Why am I here?" He then noted Belldandy's terrified face. "Belldandy is here too? What…"

Chihiro opened the door when she heard the commotion. "Keiichi, Belldandy? You two are here early!"

"Here early? What do you mean?" Keiichi said confused. He then looked at his watch. "The next morning already? Huh?"

"Why?" Belldandy mind continued to contemplate exactly why they were there. "What's going to happen?"

Chihiro could only blink confused at the reaction of her two employees. Well, actually her one employee, and his helper. "Is something the matter?"

Keiichi gulped. 'Maybe… maybe it isn't what I think it is. Maybe it is just…' "Oh no! Nothing's the matter! Hehehe…" He addressed Chihiro cautiously.

That was when Belldandy heard it. The sound of a car… no a truck speeding down the street next to Whirlwind. She also sensed another car following a little too closely behind it. Her eyes widened as a dark premonition washed over her. "Keiichi!"

Keiichi glanced towards Belldandy's voice for a second before the sound of tires screeching behind him caught his attention. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Keiichi's body was turning towards the sound, as he watched, in-between the wooden panels of the fence, the truck attempting to make a sudden stop. In the back of the truck, Keiichi could barely make out what appeared to be long thin steel pipes jumping out from the truck bed, and a few landing on the ground.

A sedan right behind it seemed to have caught the potential disaster in front of it and it too, tried to make a hard stop on the road. The breaks screeched, and following the truck's path, the driver made a hard right in an attempt to reduce the distance of its stop.

Catching one of the pipes in the still spinning wheel.

"Keiichi!!!" Belldandy tried to rush towards him. But she felt her arm and legs lock up. 'My powers! What happened to my powers?! Why? No… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!'

It happened in an instant. An eerie silence descended Whirlwind. Keiichi was still staring at the scene in front of him, almost entirely obvious to what had just happened. He could not recall feeling any pain as he felt his temperature drop. He was still unsure just exactly what had happened, until a rustic metallic taste entered his tongue. He slowly looked down and noticed the long metallic pipe running right through him. And the only sound he could hear, was the sound of his own blood dripping to the ground. 'Oh god…'

"Oh… my… God!" Chihiro cried out as she took a few steps back. "Keiichi! Hold on! I'm going to get the paramedics!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Belldandy, her legs free from whatever restraints that were holding her back, started to sprint towards Keiichi. 'Why?! Why wasn't I allowed to save him? Why does it have to be like this?!'

Keiichi's legs began to feel heavy. He dropped to his knees as the world around him started to fade. 'This… really is it?'

"Hang on Keiichi!" Belldandy catches Keiichi before he hits the ground. "I'm going to save you Keiichi! I will save you!"

"Yes! I need an ambulance right away!" Chihiro's voice could be heard screaming inside the building. "You have to hurry!"

"Bell… dan… dy." Keiichi smiled as he saw her tear stained face. He tried to reach up and touch her face. However, it seemed he needed to use almost all of his remaining strength just to lift it halfway up.

"No. You will not die! Keiichi! Keiichi!!!" Belldandy cried out through her watery tears.

As Keiichi was closing his eyes, he could have sworn someone else was standing over him. Someone that looked like a child… with dark skin. It was the last thing he sees before being consumed in darkness.

Niflheim (Hell) - Nidheg

"No!" Welsper could only watch in horror at the events that transpired in Midgard. He was in the structure that held Nidheg, Hell's equivalent to Yggdrasil. On the screen was at first, the meeting Hild had with the goddesses. Hild's smug face when she 'looked' back at him was seared into his mind. It then switched to a scene of the Whirlwind where it all happened. His whole body was shaking as he watched his beloved Belldandy cry her eyes out. Her hands covered in the blood of the person that she swore to protect. "This isn't…"

"What you want?" Chibi-Hild said with a huge grin behind him. While only 1/1000 of Hild, and in turn, 1/1000 of her power, her power was still immense and should not be taken lightly. "To watch that goddess that you tried so hard to remember, always, suffer?"

"But I…" Welsper was quickly cut off by Chibi-Hild.

"Remember, no matter what your intentions were… this is YOUR fault. You were the one that hacked into Yggdrasil. And YOU were the one that enabled the failsafe program to kick into effect. This… just happened to be the unfortunate best solution to prevent Ragnarok." Chibi-Hild bowed to him. "As for your punishment? I'll be merciful! I'll let you have your precious memories. The memories of that goddess happily smiling at you! And the memory of her suffering from the death of her Keiichi!" Chibi-Hild closed her eyes and smiled. "Hmm. Come to think of it, he isn't her Keiichi anymore is it? More like mine huh? Oh well!"

Welsper collapsed to the floor as the full weight of what he had done hit him.

"Guards, take him to his cell. Let him wallow in his grief for the next few weeks…" Chibi-Hild then tapped her chin. "And then I'll make a determination what should happen to him next!" She 'playfully' waved him away. "Now, speaking of that human…"

Nidheg (Hell) - Hild's Chambers

"Nnnnnnnnmmmmm." Keiichi's eyes slowly opened as he returned from the darkness. "Where am I?" At first he felt his chest where, instead of finding a metal pipe, was instead his own smooth skin. His image, at first blurry, began to clarify. Where ever this place was, it had high arched ceilings made of stone. Elaborate and expensive looking paintings lined the wall next to him. And where he was resting on, was a pretty cushy, and very black colored bed. "Where… is this place?"

"Why, it's your new home Keiichi!" A voice said to side of him.

His head shot to where the voice came from. His eyes widened when he sees her.

Hild, wearing what appeared to be a black see-through sheer gown with the front of the bottom opened up, along with matching black panties, stared seductively back at him.

"This is your new home Keiichi." Hild giving him a wink. "Welcome to Hell!"

------End of Chapter 1

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