The Hall of Heroes

First Sir Dan met Canny Tim,
an old friend who looked up to him.

After he tired of Tim's ceaseless chatter,
he talked to Sir Stanyer,
who gave him a hammer.

When he went to Mighty Woden,
Dan had to cover his ears.
He recieved such a chewing-out
he nearly burst into tears.

Ravenhooves the Centuar
was generous indeed.
He gave Daniel his longbow
in this time of need.

The flirty Warrior Queen
called the knight a dear.
After they were done playing,
she gave him a powerful spear.

Then he met Bloodmonath,
who couldn't say his name.
Instead of calling him Sir Dan,
he called him Forteskay!

Then there was Dirk Steadfast,
a warrior to the bone.
He gave Sir Dan a magic sword
to call his very own.

Dan ran into Karl Sturnguard,
crouched behind his shield,
shiny gold and glittery,
not marred from its time on the battlefield.

Last of all was Megynne,
a maiden with golden hair.
Unlike Woden and Bloodmonath,
she was full of good cheer.

There's a new statue in the corner,
a new hero here.

Care to guess who?
This Hall is now also home
to Sir Daniel Foretesque!