Title: Incomplete answers

Summary: Naruto interrogates his boyfriend…sasunaru drabble thingie…

A/N: yay! My first Naruto fic! I feel special….not really...

Well, this is going to be a SasukexNaruto fiction, so if you don't like it, please go somewhere else before you start pairing-flaming me.

I got this idea from that annoying chain letter (you'll know which one once you finish reading), but I moved the words and situation around a bit to make it go better with the characters…or something… --;;

Naruto sat shoulder to shoulder to his beloved against a tall tree. He looked at Sasuke with an adorably self-conscious look on his face, and spoke.

"Sasuke, do you think I'm attractive?" Sasuke raised an elegant brow.


Naruto puffed out his cheeks cutely and thought. 'I know!'

"If I left you, would you be sad?" Sasuke looked at him with brows furrowed.


The blond was shocked. Didn't Sasuke love him? Isn't that why they even became a couple in the first place? One last question…if Sasuke said no to this, he-he wouldn't be able to take it…

"If I died, would you cry?" Sasuke looked him in the eye and said…


That was it. Tears poked at the corners of his eyes and he abruptly stood. He was about to walk away, but felt a hand on his wrist and fell into the dark shinobi's lap. Naruto struggled and wriggled, but could not break free of his strong hold. Sasuke's words spilled into the blonde's ears.

"Naruto, you're not attractive, you're damn gorgeous. If you left me I would be miserable. I wouldn't eat or sleep for weeks. And…"

Naruto's cheeks dusted pink as some of the tears in his eyes spilled over them. Sasuke gently wiped them away.

"If you died, I would die with you." He lightly connected his lips with the bewildered and embarrassed Naruto.


That's it…pretty sappy, huh? Tell me what you think!